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” Regret is the worst of human emotions. There is no going back with regret. There is no future with regret. Regret is not something I live with. If there is something I wished I hadn’t done, I don’t do it anymore or I forgive myself and try better.
My life is my statement and I try to be true to myself and thusly to other people. Whatever my failings are, they are human and I try to perfect it each day. “

-William Fucking Shatner, at Slashdot

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  1. I get what WFS is trying to say in his “regret” quote, and while I agree with the sentiment, you’ve gotta agree, the man just CAN NOT express himself eloquently in writing! Has he been moonlighting as a Bush speechwriter, by any chance?
    We’re just spoiled here with the Head Monkey’s brilliant prose, I guess.

  2. CleverNickName? Eh? I admint that it’s better than my /. nick, Enahs, but damn. ;-D
    Really, I was disappointed that Shatner totally avoided my Ellison question. Damn.
    Damn, damn, damn. Did I say “damn” yet? Damn.
    Also re-read the story about the Lego Enterprise-D. Put two and two together. Feel bad for former child actor.
    Write broken sentences, so sad.

  3. did he really say “thusly”?
    and I thought WFS was pretty funny as the “big giant head” on “3rd Rock from the Sun” (it’s a comedy, so I mean funny in a good way)

  4. WFS, and WFW, not to be confused with the WWE formerly known as WWF. Sunday sunday sunday! (massive reverb and echo in the voice over, like those monster truck rally commericals)
    I like Shatner. He did a short interview for a local radio station here in PDX (about that paintball megagathering he was taking part in chicago, i think), he seemed to me to be very funny and self-deprecating.
    I too, have seen both the TZ episodes he was in – i actually saw them BEFORE I ever got interested in Star Trek, so for me it was like, “is this the same guy from TZ? his acting is so, er, campy.”
    I think a lot of the reason for his short answers for the questions was that they just weren’t that interesting (other than CleverNickname’s questions)..the radio djs asked him questions that got him engaged in a couple lengthy discussions…
    The geeks modded up the geek questions and not a lot of the good ones

  5. Uhm, was it just me or did that “personal time” comment have a bit of a Sopranos ring to it. “Me and yous Wil, we’re gonna spend some personal time…” POW!
    I don’t know, Wil, I’d watch your back.

  6. I thinkk WFS was just in a big hurry when he gave the interview. He was probably in his car, on the cell phone giving the interview. That’s why his answers are so short and to the point. I’m sure he’s a busy guy.
    But he’s totally wrong about regret. Regret is one of the best human emotions, because without it we would never learn from our mistakes. We would just walk around hurting people all the time and never trying to fix it. If humans were blessed with more foresight we wouldn’t need regret, but unfortunatley the old adage is all too true: “hindsight is 20/20.”
    You know who has a lot of regret – Harry Potter.
    And did you know that Wil and he are good friends?
    If you didn’t, then check out this link:
    It’s pretty farking funny.

  7. He gives a great interview, when its in print. When he is being interviewed for TV or a convention he comes he is a fawken ass! That is why he is the WEAKEST LINK! Goodbye!

  8. He gives a great interview, when its in print. When he is being interviewed for TV or a convention he is a fawken ass! That is why he is the WEAKEST LINK! Goodbye!
    (fixed my errors) GOODBYE!

  9. I think what William Shatner said is really silly. Firstly, how can we choose what we feel? All we can do is be ourselves. Also, isn’t regret the very process which results in not doing something again? Being non-judgemental about a past mistake is one thing, but pretending there is nothing to regret when there might be is just strange…

  10. In fact, I think that it ranks among the most senseless and plainly ridiculous things I have ever heard!!! (I’m really not writing this with the intention of dissing anybody, by the way.)

  11. I can answer the question of why Wil calls him “William Fucking Shatner,” having just finished reading through the archives of this site (yeah yeah, work has been slow around here).
    Early on, Wil called him by that name because WFS had been aloof to him at conventions and elsewhere and Wil thought WFS didn’t like him and was a stuck-up prick. Then, backstage at Weakest Link, they got along really well watching a baseball game together, and he rescinded his earlier comments here on the site. Now he calls him WFS in a more “I’m in awe. Can you believe it’s actually WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER” kinda way.
    For more detailed info, I suggest you get a job where you sit around doing nothing except surfing the net all day, and spend a week reading the archives.
    Your friend and mine,
    Ham Salad

  12. in regard to william shatner…he took a situation where he was hopelessly typecast as captain kirk…and he refused to surrender…in fact he turned the situation around to his favor…he took advantage of the fame that “star trek” gave him…and became the william shatner media phenomenon he is today!…he’s still working as an actor…has made some unforgetable
    “priceline” commercials…and has a number of books on the market…who knows what’s next…could “shatner…the broadway musical” be next!

  13. courtesy of the butthole surfers:
    Yes, son?
    What does “regret” mean?
    Well, son, a funny thing about regret is, that it’s better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven’t done. And, by the way, if you see your mom this weekend, would you be sure and tell her…

  14. Hey Wil saw your question on Slashdot, you’re a Slashdot’er dude! lol A Fellow poster posted your Website URL, I thought he was joking.
    I think Bill was just being Bill and wasn’t trying to be snotty. We Canadians learn to talk fast cause it’s cold up here eh, no time to chat. ( that was a joke by the way )
    Saw the WFS thing and learned why or so I think.
    And I thought I had the coolest Slashdot nick name “Easy2RememberNick”
    Why isn’t your site down? Didn’t you feel the Slashdot effect yet? ;P

  15. I was lucky enough to actually read first hand the WFS explanation given by Wil, but as there are many new monkeys joining us every day, perhaps Wil would like to add the WFS issue to his FAQs and save HamSalad all that digging 😉
    someone said “Say what you like about his acting, but his acting was excellent in his two Twilight Zone appearances. I thought it was just right in the original Star Trek, as well.” Yes, WFS was great as Captain Kirk, because, well, he IS Kirk. As a sidenote, Shatner was ONLY an understudy in Stratford (Ontario, Canada)Shakespearean Festival (a big annual event for the last 51 years

  16. Lest you’re overly impressed with his eloquence — that’s basically a paraphrase of Aldous Huxlex’s preface to the second edition of “Brave New world.”

  17. Wil, Just a note-
    When my husband and I were standing in line to see Nemesis last night, he told me that he had read some spoilers on the movie. My first question-
    Is Wesley Crusher in it?
    I have been bummed in the past when they omitted your character. I was a teen when TNG was on TV and really enjoyed and identified w/ your portrayal. I just found your web site and am happy to know that you have had such success in your life. And that you have such a subversive sense of humor. It sounds like you have great family and friends.
    I just wanted to wish you well in your life and career. I read the post about the premier. But you know what? You have your own place in television history! That is pretty amazing! And if you can make this married woman feel like she is in junior high again- then you know that you made an impact.
    Good Luck! Katie

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