Iowa. Iowa. Iowa.

Last night, as I was getting ready to hop into bed, I did one last check of the email, to see if there had been any update from Bob in Iowa about his baby girl.
There was.
Read on…

Date: Tue Nov 26, 2002 20:43:06 US/Pacific
Subject: Boodlie-Face update from Bob
I absolutely do not know how to thank you enough. At this very moment,
despite what you are reading, I am at a loss for words. Forgive me if this message is more rambling and incoherent than my last email, but I’m
basically just typing this as it slowly comes to me.
I am sorry for not responding to you until now, but I just got back from the hospital. First thing I did when I booted up my computer was to go to your site. I was astounded, and shocked, and pleased, and happy, and overjoyed that you took the time to a) post my message, and b) send me the mojo. But as astounded, shocked, pleased… is there a word that encompasses all five of those emotions?… as I was at that, I was completely blown away by the huge, and wonderfully loving, responses that it drew.
I read each and every one of them. I felt, in fact I *knew*, that I had to. I am sitting here, a grown man with a wife and child and ALL MAN BABY AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT!!!, and I am crying. Not a sobbing, heaving, snot-running-from-my-nose, I’ve-lost-all-sense-of-composure crying. Rather, it is a joyous, thankful, I-cannot-believe-how-incredible-complete-strangers-can-be-in-times-of-need, I-want-to-hug-the-whole-freakin’-world-and-I-just-can’t-hold-it-in kind of crying. To you, Uncle Willie, and to all who sent the love, prayers, and mojo to my little Boodlie-Face, I just want to tell you: you made a grown man cry, and in the words of The Martha, “it’s a good thing”.
I have barely slept since I wrote that last email to you. We had to get up at an ungodly hour to get Her Royal Highness to the hospital on time, which we did *to the minute*, I kid you not. After she went in for the operation, my beautiful wife, my wonderful mother, and I were in the Day Of Operation Waiting Room. And this, well, this is the kicker: all three of us felt, at various times, a little dizzy for no good apparent reason. And not necessarily in a bad way, either. Well, not so much dizzy, but more like light-headed. For no reason, well, no reason that we could think of: remember, I had no idea Uncle Wil had posted my email or that I was, at that time, receiving some MAJOR positive energy from ALL OVER THE WORLD. And, despite my trepidation… and that is an understatement… before the surgery, I was much calmer and my mind much less troubled when the operation was actually happening. I wouldn’t lie or exaggerate about this: it would besmirch the incredible outpouring of awesome good-will that Katie, my wife, my mother, and I received.
Bottom-line it, Bob! Okay, voices-in-my-head, here goes: the operation was
a complete success! No complications, nothing unexpected, everything went
textbook-perfect. Katie and her mother are at the hospital even as I write
this, and if all goes well, my beloved Boodlie-Face will be home tomorrow
But that’s not the real bottom line. The real bottom line is that I fully expect that the post-op stage will be as hitchless… is that a word? hitchless?… as the operation itself. I now believe that fully and completely. I didn’t just see the result of the mojonation in a successful operation; my mother and wife and I actually felt it. I wrote in my previous email that I’m not a very religious person. I am now going to reassess that stance. One cannot feel what I have felt, and am feeling, without being touched very profoundly, and I have Wil and all the
well-wishers to thank for that as well.
– Bob Roth, WWDN fan, and one very happy daddy to one beautiful little girl

Stop for a second now.
That feeling you have? That one that starts in the center of your body, and radiates outward to your fingers and toes? That joy? That astonishment? That feeling.
With just the tiniest bit of effort, you sent kind, loving thoughts out to a complete stranger, expecting nothing in return, and this is the result.
I defy anyone to tell me that we don’t have the power to change the world.

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  1. drivel
    I have been sitting here, reading this blog for some time now. I have always walked away wth a sense of happiness or the feeling that I have not put enough thought into how I run my life day to day… I have always admired you and what you have accomplished in your life. I have never posted here before for lack of anything intelligent to say. . . That has changed. I am taken aback, nay, astounded by the impact you are having on the global community by just being yourself. Everyone gets star-struck now and again (even yourself; Isaac Hayes) but the fact that you are a normal person (OK…WRITER SLASH ACTOR) and you have the ability to make so much mojo focus in one place and change somone’s life goes beyond stardom Wil. you are obviously no longer a child actor. You are no longer a brainy geek, nee Beverly Crusher. You have become an icon, a conduit, a focal point, a loving father and husband and the envy of many, myself included. If i continue on the path I’m on and I become half the father you are, half the husband you are and garner half the respect that you do, I’ll die a happy, happy man. To quote Kyle, “Coolest. Fucking. Shit., Ever.” And it’s all because of you Wil…

  2. I am also at a loss for words. All I can say is Praise God. I’m so glad that you are reassessing (that does not look like it’s spelled correctly) your religious outlook. So thankful. God Bless you and Katie and the rest of your family!

