Bark at the moon

It’s Sunday, and that means that it’s time for a few links.
The best thing about today? It’s just 3 days until Two Towers comes out. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I started my countdown to Wednesday (well, midnight Tuesday, really) when the credits for Fellowship of the Ring were about half over. The Chicago Sun Times has a really nifty article about the making of TT, along with a swell synopsis of the story so far.
There’s also a very interesting article in Time called “The Business of Star Trek,” which may be of interest to WWDN readers.
This made me laugh really, really hard. I wish you would enjoy it.
If you want to see the blue hair, my lawn, and my dog, look here, but only for a few hours. Those pictures really suck up the bwf.
And now a couple of announcements:
I have completely run out of 8×10’s (!) and there are about 30 requests that are officially “back ordered.” What this means is, on Wednesday, I will pay the “please rush this so my orders can arrive in time for Xmas” fees at the lab, and fill those orders by Wednesday night. Back orders will go out by the end of the week, and should arrive in time for Christmas. This has been a great learning experience for me, and when my books are available, the process of filling those orders will be very easy. GNUCash is a GREAT tool for handling the bookkeeping involved with this silly little operation I’ve got going here. :)
Tomorrow, Anne and I are heading up to San Francisco, because I’m hosting The Screen Savers on TechTV on Tuesday. Guess what? I get to interview one of my biggest heroes, Michio Kaku, author of “Hyperspace,” and “Visions,” two books which profoundly changed the way I view the universe around us.
Happy Festivus, everyone.

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  1. I’ve been waiting for some sort of Star Trek review from ya, Wil — any comments on the new movie?

  2. I’ve been waiting for some sort of Star Trek review from ya, Wil — any comments on the new movie?

  3. I loved Nemesis. It was great to see you at the table w/ the big boys. The blue hair is very cool. The weather in SF sucks. It’s really wet, windy, and down right nasty. Monday night is a great night for a tarot card reading 😉

  4. Yeah, I took from what you’d said that you totally weren’t in the movie at all, but then I saw it and there you were to the left. It was nice to see you back. I was pleasantly surprised. And yes, TTT will be very, very awesome. I cannot wait. I actually got a count down clock on my computer like 3 months ago… I got an early start. :)

  5. Wil,
    I think it’s very cool to see you recommending Michio Kaku’s “Hyperspace” as a book well worth reading. I finished reading that book not too long ago, and I agree. I’m now about halfway through “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene. If you haven’t read this book yet, I’d suggest you might like to give it a look … it’s very much along the same lines as “Hyperspace”, except that it concentrates more on the particulars and details of superstring theory. Anyway, I’m really enjoying it so far.
    – David
    P.S. – I’d have never believed it, but you appear to have somehow made blue hair workable. “Blue Crush”, indeed. :)

  6. Time magazine is such a knob-gobbling, toothless whore.
    Nemesis, by all accounts, is a fucking train wreck. The reviews are blistering. Most calling it the worst Trek film ever (and THAT, my friends, is no small accomplishment). Yet Time talks it up like it’s the best(!) talkie(!) ever(!).
    And Enterprise?!
    Jesus H. Christ.
    It’s like fucking DMV in space.
    Fuck me.
    The cast is terrible. Worst ever. The vulcan chick works her poker-faced monotone while Bakula diplomatically suggests “an alternate course of action” to his kindercrew at least EIGHT fucking times per episode.
    DS9 was an abortion. Watching Voyager was like injecting ammonia and saline into your own scrotum.
    Even Next Generation in its final season and on into the flicks (First Contact excepted) was a maudlin load of corn-studded ass-hash.
    You know I love and respect you, TVsWW, but Berman did you a BIG fucking favor when he kicked your ass off his Hindenburg. Trek is an embarassment. It’s trite. It’s soulless.
    My time is better spent eating paint chips off the floor of my local Home Depot. Fuck Trek. Finish your book. I want a copy like yesterday, bitch.

