I’m beginning to think that I am the world’s worst Geocacher, man. I’ve gotten to enjoy many nice hikes, which is really cool, but I rarely find the cache, and today was no exception.
After breakfast this morning (made by yours truly for the family while the wife slept in, thankyouverymuch) we took the kids to find the Rubio Haunted Area, but after 40 minutes of searching an area of about 40 square feet, we gave up. We did get to see a deer climbing up the mountain, though, which was really cool.
Been listening to the Oingo Boingo Farewell Concert while I’ve been home today. Boingo is one of those bands which for whatever reason is only associated with positive memories:

  • Gates McFadden dancing around to “Elevator Man,” way back when we were on TNG.
  • Darin and me cranking Boingo Alive while driving down to Disneyland on one of our numerous Annual pass holder’s trips during high school.
  • Going to a Laserium show at the Griffith Observatory to see the KROQ show in 10th grade, which was my first introduction to “Grey Matter.”

Actually, I do have one sad memory associated with Boingo: The Boi~ngo CD was one of my favorites back in the day, and it’s nowhere to be found in my collection. Sadly, it’s out of print, so I’m reduced to digging through the bargain bin at the Car Wash in hopes of finding one amongst all the Bob Goldthwait comedy albums. Oh, and their official website seems to be down.
So that’s two things.
But I saw a deer today. (ECHO $LAME_STAND_BY_ME_JOKE)
UPDATE: 10PM PST: Thank you to all the people who emailed me about picking up Boi~ngo on eBay, or! I spoke with my best friend Darin, and he has a copy of thhe CD that we used to listen to at his house! I’m picking up a copy from him tomorrow. (That’s ethical, right? I bought the CD once, and it got lost, and it’s out of print anyhow…so getting a copy…that’s cool, right? Maybe I’ll “bid” on it from him.) =]

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  1. Wow, that’s so weird about the geocacheing because my boyfriend was just telling me about it yesterday. Until then I had never even heard about it, lol.
    Maybe we’ll try it. He thinks it won’t be hard to find the cache…lol. I guess we’ll find out.

  2. Ummm, I was surfing my pal’s livejournal and she mentioned she found this site… i had to check it out due to my insane prepubecent crush i had on you back in the day…. just had to tell you i love the site.. i would have e-mailed instead of commented, but i couldn’t figure out how… anyhoo, kudos on the nifty site, and btw, i thought you were funny as hell on the weakest link.

  3. Wil,
    I hate to be the dumb one here but who is this band? I have never heard of them. I heard alot of bands jam. I missed this one. I get my false teeth next week.

  4. The Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo…. boy, does that bring back memories… from “Only a Lad” and “Capatalism” (sp) to many great later hits as well. I was in a band that opened for them in the early 80’s when they were just a Los Angeles Phenom. Last time I saw them was their great Holloween concert in 1992. They were the best.
    And like many others, I now have the sight of Ms. McFadden dancing in my head. I thank you, and my therapist thanks you.

  5. But I saw a deer today. (ECHO $LAME_STAND_BY_ME_JOKE)
    aww Wil you know you looked so adorable in that scene! (when didn’t you look cute?) lol :)

  6. Mmmmm. Gates McFadden. Oingo Boingo .
    I really love “We Close Our Eyes.” Always reminds me of my wife, whom I love dearly.

  7. I thought you said ‘geocatching’ and I was excited because I have a geo metro, and I thought there was some new sport going around like trainspotting. Oh well…

  8. Hey Will don’t feel bad. I’ve been geocaching for a year+ and still suck at it. If it’s any harder then a 2-2.5 difficulty I am better off passing it up. Hell my wife is better at finding caches then I am and she hates the damn sport. (ok that’s an exageration, but she has refered to herself as a geo-widow on occasion.
    My only advice is practicepracticepractice. Stick to 1/1 & 2/2 till you get a feel for the typical manner of hides, and what looks suspicious etc. OF course you can also go with someone more experienced. I’d offer my services should you ever be in NJ, but errr… my experience doesn’t necesarily translate into me being able to teach jack. Heck my 3 yr old son found a cache before I did one time!!!

  9. Hi Wil!
    I’m unclear from reading this, but did you get the CD? Also, even though I grew to dislike the Wesley character I never had any feelings for you as an actor because I just didn’t know you. I had no reason to think you’d be like the character, though.
    I spent my teenage years in Hollywood and I’ve met a few actors. Some were gracious, wonderful, witty, and fun to talk with, but most seemed to hate being bothered. I learned to not go up and bother people when finding them in public if they’re wearing shades. Especially on cloudy days! ^_^
    I’ll try to dig up that CD if you haven’t got it yet.

  10. For those of you who have been posting that you do not know who Oingo Boingo is, a bit of history:
    Oingo Boingo is the name of the band that (current) movie composer Danny Elfman fronted. It was the later incarnation of a musical experimental group called the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Oingo Boingo played for seventeen years, and featured a lot of what I think of as “Halloween music” and “Evil Clown music.”
    You actually have heard their music, if you’ve heard any significant amount of music from the 80s. One of their songs, “Weird Science”, was the theme for the movie of the same name, and “Dead Man’s Party” still shows up on the airwaves from time to time. Other radio airplay songs are ones such as “Little Girls”, “Only a Lad”, “We Close Our Eyes” (“we close our eyes / and the world has turned around again. / We close our eyes and dream…”)
    The album Boingo Alive is a good starting point, as it is an album composed of new recordings of their most popular songs to that point. There is a phantom album “Dark at the End of the Tunnel” that was released two years after the band broke up, is referred to on the DVD, and is not only out of print but was possibly never released in CD format (in 1997!) Also a good bet is the 1994 album Boingo (*not* Boi~ngo) which includes some incredible mature work, and of course the farewell concert from Halloween 1995.
    But for that, you may as well buy the DVD itself, and truly get the feel for one of my favorite bands of all time. I particularly like the “No One Lives Forever” with the bouncing bass player.
    Does that give you something to work with?

  11. Polynoia: “Dark at the End of the Tunnel” was released in 1990, and on CD. I bought it on the day of release and still have it.

  12. Heya Wil, just spotted your blog while looking for Oingo Boingo info.
    Well hold onto your hat, because The Forbidden Zone is coming out on DVD at the end of August! That was the best, strangest, funniest, estest flick ever. Classic Oingo Boingo music at its best.

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