Bark at the moon

It’s Sunday, and that means that it’s time for a few links.
The best thing about today? It’s just 3 days until Two Towers comes out. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I started my countdown to Wednesday (well, midnight Tuesday, really) when the credits for Fellowship of the Ring were about half over. The Chicago Sun Times has a really nifty article about the making of TT, along with a swell synopsis of the story so far.
There’s also a very interesting article in Time called “The Business of Star Trek,” which may be of interest to WWDN readers.
This made me laugh really, really hard. I wish you would enjoy it.
If you want to see the blue hair, my lawn, and my dog, look here, but only for a few hours. Those pictures really suck up the bwf.
And now a couple of announcements:
I have completely run out of 8×10’s (!) and there are about 30 requests that are officially “back ordered.” What this means is, on Wednesday, I will pay the “please rush this so my orders can arrive in time for Xmas” fees at the lab, and fill those orders by Wednesday night. Back orders will go out by the end of the week, and should arrive in time for Christmas. This has been a great learning experience for me, and when my books are available, the process of filling those orders will be very easy. GNUCash is a GREAT tool for handling the bookkeeping involved with this silly little operation I’ve got going here. :)
Tomorrow, Anne and I are heading up to San Francisco, because I’m hosting The Screen Savers on TechTV on Tuesday. Guess what? I get to interview one of my biggest heroes, Michio Kaku, author of “Hyperspace,” and “Visions,” two books which profoundly changed the way I view the universe around us.
Happy Festivus, everyone.

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  1. Wow jude. you’re a real asshole.
    Thanks for stopping by, jackass. Go fix your broken links you idiot.
    Oh, and fuck you.

  2. Hey Wil, one thing i would like to know is how did Wesley Crusher know about the wedding, thought he was with the Travler? Guess it doesn’t have to make since since you didn’t get much screen time. Next movie they should bring you back and have you save the Enterprise! :) ROCK ON!

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