Scratch revisited.

So the poison oak I got while geocaching two weeks ago is finally on the way out, leaving behind some spectacular scarring on my arm.
The best thing? I was using this Caladryl lotion the last few days to really dry it up and stop the itching, which it did…unfortunately irritating the hell out of the rest of my skin, and causing a rash which itches just as badly as the poison oak ever did.
Adding insult to injury, my geocaching log notifier sent me a notice yesterday that someone logged the cache I was trying to find. I wonder if they got the bonus poison oak? =]
So I went to the doctor this morning, and he put me on prednisone for a week, and gave me an ointment to calm the rash.
Oy. Vey.
Put up the Christmas lights last night, and have a great story to go with it. Working on it now.
I think it’s going to be a really wonderful holiday season this year.
Very astute readers will notice that I’ve moved the sale info up to the top of the page, so I can keep writing and keep people informed about those exciting holiday gift opportunities. =]
I sent the first 30 8x10s this morning, to places like Austin, the UK, Germany, Puerto Rico, and the far off hamlet of Burbank!
I’m running out of Iron Maiden shots, but there are still Stand By Me and Red space Suit pictures left.
Oh, and if you haven’t seen the entire Special Edition of Fellowship of the Ring, you simply must get offline NOW and go watch it.

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  1. Wil,
    justa small comment regarding the “thong”
    with a cartoon of you on it…
    it’s taken me several minutes to recover..
    I’d love to know just how many are sold…
    sorry about the rash… back east, I could hide
    in the poisen “sumac” while other kids couldn’t.
    this to shall pass… later

  2. Wil,
    justa small comment regarding the “thong”
    with a cartoon of you on it…
    it’s taken me several minutes to recover..
    I’d love to know just how many are sold…
    sorry about the rash… back east, I could hide
    in the poisen “sumac” while other kids couldn’t.
    this to shall pass… later

  3. Wil,
    justa small comment regarding the “thong”
    with a cartoon of you on it…
    it’s taken me several minutes to recover..
    I’d love to know just how many are sold…
    sorry about the rash… back east, I could hide
    in the poisen “sumac” while other kids couldn’t.
    this to shall pass… later

  4. That Oatmeal bath is called Aveeno. The best. Ever. They also have an anti-itch moisturizer that is kick-ass for healing scar tissue, psoriasis patches, etc. And my sensitive-beard husband swears by their shave cream. All this at your local drugstore!

  5. Don’t take the prednisone! You can become physically addicted to it in only 6 days. It feels great while you’re on it, but the withdrawl is hell on earth. Good luck and drink lots of water.

  6. My cousin-in-law was just on prednisone. He is normally an incredibly calm, mellow guy. In three days of prednisone, he turned into a raging asshole. And dare I say it, he still seems to have some of the asshole creeping out (as er, evidenced by his remarks at Thanksgiving dinner). My fiance had the same experience on it. Be careful, ok?

  7. Try Domeboro. It’s a powder you get in drugstores. If you make a sort of paste with it and leave it on for a while, it soothes the itching for hours. I brought poison ivy back from my honeymoon. Really. In my bag. I’d walked right through some and then threw my shoes in there, which touched some other clothes, which I then wore without washing first…Why do the weirdest things always happen to me?
    And for god’s sake, don’t let that asshole come creeping out, like Jennifer’s cousin, okay? Creeping assholes are never good.

  8. hey wil! happy holidays,
    i’ve thought of a complete gift set to go with your store…
    the WWDN thong and bong gift set…
    strap up then toke up…
    heh. ok that’s lame. but funny.

  9. Gah, I’m sorry your poison oak has turned into something worse. Ouch.
    Dude! Yay! Thongs! I’m so happy! I hope you created them due to my suggestion! Now my girlfriends and I will bug people to buy them as X-mas gifts, hehe.
    I hope the itching gets better. So sorry about that. Take care.

