Iowa. Iowa. Iowa.

Last night, as I was getting ready to hop into bed, I did one last check of the email, to see if there had been any update from Bob in Iowa about his baby girl.
There was.
Read on…

Date: Tue Nov 26, 2002 20:43:06 US/Pacific
Subject: Boodlie-Face update from Bob
I absolutely do not know how to thank you enough. At this very moment,
despite what you are reading, I am at a loss for words. Forgive me if this message is more rambling and incoherent than my last email, but I’m
basically just typing this as it slowly comes to me.
I am sorry for not responding to you until now, but I just got back from the hospital. First thing I did when I booted up my computer was to go to your site. I was astounded, and shocked, and pleased, and happy, and overjoyed that you took the time to a) post my message, and b) send me the mojo. But as astounded, shocked, pleased… is there a word that encompasses all five of those emotions?… as I was at that, I was completely blown away by the huge, and wonderfully loving, responses that it drew.
I read each and every one of them. I felt, in fact I *knew*, that I had to. I am sitting here, a grown man with a wife and child and ALL MAN BABY AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT!!!, and I am crying. Not a sobbing, heaving, snot-running-from-my-nose, I’ve-lost-all-sense-of-composure crying. Rather, it is a joyous, thankful, I-cannot-believe-how-incredible-complete-strangers-can-be-in-times-of-need, I-want-to-hug-the-whole-freakin’-world-and-I-just-can’t-hold-it-in kind of crying. To you, Uncle Willie, and to all who sent the love, prayers, and mojo to my little Boodlie-Face, I just want to tell you: you made a grown man cry, and in the words of The Martha, “it’s a good thing”.
I have barely slept since I wrote that last email to you. We had to get up at an ungodly hour to get Her Royal Highness to the hospital on time, which we did *to the minute*, I kid you not. After she went in for the operation, my beautiful wife, my wonderful mother, and I were in the Day Of Operation Waiting Room. And this, well, this is the kicker: all three of us felt, at various times, a little dizzy for no good apparent reason. And not necessarily in a bad way, either. Well, not so much dizzy, but more like light-headed. For no reason, well, no reason that we could think of: remember, I had no idea Uncle Wil had posted my email or that I was, at that time, receiving some MAJOR positive energy from ALL OVER THE WORLD. And, despite my trepidation… and that is an understatement… before the surgery, I was much calmer and my mind much less troubled when the operation was actually happening. I wouldn’t lie or exaggerate about this: it would besmirch the incredible outpouring of awesome good-will that Katie, my wife, my mother, and I received.
Bottom-line it, Bob! Okay, voices-in-my-head, here goes: the operation was
a complete success! No complications, nothing unexpected, everything went
textbook-perfect. Katie and her mother are at the hospital even as I write
this, and if all goes well, my beloved Boodlie-Face will be home tomorrow
But that’s not the real bottom line. The real bottom line is that I fully expect that the post-op stage will be as hitchless… is that a word? hitchless?… as the operation itself. I now believe that fully and completely. I didn’t just see the result of the mojonation in a successful operation; my mother and wife and I actually felt it. I wrote in my previous email that I’m not a very religious person. I am now going to reassess that stance. One cannot feel what I have felt, and am feeling, without being touched very profoundly, and I have Wil and all the
well-wishers to thank for that as well.
– Bob Roth, WWDN fan, and one very happy daddy to one beautiful little girl

Stop for a second now.
That feeling you have? That one that starts in the center of your body, and radiates outward to your fingers and toes? That joy? That astonishment? That feeling.
With just the tiniest bit of effort, you sent kind, loving thoughts out to a complete stranger, expecting nothing in return, and this is the result.
I defy anyone to tell me that we don’t have the power to change the world.

120 thoughts on “Iowa. Iowa. Iowa.”

  1. Awesome! Cannot think of another word really! Great news about the Op, Bob – Mojo is still heading towards Iowa from the UK for the post-op – and here’s hoping you get the whole family back home as soon as you had hoped.
    Great man Wil – thanks again for posting this whole thing. I emailed a friend with the links to your site and the “comments” section about this story, and we both feel that if ever we needed our faith in humankind bolstered – you just did it for us. You certainly do rock Wil!

