I am writing this while I lay on my back in my living room, my iBook sitting atop my chest…because this morning, Anne and I were doing some planting, and I threw out my back.
How did I do that? Oh, I was doing something very manly and difficult…I was lifting a half-empty watering can and moving it. I was bent at the waist, and when I turned to put it down, I felt my back sieze, and I fell to the ground…it was very “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”
So we spent the day trying to get my hips to relax, and take the pressure off my back. Thankfully, my parents live nearby and I was able to sit in their spa for an hour…I’m feeling better, but I’m nowhere near 100%, and I am really freaked about working tomorrow…I checked the schedule and I’m sitting for most of the day, but damn, man, sitting really hurts.
And can I just say that typing while laying on your back isn’t the easiest thing, either? It’s yet another nail in the coffin of my camwhore dreams.
So the gallery opening last night was really fun, and CROWDED! My friend Sean said that there was a bigger turnout than he had ever expected…oh, and the show was amazing. It’ll be open until the 30th, so if you’re in town, you should check it out. I met a few WWDNers there, so that was spiffy. I hope you guys enjoyed the show. It was the first opening I’ve taken the kids to, and they really dug it. I think it helped that there were pictures of skateboarders and punk rockers all over the place. I don’t know if they’d appreciate a Mark Ryden or a Clayton brothers show…but we’ll find out soon enough.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. I work all day with Chef tomorrow…so I’ll have some lame fanboy stuff to share with you all.
Update: I just saw this over at boing boing. Coolest. Thing. EVER!

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  1. Throwing out your back is no fun…As I can see you know that already..have a good day at work tomorrow…sitting hurting sitting…Cant wait to hear more stories.

  2. Sorry to hear about your back. I occasionally suffer the same thing, so here’s my cure that I”ll share with you: Put ice on the spot in your lower back that hurts – it’ll take down the swelling. Keep it there for 20-30 mins. Then lie on your back and try stretching out your lower back by holding your knees against your chest. Spend about 20-30 minutes like this. Oh and the spa may be relaxing, but try not to use heat. it won’t help the swelling in your back muscles go away.
    Glad to hear the gallery showing went well. I’ll come check it out soon.

  3. you should curl up with some silent hill 2 for a while.
    One of the best ps2 games around :)
    And I suppose you already know this but as soon as you can you should keep moving.
    And take some anti-inflamitaries. And make sure they dont make you sit for too long tomorrow
    ok I’ll shut up now.
    anyway i hope you feel better.

  4. Wil,
    Back pain – been there, done that, got over it. No, I’m not trying to sell you something. really.
    About a year ago, I was listening to Howard Stern on my way to work after a weekend of back problems and he started talking about how he had cured himself of back problems with the help of Dr. John Sarno.
    Now, my wife is big into the whole mind/body thing and I’m a suburban cynic-type not normally pre-disposed to that stuff. But the more he talked the more I was intrigured and thought, “what the hey, it’s just a book.”
    I checked it out (library), gave it an honest try and damn, it works. Sarno’s basic premise is that typical back pain symptoms don’t match up with symptoms from a physical injury or structural problem. Yours is a classic example. You weren’t doing anything strenuous, but had a full blow seizure. Sarno believes the subconscious mind uses its control of non-voluntary systems to induce physical symptoms. Why? Well, that’s what the book will tell you.
    Here, take a look – http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0446392308/qid=1036373806/sr=2-1/ref=sr_2_1/102-7916777-0663344
    Might be one for the “Read” section of your terrific site (obvious stroke)

  5. Ouch, sorry to hear that. Bad backs run in my family so I feel your pain (literally). Hope it feels better soon!

  6. A shame about your back..ibuphrophen (?) and vigorous hard kneading massage right into the muscle….will hurt for a while, but then should start to ease up. And those jewel covers are too cool. Greetings from S.W. Pa.!

  7. I remember a number of years ago I did the same thing… as I was leaning forward to pick up a piece of wood, I hadn’t even touched it and woof! I found out later I tore a ligament in my trapezius… The bugger produces a burning spot in my lower back that recurred for years. What I do remember about what eased the pain was propping myself up by my arms, allowing most of my weight to be carried through my shoulders.. tremedous relief at the time. And the muscle relaxents were a wonder Robaxecet is a wonderful drug.