  3. a little mojo goes a long way……
    but a LOT OF MOJO can change the world…
    3 cheers for all that sent the good vibes down to Bob and his family when he needed it…
    and 3 cheers to wil for being the lightening rod to channel it all…
    wow…(pauses to consider it all) feels pretty great to be a part of something bigger than yourself …don’t it….?

  4. So am I the ONLY one that believes God is the reason for this little girl’s life & her parents’ relief, not (no offense) Wil??? I think we all forget that God kept that little girl safe & healthy, not some “mojo” we typed on our keyboard. Our prayers were heard and answered by Him. Bottom line.

  5. Hey Wil;
    You’re the MOJO man, no doubt!!!!
    Now listen, I just bought these lottery tickets….
    Just kidding, man! :)
    You Rock!

    I think Thanksgiving will be even better this year with simply knowing that there is a wealth of positive energy still out there among us. Thanks, Wil, for helping us focus on something we can all be thankful for. Gobble.

  7. YES!!!!! It feels good to see Bob’s response about his little girl. I am THRILLED that she came through the operation with flying colors… and believe what you will… the power of prayer/mojo/whateveryouwannacallit was with Bob and his family because he asked for it and we gave freely and willingly. Period.

  8. Much relief on my end…I’m glad to hear that it went well. I will continue sending my mojo towards Bob and Katie for a swift recovery.
    Wil, my crush on you is back on display for the world to see. Not just because you were Wesley Crusher, but because you’re a class act.

  9. DAMN IT! You made me cry at work! Isn’t it amazing how far a little Mojo can go. I will think warm fuzzy thoughts for all of you thru this holiday weekend, and would someone please fart at the Thanksgiving feast on my behalf?
    Angela in Seattle

  10. I know this isn’t supposed to be used as a BBS, but I feel kind of compelled to respond to something I read on here about MOJO vs. God. I’m not going to single the person out at all, because I’m not going to beat her up over what she said. However, I think in this forum it’s important to realise that MOJO is whatever good wishes/prayers/chicken sacrifices the individual chooses to make it. Assuming that everyone believes in the same God (or gods) or that they SHOULD believe in the same God, is wrong. I kinda like the MOJO ideal, simply because it embraces focused thought on one thing. How that is acheived is up to the individual sending the MOJO> Prayer? Okay. That works just as well as a simple good hearted thought directed towards someone. No one is thanking Wil for anything other than this forum. Wil didn’t help the kid out-the doctors did, along with thousands of good hearted thoughts directed to Katie. Oh, and Wil along with the WWDC posse. I am sorry for soapboxing. Extra MOJO for all of you for putting up with my rant. I just want everyone to be cool. Thanks guys, and thanks Wil.

  11. I have said it before and I will say it again
    “Monkey’s..and their MOJO have THE power!!”
    In my case it was JUST a leaking roof that “the
    MOJO” protected…
    However the people that are part of THIS community
    ARE the best in the world…
    I am awed and humbled to be part of it.

  12. For those of us who believe in God, “mojo” would be prayers. Wil may have brought this to the attention of all who come to his website, but IMHO, I stand firm in the conviction that this event in “Boodlie-face” and her family was another miracle from God. And thanks not only go to Wil for his involvement, but ultimately to the One who gave the doctors the wisdom during the operation. : )
    May the family continue to receive much “mojo” in the little girl’s recovery.
    Happy Thanksgiving all!
    Take care,

  13. Thanks for the update, Wil. You’re a sweetie.
    Bob, you made me cry with your update. They were tears of happiness. I’m so glad that everything went well for your little Boodlie Face and that she’s expected to recover well.
    I also cried with happiness because of the wonderful connection we all were able to make even though the distance.
    Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend.

  14. Whoa. I did pray for Bob and his little girl… cheers to all who mojoed. Amazing! I am really happy to hear everything went fine.

  15. Nelson, I stand corrected.I by no means meant to come across with a “you have to believe in my God” view, and I see now that that is what did come across. I was merely trying to say I didn’t understand why it appeared (another correction on my part) that everyone credited Wil for this miracle. You corrected me, and I apologize. Thank you Mark for saying it so much better than I did. :)

  16. Wow… I have no words. Except these im typing.
    I feel all warm and…cuddly inside. Its most unfamiliar. I kinda like it.
    Go Baby! Go! Heal!
    To the Mojo mobile! Away!

  17. Just a bunch of *Well-Wishing MOJO* to everyone!
    TONS of HUGS too. :)
    Happy Gobble Gobble Day!
    PS-Glad that everything turned out wonderful, Bob. 😀

  18. :::claps happily:::
    Sweet :)
    Bob & wife & little Boodlie-face should have an awesome Thanksgiving… I’m so glad she came through all right.
    thanks for letting us know, Unca Willie :)

  19. Bob (if you read this) i’m probably the happiest i’ve been in months – and I’m generally pretty damn happy. Overcome with joy that the operation went so well and even more overjoyed that I may have had a hand in making someone else’s day go so well.
    Wil, If you hadn’t been such a geek with this little site, no one would have met bob and sent out some major mojo. Without your direction, we’d be holding out mojo for a selfish reason.
    If we can make a difference like this while taking such a small amount of time. Maybe we’re just a little bit closer to the altruistic society that Wesley Crusher was apart of.
    May you, bob and family, have a wonderful day of giving thanks. I have a feeling I will now have something much more profound to be thankful for myself.
    Thank you wil.