  7. Hehehehehe… the blue hair looks really cool.
    Waiting anxiously for Nemesis… hasn’t come out here yet… hopefully will in a few weeks. Haven’t been paying much attention to the date on the movie poster…

  8. Wil,
    cute pics,, love the blue hair and the dog
    looking like he’s never been fed…
    the green green grass (you will be cutting
    this spring)
    I have seen NGSTN.. I thought it was just great!
    and look forward to the DVD release with hopefully, any scenes that you were in, restored..
    as for the sold out 8×10’s…
    I have this piture of a young Elvis…
    that I swear, looks just like you in your younger
    STNG days…
    enjoy TT.. I’ll have to wait until the crowds

  9. SIGH #1…
    LOTR:TTT doesn’t come out until Dec. 26th here (Australia)
    SIGH #2…
    We don’t get TechTV! Wah! Hopefully they’ll post this on their site?
    On an up note, love the hair! Very sessy!

  10. Wil, your blue hair rocks :) And your lawn looks fabulous!
    I’ve got one word to say about Nemesis: B4=Bata??? (from Data) No really, that part just sucked! And yes, Wil, you were kind of in the movie, but NO speaking part – that uber SUCKS! That just shows that people who control this franchise (and you know who I mean)have no CLUE what the F**K they’re doing. Very sad. But I enjoyed seeing the ST:TNG gang together.
    Ahhh… Like Wil and so many others I can’t wait to see TT – we got into the whole spirit of merchandising and my hubby got me the TT calendar for next year :) Now all we need to do is watch the Fellowship, AGAIN, and and finish listening to the BBC recording of LotR (with “Bilbo” as “Frodo” 😉 (a little riddle for you guys – think casting…)

  11. Hey, just an unrelated comment:
    I saw Nemesis on the weekend and in the 2nd scene (reception) Wil can be seen a half dozen times laughing and whatnot. When I saw this I almost stood up and cheered for you….but I didn’t want people to think I was looney, so I stayed in my chair and silently gave a little cheer to Wil and thanks to all the monkeys who bombarded Rick Berman with “Put Wil in the movie” emails/letters/calls. It wasn’t much, but it was good to see everyone from TNG together in the movie :)

  12. I found a link to this article at Fark
    Notice the last few line –
    “A group of several fans, desperate to achieve a more full account of Wheaton’s appearance than any deleted scene can give, is even organizing a petition to Paramount to create a new Star Trek series based on the travels of Wesley Crusher.”
    Interesting ?

  13. am much digging the blue hair! I remember when my hair was blue…decided to bleach it four times before I made it to the blue, so I got to enjoy a nice head of white at the tender age of 21. :) Two towers…uuumm…nice….looking forward to Viggo’s preformance since his wonderful delivery of These are my people and I will die as one of them! or something, barely caught it in a tv spot hence the lacking of ” ” and your lawn is looking good…yeah I’m just rambling on *gonna shut up now*

  14. Blue hairs, green grasses, red chucks. Nice color.
    Ok, so I’m worried now after reading that article in the Chicago Sun Times. Someone has misinterpretted Faramir – is it the reviewer or the screenwriters? I’m just hoping he threw it in there as a tease, because Faramir is not the power and control driven type. He’s got his head in the clouds. His father complains that he’s always been enchanted by Mithrandir.
    Okay, Faramir was always one of my favorite characters. I hope they didn’t mess him up.