  8. You threw out your back? I thought that that was something that only old people did??
    Heehee. I’m kidding. That sucks.
    If you get bored while lying on your back feel free to visit my site and sign my guestbook…
    I saw those CD’s at the store last night. I almost bought some, but I decided that I’d just go el cheapo and got completely blank silver ones.

  9. Owie… at least you went down like a man!
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Ahhh… Vinyl is back… I am so STOKED! I swear I am burning everything on those from here on out!
    One word….

  10. I strongly suggest at least talking to a chiropractor and/or physiotherapist, backs are quite difficult to fix. Hope you fair better in the future. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  11. Ouch! Feel better soon OK?
    I sympathize with the typing on your back thing. I do that a lot and it has a whole different geometry. The angels are all weird.

  12. Sorry about your back Wil. The gallery was packed and hot but man, the pictures were pure nostalgic! I was fascinated by the Run DMC pics given recent events. Such a waste. I plan to go back to get a more relaxed look at things.
    Looked around for you but didn’t see you and since I was on a first date and it was hot in there we decided to bail.

  13. Ouch! My worst back spasm episode happened when I was putting on a pair of tights.
    Try the ibuprofin and make sure you drink lots of liquids. Sometimes being dehydrated makes your muscles less flexible and more prone to injury.
    Also try an easy yoga move: downward facing dog. Here’s a link that shows you how to do it:http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/491_1.cfm. It’s even better if you can get someone to hold your hips while you do it and really stretch the lower back.
    After you do all of that, have a hearty shot of scotch or whiskey. Seriously. It acts as a smooth muscle relaxer without totally making you dopey.
    Feel better!

  14. Wil,
    My father told me I would never have a real back until I was 50. He told me that until then I had a gristle. I know that this does not help your pain. Older people seem to have a answer even for the never ending pains. Get better and
    good luck on the set.

  15. Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, Wil. Get well soon. It’s nice to know you have a loving family around, when you’re hurting. Good luck tomorrow, at work.

  16. I don’t think you realize how much you use your back until it starts giving you pain. The other great one is when you hurt your neck. Ouch!
    I love laptops. I started using one recently & now I never have a reason to get out of bed.
    The vinyl CD’s are way cool! Now all the need is to design a computer to look like a 70’s record stereo/record player.

  17. – Heating Pad-
    -Hot Bath-
    -Basic Pain killers /w sleep meds- for better resting-
    -Nice hot oil rub from your loving wife-
    Stay off feet-
    Dude Good Luck and Get Better Soon!!!! 😀

  18. I can’t extoll the virtues of electric blankets enough.
    As for vinyl-looking CD-Rs, that’s pretty slick. They remind me of those plastic “records” that I had as a kid. They were brightly colored hard, thick plastic and played kiddie songs. Man, those were the days.

  19. Long time reader, first time poster…
    I have had precisely the same thing happen with my back and I’m 30 as well. I forget what I was lifting, but it was something as lame and unimpressive as a half-empty watering can. Here’s what I recommend:
    * Take it EASY on that thing. Try to keep your posture really straight when you sit.
    * Take 2 naproxen sodium pills before bed (aka Naprosen, and is available over the counter at Your Favourite Drug Store(tm).) This will relax the muscles as you sleep. This is very important. Backs don’t heal if the muscles are tensed and pulling everything out of whack.
    * Remember to lift things the right way, and no twisting at the waist when you do, from now on!
    Doesn’t 30 just suck?

  20. Wil,
    Glad you had a good time at the opening. I am sorry I could not attend. I was wondering since you are advertising grand theft auto vice city if it is worth playing? If it is let me know. Well im off to bed now 27 beers later, WOW!! good nite Will.
    Best to you and your family……

  21. Ya know, getting old sucks, Wil. Tip: Use an electric heating pad. If you are sitting for your scenes, they can probably hide it under your shirt by using an ace bandage.

  22. My back hurt for 6 months last year; it was not pleasant. Make sure you lie down and relax for as long as you can. Use cold not heat packs.
    Let us know how it all goes.

