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Just read this at boingboing:

Spam-king drowning in snailmail spam
A spammer whose gleeful interview — where he revelled in the money pouring in from spamming — was Slashdotted is now drowning in catalogs and other junkmail. Slashdotters have submitted his name to every direct marketer on earch.

“They’ve signed me up for every advertising campaign and mailing list there is,” he told me. “These people are out of their minds. They’re harassing me…”
“Several tons of snail mail spam every day might just annoy him as much as his spam annoys me,” wrote one of the anti-spammers.

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  1. I read the article about that guy awhile ago. He was so smug about how he made so much money annoying everyone… I hope he gets twice as much snail junk mail.

  2. I read that article too.
    Glad to see he’s getting his.
    I have demoted my old email address to spam catcher. i get 20-100 spam/day.
    He needs more snail mail spam.

  3. Yeah!!! Now if only I could find a way to give him some of MY spam email and junk mail…
    After all, it’s the season for giving, right? :)

  4. Now we just have to mkae sure this guy’s name ends up on a few IRS and Homeland Security lists . .

  5. Yea. That’s great. Now as long as the guy doesn’t try to sue anyone (and win, which would probably happen considering our wonderfully backwards legal system) it will be that much sweeter…

  6. S.P.A.M.
    “Stupid People Advertising Manure”.
    Okay, that’s the best I could do on short
    notice, but I’m sure the point was made.
    Peace out. Oh, and uh, “true” justice
    always wins in the end! Right on, right on. :-)

  7. One problem: the campaign is at the expense of legitimate businesses. The good guys who work hard for a living and print catalogs of the stuff we like end up paying for the mountain of paper going to this guys’ house. Then again, those same good guys have printed all theses catalogs anyway, and maybe they are happy to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of the infernal machine of spam.

  8. Wow… I read the interview that inspired the spamming and what a jerk he is. “Isn’t technology great?” he asks. Sure, but the postal service can still smack you down any day. It’s one thing for your inbox to be full and another for your front porch to be filled.

  9. Yeah, but if people are signing him up to recieve postal mail, that’s mail fraud, and that’s got teeth. Unfortunatly, there aren’t too many laws about spam, and forging it. It says he’s hired a lawyer to fight against the people signing him up for stuff. Fortunatly, there’s 50,000 monkeys at 50,000 typewriters, so finding the people should be a bit more difficult.

  10. I can’t believe he had the nerve to say, “These people are out of their minds. They’re harassing me…”
    yeah, right, what-EVER!

  11. Serves the guy right. It is waste of paper, but I would me more than happy to bundle (recycle) all the junk mail I get every year and send it to him.

  12. Now this is good news! How funny is this? Damned funny, I’d have to say.
    Thanks for the grin today, hope you don’t mind my linking to the post and deep link. Its gotta get out to my crew!
    Any Wil, apparently the blog twinning project thinks we’d get along because you came up as a possible match for my Intellectual Poison site. Rock on! And keep the fun stuff coming!

  13. Dude!
    That is all.
    Hm. Maybe I should print out the 4,372 spams I got this week and mail them to him as well…

  14. It’s good, but for that particularly appropriate final poetic touch, we should see if we can get the postal carrier to randomly insert the few small bits of _legitmate_ mail he gets inbetween and within the monumental pile of junk mail, so that he has to go through all of his stack to get out the stuff that he really needs.

  15. This also reminded me about the anti-snail mail spam (when your credit card company adds in some “special offers” with your bill).
    Mail them back in the same envelope with the bill. Or mix it up and send your Chase marketing fluff to AT&T and Mastercard.
    There’s no reason we should shoulder the expense of throwing away this garbage when they are profiting from sending your bill to you. I’ve also toyed with the idea of deducting estimated profits from my bills because of the ads.
    Seems reasonable, doesn’t it?

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