That’s a Wrap!

First of all, I got it. I screwed up my courage, and told Isaac that Anne and I were introduced to our wedding reception to the Theme From Shaft, and asked him if he’d mind signing my CD.
“Are you kidding me?! I’d love to!”
I had to hold in a girlish squeal of delight, but somehow I managed.
We walked to my dressing room, and on the way, he told me how much he loved Star Trek, and how excited he was to be working with me.
I really couldn’t believe it. I mean, people tell me that they love Star Trek all the time, and these days they usually aren’t following up that admission with, “but I really hated you, jack ass. Now get off my lawn, and take your umbrella with you.” But still…hearing from someone who I really admire that he admires me back…well, it was great.
Now I know that I’ve really beaten this horse to death, buried it, dug it up and beaten it again, so I’ll stop.
Today was the last day on the movie, and I approached it the way I always do when a project is over: with a mixture of relief and sadness. Relief because I know that I’ll be returning to a normal life again. Relief because I know that the movie is completly out of my hands, now, and I can let go of the character.
Sadness, because I’ve formed very great friendships with my fellow cast members, and with the crew, and we’ve all created this little world which we’ve lived in for the duration of the production. We all know that we’ll be leaving this world, and it’s a one-way road out.
I had a wonderful time on this picture. The hours were long, the work was demanding as hell, and it feels like it was over as quickly as it started. But the crew was wonderful. They were the hardest-working bunch of dedicated artisans I’ve worked with in years, and I will forever cherish this experience.
The cast was amazing. They assembled a fantastic group of performers, who all worked their asses off to bring this script to life. Their character choices were clear, and their commitment to bringing them to life never wavered.
As the days go on and on, it’s easy to get tired, and fall into a “let’s just get the shot” trap, and compromise on performances. I hate it when that happens, but it does, from time to time.
I’m happy to report that I never felt that way on this picture. We had this amazingly dedicated cast and crew, and we were all lead by a wonderful director.
I am incredibly excited to see this finished product, and I haven’t felt that way in years.
Lots of people have asked about my back. I spent the whole morning Monday flat on same, watching
Dogtown and Z-Boys
on my iBook at the set (holy shit–what a great movie!) and I think it really helped. Lots of water to keep my muscles hydrated, focus on correct posture, lots of stretching, and Tiger Balm made the difference. I’m back to about 90% tonight.
Finally, today is my 3rd wedding anniversary (w00T!). Thank you to everyone who wished us well today. Tommorrow, I will be leaving for a weekend with my kick-ass wife, so there won’t be any updates until Monday.
Have a great weekend, everyone.

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  1. let’s see… *flip* *flip* no worries, it probably wouldn’t have will been a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, anyway. within normal quantum variance, of course.
    happy anniversary!

  2. Wil,
    Happy 3rd anniversary and many more. Good job on finishing the movie and getting that autograph.
    Bend your knees and not your back.

  3. You played it much cooler than I would have. I’d have asked Ike to pose for a pic for me to put on my blog, and oh yea, would he mind wearing this chef’s hat?

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary/ wrap/ autograph.
    Tiger Balm is the bomb, or the balm, or something like that. It must be used with extreme caution though, when applying to the leg and thigh regions. Misapplication of Tiger Balm can result in excruciating pain, questioning of the existence of God, and internet searches for Dr. Kevorkian’s home number. On the other hand, it makes you appreciate life more.
    Anyway, have a good weekend and anniversary.

  5. Does anyone else get the mental picture of Isaac on “The Actors Studio” 8-12 years from now…
    James Lipton: And now we come to South Park. *Thunderous applause* Would you say it for us, Isaac?
    Isaac: “Hello, Children!”
    James Lipton: (Quietly) Hey, Chef.
    *MORE THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE* from the audience.
    Ok, maybe it’s just me. :)

  6. Hi Wil
    As a former (and future?) actor, I really enjoyed your “journal” during the filming of this movie. I finally have a reason to watch the PAX network (sorry Billy Ray Cyrus)!
    Enjoy the website daily–keep up the good work.
    Rob (26)

  7. Best wishes and happy anniversary to a guy who loves his wife. Three years will just be a blip in the radar of your happy life together. Enjoy the ride!

  8. Ok JOHN was wrong for that!I think he was reminiscing about his mom again! OOPS I am wrong for that too! But anyways Happy Aniversary!That movie was a quick one huh? Tell us when it is about to air please I always seem to miss those things….Have a great weekend!

