Scratch revisited.

So the poison oak I got while geocaching two weeks ago is finally on the way out, leaving behind some spectacular scarring on my arm.
The best thing? I was using this Caladryl lotion the last few days to really dry it up and stop the itching, which it did…unfortunately irritating the hell out of the rest of my skin, and causing a rash which itches just as badly as the poison oak ever did.
Adding insult to injury, my geocaching log notifier sent me a notice yesterday that someone logged the cache I was trying to find. I wonder if they got the bonus poison oak? =]
So I went to the doctor this morning, and he put me on prednisone for a week, and gave me an ointment to calm the rash.
Oy. Vey.
Put up the Christmas lights last night, and have a great story to go with it. Working on it now.
I think it’s going to be a really wonderful holiday season this year.
Very astute readers will notice that I’ve moved the sale info up to the top of the page, so I can keep writing and keep people informed about those exciting holiday gift opportunities. =]
I sent the first 30 8x10s this morning, to places like Austin, the UK, Germany, Puerto Rico, and the far off hamlet of Burbank!
I’m running out of Iron Maiden shots, but there are still Stand By Me and Red space Suit pictures left.
Oh, and if you haven’t seen the entire Special Edition of Fellowship of the Ring, you simply must get offline NOW and go watch it.

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  1. Woah…I think I’m first!
    Anyone know if I can trade in an unopened crappy version of Fellowship and get the good version for the difference in price?

  2. UGH!
    It DOES work, but I was hoping you wouldn’t get stuck taking it like I always do.
    (I always manage to get poison oak in my eyes.)
    Here’s to hoping you have an itch free holiday, and we all have a poison oakless grand old time at the Geocaching Picnic!

  3. I am in complete agreement with you, Wil. It is a crime to have not yet seen the extended DVD of The Fellowship of the Ring. Do you have the gift set or just the DVD? Found the *!SECRET FEATURES!* yet? :)

  4. Lol, that’s so funny that the Iron Maiden pic is going so quickly! I particularly like the red space suit one. Unfortunately, I’m a bit low on funds right now (graduate school does that to ya), so I’ll have to settle for looking at the scans, lol! :-)
    Dude, sorry about all the poison oak and rash and whatnot…hope it clears up really soon! *Sends healing monkey vibes Wil’s way* 😀

  5. I remember when I had to take steroids daily for my wacky knee. ‘Course, that was before it got infected and decided emergency surgery was the way to go.
    I really wish I had enough money for one of these pics. I am completely loving the ‘red space suit’ ones.
    And now, off to donate blood, beacause it’s the good thing to do.

  6. It took me a week to get through all the commentarty Tracks. Now I have to finish reading the Two Towers before the movie comes out.

  7. Good to hear you are healing, but prednisone? I have Lupus and I take that during a flairup! It’s a nasty steroid that will weaken your immune system.

  8. WOO Puerto Rico! *bounces*
    Heh, sorry, had to represent. 😉
    And I’ve seen the LOTR extended edition like five times since I’ve bought it (a day after it came out).

  9. LOTR kicks ass!
    I keep on having the same argument with people over who the coolest guy is in the Fellowship. I think it’s Legolas, because I’m totally down with the elf thing but Strider is tight too.
    Good luck with the rash!

  10. Damn you! Damn you for making me realize that I’ve owned the Extended Version of Fellowship for nearly two weeks and not finished watching it yet.

  11. Hmm what does poison oak look like?
    I went hiking at Waimea Falls, Oahu this weekend and brought back a nasty rash that has spread from my elbows to my hands and shoulders… Hope is stops there.
    Sending healing vibes your way from Hawaii.

  12. I’ve never posted before, but check on the site from time to time. Like you I suffer horribly from all the poison oaks, ivy, and other death vines. Nothing ever cleared it up, and it would go on for weeks. Finally, this past summer in desperation I tried a recommended ‘internet’ cure.
    Its called Zanfel cream, and I can say it works like a dream. You rub it on the rash, let it sit for a while, and then wash it off. You repeat until it stops itching, which usually is immediate depending on how deep the rash. The stuff costs about $35 for a little tube, but after using it I would pay twice that amount, and I’m a poor college student. You can find it at most pharmacies. Hope this helps anybody who suffers from the poison vines like me.