  2. Glad to hear everything turned out alright.
    How about some RANDOM MOJO to
    . . . angry penguin! :o) Why not?
    Random acts of mojo-giving should be a part of everyday life. Sometimes we do it when we don’t even think about it, I think. Whenever we think about a travesty or tragedy, and how we wish for things to be better, that’s kind of like mojo, too. Perhaps it’s just not as focused >?

  3. You’re a beautiful human being, Wil. I would be proud to call myself your stalker any day of the week.
    Three cheers for Katie, Wil and all of us who were pumping out the mojo!

  4. Thank the maker!
    Bob, many happy years of good health to you and yours. Thanks for updating us all on this. I have been worrying on your behalf for the last 2 days.

  5. Wil – your comments at the end of his email are astounding, well written, moving, and dare I say inspirational.
    “I defy anyone to tell me that we don’t have the power to change the world.”
    Wow. Good stuff.
    You should write a book. 😉


  6. Positive energy could make the world go round. We just have to convince them with situations like this. Soon, we’ll have the world in our grasp and they will all be smiling and laughing as they realize there is no negativity anymore.
    Power to the People!

  7. Wow, this is just great. I hope Katie has a long, long, long and happy life. Good on ya, Katie!
    Cheers. :):):)

  8. I just want to say I’m so happy for you and your family Bob.
    I have three of my own and can only imagine how scary that must have been.
    I hope that your Boodlie-face is home and hoping around again soon.
    This is going to sound cheesy =) but what the heck..The power of love is a VERY strong thing =) The world would be a wonderful place if everyone would show a little kindness to each other. Even if it’s just a smile =)

  9. Bob, I’m so glad to hear that Katie’s doing well. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hold you and your family in the light, as the Friends say, and I’m glad to be reminded of the opportunity to hold _everyone_ in the light, every day, since there’s no cost to thinking “I wish everyone in the world good wil(l) and happiness today.” And I’ll soapbox for a minute here– there’s no need to “reserve” mojo– it’s a renewable resource! (Off soapbox, Thanksgiving mojo to you all.(

  10. This little boodlie-face is blessed to have such a great father!!! Cosmic mojo to the both of you and you also, Wil!!!

  11. I am tearing up as I read how well Bob’s little girl came through the surgery. I wish you and your family all the best in the world. Please keep us updated during her recovery.

  12. I just wanted to let all of you know that Katie is doing just grandly. She is home now, and her recovery is going even better than the operation.
    I simply cannot thank all of you enough, other than to say, “Thank you.”
    – Bob Roth, WWDN fan

  13. Best. Mojo. Ever.
    Just read the Mojo Chronicles of the past several days.
    Bob, glad to hear the Boodlie-Face is doing fine.
    Wil, you gotta archive the Mojo sendings and put them somewhere here for everyone to read in posterity. I came upon them a few days late and it just took my breath away to read the kindness flowing from everyone to Bob and Katie.
    Massachusetts Mojo going out ex post facto…

  14. Dang. From now on, whenever I see some goofy “human interest” segment on the local news, I’ll always remember Wil sticking his neck out on Thanksgiving 2002 for the Roths in Iowa and wishing that if the almighty camera eye would take a look at how deep the love and selflessness of people can run, this world really would be a much brighter place in the universe.

  15. Dear Will,
    I just wanted to let you know that you are indeed a great guy for sharing this with us. I wish nothing but the best for Bob and his baby girl. :-)

  16. I know I’m reading this about 3 days late, but I just have to say, YES YES YES YES YES!!! Thank you, Bob, hearing that you have felt the power of God has absolutely blessed my day.

  17. A tad late … but anyway, bravo for Bob and Boodlie-Face! Get well soon, baby girl!
    And hats off to Wil for being a mojo catalyst.

  18. *big smile*
    I hope this comes out but I barely got to read this post today because I wasnt able to access this site *groans* But anyway, Im sooooo glad the operation was a success!!!!
    I will continue to pray for Katie as she goes through her recovery process. I once again send out my love and hugs to Bob and his family. =o)
    Lets keep on showing kindness toward each other, even if we dont know each other personaly. We’re all in this together. =o)

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