  10. So, so, SO tempted to gather together a group of fellow female college students to model Posse thongs and baby-Ts…
    Girls Gone Wild: The WWDN Version

  11. Ugh, I was on the prednisone once for severe poison ivy. Be careful with it — your doctor should have given it to you with instructions to take it on a step-down plan, so you’re only on a “full” dose for a day or three, then start cutting the dose on successive steps. It will most likely make you really mean and angry; I did not unclench my jaw the entire week I was taking it, nor for about a month afterwards. Awful stuff. Works, though.

  12. i used to have the picture of you in the star trek outfit right above my bed for the longest time. you so fine, wil. hahahaha.

  13. I love the Special Edition FotR dvd. It’s absolutely brilliant. It really makes you realize how perfect it is… I never realized how much had to go into a movie till then. Only 15 days till two towers! Aaahh… Sigh.. Sorry bout the poison oak Wil. Sounds like it sucks. Hey I just wanted to let you know that I loved you in TNG… I was like 9… but I did!

  14. So all these Prednisone warnings are freaking me out.
    I really don’t feel any differently than normal, but I did get really sick and threw up dinner last night. Coincidence? Maybe.
    My doctor had me take 2 yesterday, then I take 1 each morning for the next 4 days.
    I’m super aware of my moods and stuff, and I haven’t noticed anything.
    Except…I picked up a car and threw it across the parking lot today because the bumper sticker really pissed me off.

  15. I gave prednisone to my ferret when he had adrenal gland issues, and it didnt seem to affect his mood any. Not that tis matters, since you are not a ferret.
    I LOVE your photo in the red starfleet uniform. Its my fave picture of you circa that era! I am considering asking my boyfriend if I can switch my “freebie” from Mark Wahlberg to you .
    I’d buy it, but all my money is already spoken for in Xmas gifts, and though Mom likes Star Trek a LOT, I think she will appreciate the day spa gift certificate more…. plus, well, listening to a 75-year-old woman go on and on about Pierce Brosnin in the new Bond Movie makes me realize that I don’t want to be giving her sexy photos.
    I ought to tell you that the Significant Other is the curator of elephants and carnivores at Zoo Atlanta, so if you are in the area and want to get a guided tour behind the scenes, just holler. Warning though, the elephants like to blow their noses.

  16. “Oh, and if you haven’t seen the entire Special Edition of Fellowship of the Ring, you simply must get offline NOW and go watch it.”
    Will do.

  17. It can make you nauseated, so, no, probably not a coincidence. A 5 day cycle isn’t too bad. It’s when you have to take it for extended periods that you wind up with the worst of the side effects. So, everything should be fine. Feel better!

  18. Saw the comments about the moods, and thought I’d add my two cents. A close friend has MS, so will sometimes take prednisone to counter a bad attack. He tends to get acne about 1-2 weeks into it, and gets REALLY bitchy (his own words). Just make sure your wife and kids know that this might happen. Even if you don’t feel any different, they may notice a change, and it’s REALLY helpful if they’re prepared. I was prepared and still it was painful time. Some of the mood change doesn’t go away very soon after the pills are gone.

  19. 50000 dumb ass monkeys that Wil is trying to talk into spending all their cash in his store….Gee Wil, someone really should have pushed you out an airlock.
    You are now representing blatant glorification of money-grubbing celebrityship, much as you will deny it.
    By pushing your blatant money-raising efforts here, you have become a piece of shit.
    Don’t talk to us any longer about how much you identify with us “common” folk, ok?
    Take you autographed photos, turn them sideways, and shove them right up you candy ass, and hopefully the pain will shock you into seeing how much of somebody you desperately don’t want to become, you’re becoming…
    A critic

  20. Hey, critic — time to stop taking the prednisone.
    You aren’t ON prednisone?
    Oh. So you’re like this all the time, then. Glad I’m not you. G’away now.

  21. We watched the extended LotR on Thanksgiving.
    It was tasty. TASTY, I say, tastier than dinner.
    Sadly, not because there were naked men. No, it was tasty because it was KICK-ASS.
    I mean, come on. Character development, more hot-man hotness… there are few ways it could’ve been tastier, outside of, well, naked men and free tasty food.
    Ok, I’m done.

