Look ma, I’m on TechTV!

I love that I can sit here in a hotel in San Francisco, scan for an open WAP, and update my website.
Now, if I can just have my damn flying car, the future will finally be here as promised.
So this is just a reminder that I’ll be guest hosting Screen Savers on TechTV, tomorrow (Tuesday the 17th). I’m off to enjoy this amazing city with my wife.
UPDATE 12:09 PM 12.17.02: Attention Farkers: I will be wearing The Shirt.
That is all.

138 thoughts on “Look ma, I’m on TechTV!”

  1. I would be more than happy to give you some tips on great places for thai food, indian food, etc. You should come party with all the geeks at the DNA Lounge on Thursday. Let me know if you are interested in coming and we’ll get you a pass.

  2. Go to Eliza’s in The Mission. Some of the best chinese you’ll ever have.
    Q on Clement kicks butt too. I go there about once a week. :)

  3. Wil
    YOU ROCK!!!!! Damn man, Screen Savers hasn’t been that funny and fresh in many months. Here’s hoping we see you on TechTV more often (like maybe a regular gig?? – Hey Leo are you listening?)!!!

  4. congratulations! IMHO, you are the best guest host ever on TSS. you could actually talk in front of the cameras, and still talk tech with the best of them from the show. and great cut on Rose about Patti LaBelle’s rack!!!!!!!

  5. the blue hair looks great on TV!…it really set off your red shirt…if you cou bring what you brought to “THE SCREENSAVERS” to your own talk show…you know, i think you’d have something…quick wit…and a confident performance…well done!

  6. Great job Wil. I was rolling when you started talking to the guy drawing on his face.
    It would be really cool if TechTV offered you something. That or G4 gives you a better show.

  7. Hi- I know this is off-topic, but this is the most recent posting so I wanted to ask here. Somebody mentioned a while back that Gates McFadden had some words to say about Wil and how he was treated- but I can’t seem to find that interview. I looked on startrek.com, but I didn’t see it. If someone would be kind enough to send me a link, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you very much! :) [email protected]
    Love, Alicia

  8. Every icon needs to have their own T-shirt. Just look at Charlie Brown. Always in that same drab shirt. Same with Unky Wil. Maybe he will have this shirt on when he gets his pic taken for his book.
    And the link for the Moller Sky Car has been posted 3 times now (I was the first). Doen’t anyone read the comments before they post?

  9. Hi Wil, or anyone else who reads this?
    Can you put a copy of this show on Kazaa? I’m living
    in the Netherlands and the show will definately not be showing here.

  10. YOU ARE NOT A DORK!!!!! :)))
    Caught you on SS last night. GREAT Job! I have not seen you perform since TNG and I was vaguely expecting to see the awkwardly teenager like kid from the enterprise.
    Big fan of the your website (read it on company time, shhhhh) so when I read that you were going to be hosting, I actually made an effort to watch the show.
    You should host that show more often. Leo is getting really annoying and you did SUCH a better job. I’m getting tired of Leo peddling his book.
    Your confidence and charisma came through loud and clear (when you weren’t fidgeting with your hands)
    Keep up the great work and screw the establishment. (shameless

  11. Will, you were GREAT! And I emailed Tech TV and let them know. Blue hair…red shirt, you are one great geek!

  12. Heh, I watched that last night and noticed you had The Shirt. :-)
    My brother who is not a fan of yours was saying you were really cool and that he thinks you should be on Tech TV more often. You definetly sounded like you knew what you were talking about and you seemed really comfortable on the set. I hadn’t heard your voice on TV in quite awhile and it just reminded me that you have a very pleasant voice to listen to. You did better than the guy in the skirt. I wish I had seen more of the show but my brother was playing a new wrestling game on the PS2 and would only occassionally pause it for me to watch TV. You looked like you were having fun. And I loved your line about how the guy wasted what time was left asking if there was time for a question. That was great. :-)

  13. Great job on TSS. You should be the perm. fill-in host for when Leo is out of town. Judging from the comments here, I think most of the people who saw the show agree with me. Now I just need to get some contact info for TechTV to let them know.