  15. went to see Nemesis on Fri nite (well, 12:30a Sat). Honestly, I liked it. It DEFINITELY was no Khan… but I liked it. And it was nice to be able to see you in a few shots (i knew to look for it from previous comments). I was slightly confused at Wesley being in Uniform… I know I’m rusty on TNG history but I thought Wesley had left Starfleet to go Traveling? *shrug* time-travel leaves a LOT of room for plot twists, so I’ll leave it alone.
    Most excellent hue of blue, I dig that. And the dog? One word… ADORABLE!!!
    God(s & Goddesses, etc) bless Tickets are bought n paid for, counting down to Wednesday 9:35 EST. 1 minute shy of 3 hours of Tolkien goodness… Happy Yule to us all :)

  16. Wil,
    You look good with blue hair! Good job on the lawn. I helped my “adopted” family lay down sod this fall and it was a PAIN. It looked really good, so it was worth the effort. You ought to take some of that yellow caution tape and see what fun pictures you can take with it. I once sealed up a friend’s door with Crime Scene tape. He thought someone was murdered in his apartment. Ahhh, good times…

  17. Love the blue hair-cute dog too! Also, I checked out the “Demotivators” from the link you spoke about. I too laughed pretty hard at this one, and then checked out a few of the rest. The ironic thing is that I have one of those “Motivational” posters hanging in my office right now, staring down at me even as I type. I wonder if they’d mind if I replaced it with “Indifference” or “Flattery” from the “Demotivators” collection… :)
    Anyhow, Wil, Love the site, you’re awesome, and mucho mojo sent from Michigan to California just for our good ol’ uncle willie!!

  18. I can’t remember the last time something caused me to be giddy – seeing Wil in ST: Nemesis, even if it was just for a moment, was like a birthday or something; good stuff indeed!
    On a more militant note, I’m gonna flex my creative skills and put up a page that’ll support the idea of integrating Wil with Star Trek again – any pics, ideas, help, etc can be directed to me via email.
    You’ll see, Wil! We’ll shove Berman right off his high horse!

  19. I too saw Star Trek on Friday Night. I had placed a bet with a friend that there would be people dressed up in Star Trek uniforms. And they were there. They had a table set up, and were trying to get people to join their Trek club. When we walked over to talk to them, I asked if any of them were Wil Wheaton Fans. This one chick said to me, “Shut Up Wesley!”, but later they all quietly told me that they read this site. They did give me a copy of the Movie Poster of Nemesis, so that was worth it. It was cool seeing Wil in the movie, if only for one scene. Can’t wait for the DVD -IF- it has his cut scenes.

  20. Hmm. So I’m in Barnes & Noble on Saturday PM and I’m in the magazine section trying to pretend that I’m not looking at _Star Trek Communicator_ beacuse the wife will think I’m even loonier and there’s a wedding picture foldout that I think I saw before maybe on this site or linked from it except Wil isn’t in it.
    He should have been to the left of Worf or something, right?
    :: mad ::
    Hey Wil, thanks for the ref to Kaku, I must check out the books.

  21. hey, nice shoes! i have a pair like that! are yours hi-or low-top? great hair, too. manic panic color, i assume? i’m sure it looks smashing with the shoes.
    sorry about the whole nemesis thing, too. completely shitty on berman’s part. he’ll get his, you’ll see.
    love your site, still lurking, still reading…

  22. Wil Wheaton with blue hair and now he looks all anime!! Now all he needs is a black leather trenchcoat to wear and an tentacle rape-demon to shoot his .357 at.

  23. Hmm.. So it’s on at 6pm central? I’ll have to try to watch that when Profiler is over. Unless I’m like having to rake the yard some more.. Maintaining 32acres is a bitch.

  24. Wil,
    Love the blue hair!
    Also can’t wait for LOTR 2 Towers. It will be incredible, I’m sure.
    Also looking forward to catching Nemesis, although we’ll miss seeing you in it!
    Encouraging everyone to visit Ani DeFranco was incredible on Friday the 13th show.

  25. Hey,
    I saw Nemesis and there you were, which raises some serious questions. My wife (who does not read Blogs) saw you and wondered what happened, how Wes got there, where he has been, what he has done so on. It seemed odd that he was at the Main table, yet said nothing. Struck her (and me) as weird, especially given the curious nature of his departure. It was especially weird given that They had time for Guinan’s comment about the number of marrages she has had.
    Any chance you could let us in on what the lines were that were cut?

