People are strange

I cried today.
A lot.
The interesting thing for me was that it was very, very easy to call forth the emotions necessary to bring this scene to life…but it was equally hard to let them go, again.
When we finished this scene, I wanted to go into my dressing room, and just sob until I got it all out of me…but there wasn’t time, and I have this little knot in my chest, just below where my sternum ends.
In a very bizarre twist of “six degrees of Anne Wheaton,” a real-life doctor, who treated her for some stomach trouble earlier this year, was playing a doctor in the movie today.
Also strange.
Tomorrow is my last day with Isaac Hayes. I’m debating whether or not I should take my “Shaft” soundtrack and my 18″ Chef plush toy and get an autograph.
Not sure if I will though…it could end up being strange.

68 thoughts on “People are strange”

  1. Wil, I’d say go see a doctor. I don’t want to be all paranoid or anything, but as a guy who forces himself to do what many of us try to avoid, you are prone to stomach woes. Stress gave me an ulcer, and the place it likes to sit is right about where you just described it. It has to burn and ache pretty bad to be an actual ulcer, so I don’t want to worry you, but it is worth looking into. Be well.

  2. Wil,
    Go for it. Celeberties ask for each others autographs all the time, just look at the episode of the osbournes when Jay Leno asked Ozzy to sign a cd for him, or the other day when Bill shatner had leonard Nemoy sign a copy of his new book for him at his book opening, and they are best friends.
    Anyway I say go for it. He could sign it KING SALTY BALLS……….LOL Later Wil……….
    Best to you and your family……

  3. You should bring him in an advance copy of some of your blog entries from your upcoming book. Tell him a bit about it and wwdn and us monkeys, and then ask him if he’d mind signing Chef and the soundtrack….maybe he’ll even put “Chef” along with his name on the doll somewhere.
    Loyal Monkey #24601

  4. Yes, Wil, people are strange, and life is strange too sometimes. But isn’t that great? Too much ‘normality’ could make you crazy or dull. And for the little knots in the chest or in the throat, sometimes a nice hug makes the trick. Of course, you have to wait until get home… The Best for You! (from a fan in Per

  5. RE:” I’m debating whether or not I should take my “Shaft” soundtrack and my 18″ Chef plush toy and get an autograph. ”
    Hey! Get a lock of his hair too! I would…

  6. re: the chef stuff…i say do it…i mean it’s daft, of course, but how many times do you get to meet Isaac Hayes (in my case, exactly 0)
    Of all else fails…blame it on william shatner or something.

  7. i often burst into tears for no apparent reason. like when i’m washing dishes or driving home from my day job in which i feel as though i am trapped in one of the nine rings of hell. i think it’s much healthier than say, road rage. :)
    btw, caught your bad guy role in an episode of the invisible man the other day. [i tape them so i watch them later than everyone else] very cool though. you play a great bad guy.

  8. I say… take the stuff! And may I suggest that you bring and extra hat that you dont mind loosing in case ‘chef’ desides he needs something from you too.. I mean… who wouldn’t!

  9. Hey Wil,
    As someone who has pestered you for autographs many times, I feel uniquely qualified to give you some advice on this matter… Take the Shaft soundtrack for an autograph and leave the action figure at home! Half normal usually works… hehe.
    Laterz, Alex

  10. Wil,
    Ask him to sign a copy of Dianetics. You may have acted in a sci-fi series, but, as a Scientologist(c), Isaac is living a sci-fi life.
    That being said, hanging out with Chef is cool.

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