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary. Now when can we expect a little bundle of joy for the two of you? I think it would be neat to see a little you on t.v. someday.

  10. John was boning his mom,sister and little brother 2 years ago, he was no were near CA. I hope this does not spoil Wil’s weekend, when he comes home.

  11. So, us non-acting types always wonder about the finances of all this. We know Bruce Willis pulls in millions of dollars per film, but what does the star of a PAX made-for-TV movie get paid for his work? Is it, “enough to pay for this months groceries”, or “like getting a really nice holiday bonus”, or “this should cover me for most of next year”, or “Anne, you know that Porsche parked at the dealer down the street . . . ”
    Just curious.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope you have/had a great weekend.
    I have a question about making movies, is this a typical amount of time it takes to shoot a movie or does it usually take longer? Yes its a totally geek question but I want to know. Thanks

  13. First of all, happy anniversary to both of you!
    Second of all, happy anniversary!
    Third of all, happy anniversary! I hope you two stay so happy together you almost can’t stand it!
    Fourth, I hope Isaac Hayes tracks you down and showers the two of you with more gifts than you know what to do with!
    Fifth, I hope the movie you just finished kicks your acting career back into warp drive where it rightfully belongs–and that it STAYS in warp drive (warp factor 10, to be precise!)
    Sixth, I hope that Patrick Stewart either tracks you down ala Mr. Hayes, or that he is awaiting you on your return with even MORE gifts!
    Seventh and finally, I hope those jackanapes who treated you so miserably on STTNG are forced to come to you on their knees and BEG you to be in the next STTNG movie (if there is one)–ON YOUR TERMS!!–and that you give them a DOUBLE dose of their own medicine!
    And now, as Captain Picard would say, “ENGAGE!”

  14. Great work willy on everything – it sounds like a wonderful set to be on. My few experiences in student directed films in college were never as nice as you made this project sound.
    I can’t wait to see it when it hits PAX…guess I need to make sure I get PAX.
    Happy anniversary to you and Anne, have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

  15. Thank you Wil for sharing the details of this movie you’ve been filming. Some of them have been funny, some of them have been very personal to you, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you’ve had the gonads to share it all with us readers. After reading your entries I am most excited to actually see the final product, and I look forward to seeing you turn out a steller acting performance!!!
    God’s blessings to you and your wife. You BOTH deserve the best!!!

  16. Happy Anniversary Wheatons!
    Wil, you better let Anne stay on top, ‘Cause you don’t want any bad backs messin up your weekend!

  17. Wil,
    Once upon a time we had a little talk. I said I thought I smelled like old cheese and you rubbed my bald, black, numb pate. We became friends that day and we hugged a lot. There were no scripts, and there was no “I love Spock!” to confuse us.
    I’ve spent some time thinking about what you told me. I will remember to brush my teeth. I will remember to walk the dog. I will spank Scotty. But, that is not why we cried that day in the rain. No, we cried because of the dust in the wind, not the pain in our hearts. Spock will never, ever touch my smooth, ebony, scalp like you did that day.
    *sniff, sniff*
    I hope that one day you will share our pictures with the world. But more importantly, I hope that you finally tell the world about the giant purple dog penis tattoo on William Shatner’s back. Yes, and please share the pictures. We need them. We need them very much.
    Damn your eyes, damn your eyes.

  18. Sorry this post is late, spent the weekend enjoying myself by spending lots of money and being out.
    Congratulations on your 3-year anniversary. I’d love to see the movie, Wil, but I don’t get PAX, and i’m not sure what the Canadian equivalent is, or if they’d play it.
    I’m glad you got the autograph from Isaac. Things like that happen all the time – you blow a “once in a lifetime” chance only to find out that some strange twist of fate gives you a second shot as if to say “Hey you stupid idiot, you were supposed to do it, now go back there and get it right this time”.
    Have fun this weekend.
    Loyal Monkey #24601

  19. Am I the ONLY person who reads your website who also saw Dogtown and Z-Boys? That movie rocked!
    I was into the skating thing in the late 80’s, 15 years or more after the days of the Z-Boys, but it still reminded me of what it was all like for me.
    The closest I get to it know is Tony Hawk Pro Skater. I only needed to fall off once on a rap to realize that I wasn’t going to make pro, heh.

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