  22. Okay okay, we can’t all be as lucky as uncle Weeeeeeeeeel, selling pics of ouselves for 35 bucks a pop. I was workin it out in my head: he’s sold 30 so far, which means hes already made $1050! Fuck me, I REALLY REALLY wish I was famous! I’d sign pics of me allll day long! He had 80 pics all together (sbm being my personal fave:), thats (OMG!)$2800…………. (I just fainted on the keyboard), so a great offer and all, but coming up to xmas is an awfully good time to pull this Wil, you are a shrude business man and we love yah x (And b4 anyone goes on about “Yeah but there’s the shipping, blah blah”, I don’t care, he’s still making a shitload :)

  23. I’ve noticed you are sporting Eric Raymond’s book. I found it highly disappointing. That man is prone to exaggeration of the worst kind. He really had no clear argument. He also appears to be paranoid concerning Microsoft too. Am I supposed to take this man seriously?

  24. Best relief from poison ivy, oak, sumac, etc.: pour extremely hot water over the itchy part. If it’s your arm, hand, you can do this in the sink with extremely hot tap water. It feels great and won’t itch for hours. Otherwise use a facecloth dipped in just-boiled water. I’m talking just bearable the water is so hot. I speak from long experience.

  25. Really bummed to hear that your doctor put you on a burst of prednisone. And I really really really hope your experience with it is different from mine. I took it for five days (including a quick two day rampdown) – I had to stop because I was losing all sensation and strength in my hands and feet because of it. It’s now five months later and I still haven’t gotten all of the feeling back in my hands. Prednisone is incredibly nasty stuff, and I wouldn’t go anywhere near it again unless my life clearly depended on it.
    Be well …

  26. I know what you mean about Caladryl, been using it for years but I still get a rash. Trouble is all the other things give me a bit more of a rash so I have to live with it. If you have standard British/European skin and live in the southern hemisphere and are allergic to sunblock AND all the different aftersun lotions you learn to live with a little rash.

  27. “I took his Bishwap, and he come and he try to take my King, BUT I TOOK HIS KING!”
    I want to marry Dominic Monaghan. And I’d love to marry Sean Astin for his comments on his constant quoting of Raiders of the Lost Ark and talking about his knowlege of Egypt at the end of the commentary (me, being the Anthro/Archaeology major I am), however, his wife is just too cute and adorable, and I’d feel bad wanting to break something like that up. 😉
    However, Dom’s still available! And he has the British accent to boot! Reow…

  28. Will,
    I feel for you on the whole itching thing.
    I have had poison oak many times but:
    1. Once over 96% of my body
    2. Once over 98% of my body – palms of hands, in ears, on lips, on bottom of feet, frickin’ everywhere
    Took me 2.5 weeks to get over it both times. So when I give this advice, I give it from experience:
    If the itching is getting to you, make some oatmeal (non-flavored) and put it on poison oak. Really – it stops the itching.
    I would make a huge vat of it and sit in the bath tub and just gloop around in it. Aaaahh!
    For furure reference:
    1. If you suspect you have poison oak, take a cold shower 3 times, using soap every time. Yes, in a row. Takes that many times to break down the oil using conventional soaps.
    2. Wash clothes (including belts, shoes, etc.) with rubbing alcohol – it breaks down the oil which would otherwise just sit around for up to 6 months waiting to screw with your skin again.
    That’s it.
    Best regards,
    Owner and Game Designer, Curious Games

  29. I go geocaching a lot in the UK Will. i can#t believe that you do it aswell! At least in the UK we don’t get poison ivy but we do get bramble which stings just as bad!
    maybe we shall meet on a hunt on day!

  30. Four or five years ago I went walking in the Santa Cruz mountains and picked up a friendly kitten which must have been frolicking in the poison oak.
    After my arm healed (cortisone cream) a gap in the freckles was visible for many months!
    …Inquiring minds want to know: is Thomas (who posted at December 2, 2002 04:36 PM) a bot?

  31. Sorry to hear about the poison oak. Luckily never had it myself. Still waiting on my pictures! Man Burbank gets a nod but Michigan never get’s any press! Watching SEFOTR tonight with friends in prep for next week. I agree, this holiday season seems to be shaping up nicely!

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