  14. How terrific for you Wil, sounds like you and Anne are having a great time these days. Please [pretty please with sugar on top] can you elaborate on what’s neat to do in San Fran these days… we’re heading up in a week. Truly appreciated!! Hope you both have the times of your lives.

  15. I know, I know, I know … said before it has been but said again it shall be….
    Wil Wheaton you are just the coolest, most down to Earth type of guy. Wish I could know you in person but I’m glad enough just to catch what you share here.

  16. I LOVED the show last night. I’m a regular viewer of The Screensavers from way back (God, I miss Kate Botello). Anyway, I thought that you were a hoot. I hope that if you can’t do a regular gig (since you’d have to move to SanFran), you’d at least be asked back regularly to guest host.
    Yes, I also hope that you will be paired with Martin next time. While I normally like Patrick when he is paired up with Leo, he really didn’t mesh well with you. I think he actually came off as condescending.
    I especially liked when you were picking on the guy who wrote on his face (what was THAT about?).
    Anyway, keep up the good work..!

  17. Well, I saw the show, and it was good to see you on the small screen again, but man oh man, you DID geek out! “What would Santa Clause use. . . ”
    What would happen if you meet Stan Lee? Would you geek out and ask “In a fight, who would win – the Hulk, or Spidey?!” I mean, you’re far more witty and intelligent than that.
    Anyway, other than the silly Clause conversation, it was fun to watch the show. I hope you can get over being snubbed by Paramount/Trek and can rebuild your career on either the small or big screen.
    BTW: bomb iraq! (my reply to the notice on your front page) 😉 I’m disappointed that you have become such a left winger, but I’m glad to hear that you don’t buy what the media has to say. I was very much amused to hear you refer to the AP as the Associated Repressed – I was literally laughing out loud because as a conservative that’s my exact opinion of mass media.

  18. “I’m sorry, did you just say Patty Labell had a big rack?”
    One of the 10 funniest things I’ve heard this year.
    You did a great job Wil, and you were very entertaining. Perhaps Tech TV should think about a “geek show” with you as host!

  19. I think TechTV should can Leo or Patrick with you. Leo is just plain annoying, and Patrick has no personality, watching a piece of plywood on TV for and hour and a half would be more interesting.

  20. Hey Wil,
    Saw Nemesis last night. Thought it was just O.K. Not as cool as I thought it would be (Unlike “The Lord of the Rings” which was awesome). Kinda like watching a two hour TNG episode.
    Anyways, Dude, you were still all over the wedding scene. I saw you more than bride and groom. 😉 I think Wes shoulda jumped out of the front of the Enterprise and flew over to Shinzon and hugged him saying “Come here ya Big Weirdo!!”
    Oh yeah!, Did I mention that RICK BERMAN IS A DICK!!!!!!

  21. Tuned in to T.S.S., cause, well, you were gonna be there. Really enjoyed it, and I hope there’s a way to make sure that you’re a regular.

    The fight has begun! Wil Wheaton will come out not the victor! WE SHALL OVERCOME!!! BUDWEISER!!! COPENHAGEN!!! FOX TV!!!!!!
    Hey, dude! Check out my band at hot-fat.com. And yes, we are hot fatass losers. We’re still cooler than you. B’bye!

  23. Wil, it was funny how he kept screwing up and saying .com. The second time you said “ITS DOT NET” and I yelled it at the same time you said it. It was funny. *waiting for my autographed pic* :) Oh yeah, Happy holidaze and all that jazz.

  24. That was the first time I saw the screen savers. It seemed like a fun show. Who was the old guy in the beginning…was that who you were filling in for?

  25. Sorry I missed it – sounds like it was a great episode. Any idea if/when TechTV will re-air it? Anyone still have it on TiVo or a have a VHS copy to share?

  26. Umm……I must apologize deeply for the actions of my cohorts and myself, pertaining to the useless and unpertaining comments left on this coments section. I have always held you in higher esteem than you might believe as an actor, and I wish to warn all who read here against the perils of drinking and e-mailing. Just drinking is much better for everyone.

  27. I caught you on Screensavers and you were great. Tech TV should give you a show to do.
    I also caught the infomercial you did for the 3d thing… hope they paid you well. :)

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