  23. Ice, no heat. Never use heat in the acute phase of an injury. You need ice to reduce pain and swelling. Heat comes later when the healed but tight muscles groups need to be stretched (for exercise, return of range of motion, etc.).
    With low back injuries, a lot of the acute pain is caused by muscle spasm. Ice will help this. Anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs – ibuprofen, naprosyn, whatever) will also help. Muscle relaxants also have a place here. Ibuprofen/advil/motrin can be taken up to 800mg every 8 hours for the pain. Be sure to take with food and/or drink. Muscle relaxants – gotta see the doctor for that. Alcohol may help, but can upset your stomach if taking the motrin.
    Things you should see a doctor for: if the pain radiates down your legs, numbness, tingling, incontinence of bowel or bladder.
    Hope this helps.

  24. I hope you feel better really soon coz I know what a bad back feels like. Had it all my life…never a day without it. Seen every doctor I could see, did everything I could…but it’s not bad enough that I can’t move around…in fact I do everything, no problem at all. But in your case when even sitting up is a problem… OUCH.
    Get well soon and get back to that movie.

  25. bengay extra strength is really really good and seems to help speed up the healing process. I renched my neck out…..which was really really extremely painful!! I used Bengay Extra strength and it was a life saver. *Oh god how I sound like a farken comercial…groans*

  26. So sorry to hear about your back going out, and hope you feel better soon. As far as medical advice goes, I refuse to pre-empt your doctor; though in our family, the local substitute for Bengay and bedrest works a world of wonder when someone has pulled muscles or lower back pain.
    The vinyl CD-Rs are cool stuff. I wouldn’t mind having some of those.

  27. Man, back problems suck. Be careful not to do too much strenuous activity, but keep active. It’s fairly simple and i’m sure everyone else has given you a lot of advice so i’ll stop now.
    Anyways, saw “The Ring” this weekend, check it out if you like psychological thrillers.
    Loyal monkey #24601

  28. Wil, I hope you’re feeling better – and you’re probable sick of advice, but here it goes anyway…
    Lomara is spot on – ICE!! Sorry to hear about the back injury, but for an acute problem, remember the acronym R.I.C.E. (I’m a health care professional, but I still have to do the Red Cross First Aid stuff), which stands for Rest Ice Compress Elevate, and for Wil the first two things apply.
    That’s short term. If you’re not feeling better soon, Wil, see your Dr.. Long term sounds like you may need to get assessed by a Chiro. or Physio. to see where any muscle imbalances lie – you may need to strengthen your abs eventually!!
    Have been a regular wwdn reader since the beginning, I just don’t post too much – I love your site!

  29. wil, wil, wil…
    You aren’t a kid anymore. Bend with the knees, lift with the knees (especially when lifting heavy things like watering cans – lol). Sure, your knees will go out when you’re 50, but that’s 20 years away. There is one word, and the word is KNEES.

  30. Hello Wil,
    I’m so sorry that you hurt your back… I hope you will be better soon…
    You are nice husband to do the job like that, not like Homer in “The Simpsons”…(haha…. I like “the Simpsons” as well!) Please take care. I hope you will get well soon.
    New Japanese WWDN reader Nobue

  31. Sorry to hear about your back, Wil. Trust me when I say I know how you feel.
    The gallery thingy sounded fantastic. Glad Nolan & Ryan enjoyed it, too.
    Remember remember remember: Lift with the legs, not the back!
    It seems like such a pain in the ass to do things like that, but it’ll definitely prevent unwanted pains later on.
    Much Healing Mojo to ya. ;]

  32. Gee and I thought I was the only one that got tore up. My legs are all stiff and sore from re-sodding my dads lawn over the weekend. 3rd time he’s replaced that lawn in 20 years.

  33. Looks like you’ve got all the back advice you need! Just to mention, anyway. I tried to lift a fish tank when I was 22, ignoring the weight of the water! (It looked so transparent and light!) My back gave in in the same position that you describe. It continued to hurt enormously every time I strained it even a little bit, after that. Haven’t felt it for a while lately, though.
    Bottom line is, I would suggest you don’t lift stuff for a while, even if you feel okay, because muscles in the back take a VERY long time to heal if they’ve been pulled. You might look like a sissy just standing there and not helping out at times, but it’s worth just giving it a break for a while. Sorry if this is obvious!

  34. I feel your pain… really, I do. (It’s a residual from the titanium rods that some doctor screwed into my spine ten years ago. (; )
    Take it easy and let everyone pamper you!

  35. Ditto. I strained by back a few weeks ago yet I’m only 24!…pain killers and muscle relaxers was all the doctor prescribed. Please feel better.

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