  13. Prednisone?!!? My dad has to take that through an inhaler for his emphysema sometimes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same fattening power on him that it does on other folks. He’s like 5’9″ and 95 lbs dripping wet.
    Did anyone see the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon this year? He said his appearance was directly related to prednisone. Careful Wil: If you start gaining weight, you may get an offer to play William Shatner in a made-for-tv movie! Practice holding-in your gut now! LOL!
    Ciao, main!

  14. Aw, Wil, that really sucks about the prednisone. My daughter has had to take it several times following severe asthma attacks. Take it easy while you’re on it, because, as has been noted, it weakens your immune system. It also makes you terribly cranky and terribly hungry. It really does its job to speed healing, though, so your arm should be back to normal soon. Feel better!

  15. LOTR? die another day? gee, i think i’m going to turn into one of those fans who say, “hey, i really liked you in TNG, but what’s UP with your movie taste?”

  16. Rosanthal, I completely agree with you. Legolas is the greatest Fellowship member. Isn’t my brother sweet…he bought the regular version DVD of LOTR and gave it to me, and recently bought the special edition DVD of LOTR for himself. I don’t know whether to praise him for his generosity or kick him for his selfishness with the special edition. 😛 Also, call me a young know-nothing, but what exactly is geocaching?

  17. The “bad” version of LOTR has stuff on it that the “good” version does not, so it’s worth it to get them both.
    No :) Really, I’m glad I have them both.
    But I’m not getting any of those damn bookends, that’s for sure!

  18. Every summer I have to go on alert for any poison ivy or oak vines in my neighborhood. Seriously, if I see any vines I have to tell my son to not go anywhere near that property. If he goes close to any poison ivy, he gets covered with it. We just go to the doctor the first day for the prednisone. He’s not going to get rid of it otherwise. Every single time, he has to take medicine to get rid of it. If we are lucky, it won’t spread so bad that he has asthma attacks too. FUN aint it? sometimes I hate summer time.

  19. Wil,
    I’ve been busy with the holiday and all that, but I was up at Real Goods in Hopland, and they have a poison oak soap to stop the pain and itch. Appaerently it’s rather effective. I’ve not tried it myself – but I did think about you when I saw it. =) they may sell it online. =)
    Hope you had a good holiday! *I’m not done reading your blog yet*

  20. “you simply must get offline NOW and go watch it.”
    my wife is getting it for me for christmas, so i haven’t seen it yet..!!!
    everytime i pop into blockbuster, i walk past it, and think about renting it, just to have a looksee..
    but i’ll wait..
    not a good idea to ruin the surprise…. 😉
    anyhow, hope the rash gets better…
    had a bad bout of that years ago, and got something from my mother in law, who was head nurse at a hospital at the time..
    damned if i know what it was, some kind of cream, or ointment…
    in her wonderfully thick east indian accent, she simply told me, ‘its itchy cream!, go ahead, put it on, you feel much better!’
    i did, it worked, and she was right!
    free medical supplies and advice, great curry, and a fantastic daughter!
    i’m pretty much the luckiest guy i know :)
    cheers wil

  21. There is a special Korean dish that consists of chicken slow-cooked in poison oak leaves…I’ve heard once you eat it you pass out for 48 hours.
    A friend of mine is about to try it. I ask you all to wish him luck, and hope he doesn’t have to use the facilities or say strange things while he’s passed out…

  22. As for the coolest guy in the Fellowship, a definition of “cool” is required. If cool means Entirely Unstoppable Bad-Ass Warrior, I have to go with Aragorn. I mean, come on. Is there any question there? Legolas is one sweet fighter, but he falls more under the category of Utterly Classy Arrow-Slinging Elf. However, if cool means Hobbit With Incredible Inner Strength And Conviction Not To Mention Extremely Hot…