  26. I can’t decide whether I like the lawn or the blue hair best.
    I went to the TTT premiere in NY a couple of weeks ago. IT RAWKS!!! I’ll defintely see it again and again and again…

  27. ugh, got to laugh everytime i read the, “U R my friend.” oh, it’s wonderful.
    one can’t help but look for updates at wwdn pretty much everyday. at least, i can’t help it. and quite obviously, everyone else who’s written above me can’t. unkie willie is quite the popular guy. congrats, wil. you’re not as geeky as you thought. no one can be this popular and that geeky.
    curse those who live on the east coast for being able to see lotr earlier than i. but that’s okay. they shall have theirs in time as well…
    everyone have a lovely day!

  28. Wil,
    The hair looks great! Nice job on getting the blue to work correctly for you. I tried that once myself. Let’s just say that it didn’t work as well for me =/
    I’m watching the TNG episode “Remember Me” right now, the one where Beverly gets trapped in a warp bubble, and everyone starts disappearing on her…Anyway, I’m glad to see that you don’t sport that Wesley Crusher hiarstyle in real life! I dunno, it just…doesn’t fit your personality =)
    – “We don’t stop playing because we grow old.
    We grow old because we stop playing.” – Unknown

  29. I love the blue hair. I bet the kids get a kick out of that. I would if my dad ever made his hair blue. HA! What little of it is left anyway.

  30. Wil,
    Those were great linksss. Funny. I guess I’m going to balance the laughs by going to see the new Rings movie soon. You have become a walking christmas light. The hair glows.

  31. Aww! I like your new hair color! ^_^ Verry nice! And your dog is totally adorable! Mine used to look so cute, like yours.. But then he became dumb and ugly.. he’s not a cute puppy anymore, but I alone still love him!

  32. You know Wil, (since I like all your other “fans” have deluded myself into the idea that you would actually bother reading these comments) anyway, Wil I’m curious what kind of pathetic subcreature would actually waste their hard-earned (through persistant whining to parental units) money on an autographed picture of a moderately famous person such as yourself? Not to detract from your obvious talents as a….. well what do you actually do? I gathered from a brief look around the site that you were in some movie in like 1986, and did Star Trek or something, but since you’re no longer participating in that fine dramatic tradition why would someone be interested in paying $30 (being that I’m Australian that’s closer to $60AUS) on a photo of you? I’m seriously curious, ‘coz I’m thinking of photocopying my butt and auctioning it on ebay. I figure if a relative unknown like you can get $30US, then a complete unknown like me should be able to pull in about $5 a pop, whatcha reckon?

  33. Good Article from TIME about Star Trek even though TIME MAGAZINE is a haven for wacko left-wing readers and righters. Anyone who thinks that BONO can save the world should be shot.

  34. Aw Man! Love the blue hair! Trying to convince the Spousal Unit to help me dye mine green- he isn’t going for it. Grass looks great! All I can grow is moss & weeds! Great looking doggie! Saw Nemesis last weekend and tho’t it was great, but wanted to hear about you & The Traveler! WTF? They could’ve gone over 2 hrs!
    Merry Christams dude!

  35. Hah, I saw The Two Towers last night! It was really really good, the battle scenes against Rohan were really amazing, but of course storywise, the Two Towers is really just setting up everything that will happen in The Return of the King. But still really really good!

  36. Wil! You look so cute with blue hair! Much better than those elderly ladies in the grocery!
    Seriously envying you guys visiting San Fran. It’s one of the most romantic cities and is on my husband and mine to do list. Enjoy!

  37. Hi, Wil
    this is my first time to your site. just finished watching your techtv debut, nice, you should hit them up for a job as the linux correspondent. being this is my first time here , and reading your disclaimer, thought you should know, government is spelled wrong. that url link I posted is a web site, some friends of mine in a yahoo chat room, came up with to attempt to help some computer users. well, not to overdo it, g2g and catch the matinee, I wil be back

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