  20. OK folks-let’s not get carried away.
    The real reason th wonderful little tyke is recovering is that there were really competent and efficient surgeons and doctors who were able to identify the problem and fix it.
    There’s been remarkably little praise for these people, or for the nursing staff, who helped get Bob through this.
    Was this in fact the only pediatric surgery done in this hospital this morning? Was there a difference in outcomes based on ‘mojo’?
    And was Iowa the only place where such surgery was performed?
    Wil rocks, for a variety of reasons. But let’s not kid ourselves that we made Katie better.
    How many HIV+ kids will pass away in Africa tonight (hint-lots). So, is this a lack of mojo, or whatever?

  21. i was reading all the comments, and the one that stsurck me most is someone asking how this helps all the other kids that are suffering etc?
    simple. through things like this, we learn the power of our selves, and what we do and think and feel impacts thoroughly and totally in life – it resonates.
    throw a stone into a pond. watch the ripples. THATS US!
    sure, she needed teh surgery. but how well would she have healed, how quickly, how would her family have felt, without what we sent?
    we dont really need to fret about that. we just need to enjoy the fact its happened
    personally, im going to rejoice in the success of the mojo – revel in a beautiful little girl, same age as my genevra, being ok – goddess knows bob, i feel for you guys!
    and im going to keep sending mojo into a fragile wounded world.
    to us all, hugs and be well.

  22. To Geoff comment, i think its just nice to know people are thinking of you during time of need..and we are very lucky to have educated, well trained medical personal. I’m sure Iowa expressed his graditude to those who performed this operation. and although there is nothing i can do for the people in africa at this very moment, my thoughts are with them a lot as well as with the whole human race,and it does get stressful sometimes thinking about all the trying things happening in this world. but for a moment someone got to feel like people were there for him with their thoughts…and i would never take that away from anyone to have that chance..even while my thoughts are with people all over this world…my thoughts were on his family…anyways, i’m rambling now…so godbless to iowa and EVERYONE else exsisting in this world …is that better?!

  23. I am so happy that so many people have made an effort to increase the peace and love in the world, and that you’ve chosen to do something, however small, here.
    Just to clarify: I didn’t *do* anything. All I did was what I hope anyone would do, if they had a chance: A man came to me for help and comfort, and I offered what I could to ease his pain.
    Let’s not lose the wonderful beauty of these two days: regardless of your belief system, many of you took a moment to think of someone else, and do something kind for him and his family. You all did it without any expectations for yourselves, without expecting anything in return.
    You all did a wonderful thing, and nobody can take that away from you.
    For anyone who wishes to turn this into a philisophical or theological discussion, we have a wonderfuil bbs here at where you are encourage to debate.
    But this is really not the place for those comments.
    That is all.

  24. Woohoo!! What a wonderful way to kick off Thanksgiving weekend. Many thanks to *you*, Wil, for giving us space to spread the love.

  25. Hey Bob – congrats! I’m so glad things worked out well and here’s some continued mojo coming at you, Katie and your wife from Vancouver, BC – hey could someone send some mojo this way too – I have a big economics final tomorrow! Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  26. Wil, Bob, reading this exchange has made yet another guy cry in happiness. I’m glad everything went well for you Bob, and, Wil, you’re awesome for being the guy you are and giving us the opportunity to spread the “mojo.” If only a little bit, the world is a better place because of you, Bob, and the people who have reached out in their thoughts to Bob and his family.

  27. Geoff- I hated your comments. What Bob did was basically make a few hundred or thousand people aware of his feelings and the burden of worry he carried on the night before his young daughters procedure. MOJO being a mind set, not a mystical power. He shared with total strangers and most of us are better people for it. My wife does not read this site, but over dinner I told her about what I read. The next day, she out of the blue, calls me at work to ask me if I read anything about Bob’s daughter. People out of this little group even got involved. Geoff, you need to soften up a little and see this for what it is, people are fragile and sometimes need to share the burden of life with others. I am just glad Bob had such a nice place to do it.
    Chris from Iowa Iowa Iowa

  28. I missed the mojo call, not having checked in since the weekend. So here’s some late, post-op, recovery good vibes to Katie.
    And Wil, Benadryl is your friend.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  29. Congrats “Bob from Iowa”. Wish I’d checked a bit sooner, but so thrilled to see so many others sending such good fortunes your way.
    Thanks goes out to Wil too, for making a dear readers day!!!

  30. Off the air for a while so I missed the first Mojo.
    I’m sending this mojo to Katie and to two boys in Texas from their friend in Ireland.

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