  23. Wil,
    Scratches, redness and you know. It will pass. Whoops, just do not scratch. Use some modern tech.

  24. My dad used to eat poison oak leaves every spring. Supposedly doing that sort of innoculates you and you don’t have to worry about getting it. It seemed to work; I never saw him with poison oak, and he said he used to get it bad when he was a kid. We had acres of the stuff surrounding the house where I grew up, so if he was going to get it he would have. I’ve never had it myself, just one of the lucky few, I guess.
    Anyway, here’s what you do:
    Go out in the early spring and find some poison oak that has the little red leaves at the top. Eat one of the little red leaves. According to my dad, that will take care of you for a year or so.

  25. Hmmmmm….Extended LOTR….awesome!!!! Bought the regular DVD when it came out. Hubby watched it just about every day till we picked up the extended version now that’s on every night. Well it will be until tomorrow when I get Lilo and Stitch. I can’t wait!!!!
    I couldn’t bring myself to get the ultra spiffy cool LOTR Gift set. I’ve already bought the book and both versions of the DVD I think that is enough until all three come out then they release the UBBER COOL YOU MUST HAVE DVD BOX SET!!!
    Then I track down this people that decided there must be six versions of each movie and kill them for making me broke.

  26. Poison Oak BAD. Just try not to scratch. Have Aunt Annie take care of Uncle Willie itches. Next time you are geocaching, stay away from posion oak and posion ivy. It may be nice to role around in naked, but the scratching afterwards is not enjoyable. So get well soon.
    P.S. the STNG episode “The Game” was on TNN. It was a great example your acting ability during your STNG experience.

  27. Wil,
    justa small comment regarding the “thong”
    with a cartoon of you on it…
    it’s taken me several minutes to recover..
    I’d love to know just how many are sold…
    sorry about the rash… back east, I could hide
    in the poisen “sumac” while other kids couldn’t.
    this to shall pass… later

  28. Wil,
    justa small comment regarding the “thong”
    with a cartoon of you on it…
    it’s taken me several minutes to recover..
    I’d love to know just how many are sold…
    sorry about the rash… back east, I could hide
    in the poisen “sumac” while other kids couldn’t.
    this to shall pass… later

  29. Wil,
    justa small comment regarding the “thong”
    with a cartoon of you on it…
    it’s taken me several minutes to recover..
    I’d love to know just how many are sold…
    sorry about the rash… back east, I could hide
    in the poisen “sumac” while other kids couldn’t.
    this to shall pass… later

  30. This is the first time I’ve actually posted anything here, but I’ve checked your site from time to time.
    That’s too bad about the rash. It reminds me of my friend who just got poison oak too. He poured bleach on his to get rid of it until his doctor told him that he could get gangrene from doing that.
    Also, the thongs… LOL. I find myself actually contemplating purchasing some.

  31. Side note: I was just flipping through the channels and there you were Wil, hosting an infomercial for X3D.
    I have high hopes for this Christmas too, hope everyone has a great one. Can’t wait to hear the story about the lights.

  32. I have both versions of FotR, too. I have watched the extended movie, which I think is so much better with the added and extended scenes. Amazing, really. But I have yet to make it through any of the extra goodies on the third and fourth discs. Just too busy, writing research papers and all.
    My Christmas lights took 3 minutes, maybe less, to put up. Jealous? 😉 Don’t be…I have only one dorm window to adorn with the twinkly things.

  33. Wil,
    I love LOTR it really is great, but lets talk games for a minute. If you havn’t played Hitman 2 yet get offline now and go play it.
    happy holiday wishes to you and your family Wil.
    As always my best,

  34. You know you can also use this oatmeal type stuff in your bath water for itching. I can not remember the name of it at this moment. I just remember when my son was little that I use to have to get it for him some times. It comes in a blue box (if I remember correctly) and it contains several pouches that you just pour in bath water.. Works pretty good :-) If I remember the name or go by the store I’ll come back and let you know

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