A Very Special Episode . . .

On January 23rd, we are doing a Very Special Episode of the J. Keith vanStraaten Show over at The Comedy Central Workspace!
Unlike most Very Special Episodes, this one will not feature any soft lighting and important lessons on life, nor will it feature any retarded children saving a cat from a tree or putting out a fire.
What makes this Very Special Episode very special is the cost: FREE!
That’s right. All you have to do is RSVP, and show up. We’ll take care of the rest.
If you’ve been wanting to see your old pal Uncle Willie live, in person, giving up the funny, now’s your chance.
Here’s the info:

Comedy legend Fred Willard!
Comedy Sensation Zack Galifinakis!
Musical Guest Nina Gordon!

  • Me
  • Adam And The Chesters
  • 100 smoking monkeys*

January 23rd 8pm
Comedy Central Workspace @ The Hudson Theatre
6539 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038

I will be wearing The Shirt. Hope to see lots of WWDN readers there!
*(monkeys will only appear in your imagination)

102 thoughts on “A Very Special Episode . . .”

  1. Hey Wil, when are you gonna come do a show in Chicago? There’s a ton of places here, I’m sure one would book you. Maybe even Second City?

  2. 2 things to comment on. First of all, will this special show be on Comedy Central, and when. Second of all I was very discouraged by your lame stereo type of the mentally disabled, not retarded. Come on Wil at least try to be politically correct. And shit, i’m the first person to comment on this posting.
    P.S. This has not discouraged me from continueing to veiw your site

  3. Jeez, there’s never a good show in my neighborhood. If it weren’t for the fact that Columbus was swimming in Chipotle restaurants, I’d move. Ahhh, too much work to move.

  4. Would love to be there sadly the Atlantic ocean is in the way. However I am syre that it will be the success it deserves to be. Small point I work with the disabled but do not feel particullarly put out by your comments, humour is everywhere or it is nowhere. Political correctness however just gets in the way.
    (by the way I am also gay and am usually the first to make the funnies on that topic).

  5. Wil,
    If you look in that place within you dare not look, you’ll see me looking back at you.
    Cause I live too far away.

  6. Terry: Sorry if you were offended. Think back to all those “Very Special Episodes” of CHiPs, Facts of Life, Love Boat, etc.
    I was using satire. Sometimes satire offends. Saying “mentally challenging” would have killed the joke.
    The same way explaining things kills the joke.

  7. Hey Wil,
    Am I the *first* person to comment… that is… the first one that is actually in LA and might show up to see ya?! I’m drooling at the chance to see The Shirt up-close-and-personal!

  8. I’ll have to be there in spirit, as my grandparents chose to settle in Canada rather than California, leaving me stranded in the snow.
    And I’ll miss The Shirt, too. Dang.

  9. “The Shirt”?
    Makes me afraid. Uncle Willie is totally cool, but his choice of dress has always been a bit odd; I’m just not one for metallic, shiny bowling shirts.
    But what do I know?

  10. Just so everybody knows…
    The proper term IS mentally retarded, not
    The word “retarded” means slow.
    Wil is right. Get off his back for it! :-)

  11. arrrghhh
    It’s stuff like this that kills me..
    I’d love to see a show like this, but since i live up in Toronto Canada, it’s a tad unlikely i can make it….
    it’s the same thing when i see posters for ‘butt numbathon’ over at ‘aint it cool news’….
    it’s not likely i’ll be in austin texas anytime soon either, but i’d love to check that out too….
    oh well….
    I’ll have to sit up here in the frozen north and quietly wait for your book to be finished…
    anyhow, break a leg wil…..sounds like it’ll be a funny show….
    if you can post some photos, or something, it’d be appreciated :)

  12. Hey Uncle Willie can ya come up to Canada sometime. There is a Second City in Toronto also a Yuk-Yuks comedy club. Oh please oh please oh please!!!

  13. *pout* I would love to attend, but alas – MN is a bit too far to make the trip.
    Speaking of J. Keith, what the heck happened to him on Beat the Geeks? Suddenly he was gone and replaced with the current bozo. Anyone know what’s up with that?

  14. Thanks for the invitation but by my reckoning it is 8642 km (5371 mil) from my house to your show.
    *Is Bitter. Bitter, Bitter, Bitter*
    I’m sure it will be good though.
    Long live satire and those who don’t get it!!!

  15. Nobody cool ever comes to Maine……….{You can’t tell, but I’m making a big pouty face right now} Again, I find myself wishing desperately that I lived somewhere that didn’t have sixty inches of snow on the ground.

  16. Wish I could make the trip from Chicago to there, I would love to see it!!! I agree with an earlier post, you SHOULD come to Chicago (although as cold as it is right now I dont see why you’d want to) but we’d love to have you!!! :)

  17. Oh sure Uncle Willie, I’ll be right there. Just let me fuel up the invisible Harrier jump jet my friend Manny and I keep on the roof. Seriously though, as a major celebrity shouldn’t you be making a foray to the Big Snapple, NYC, every now and again? I’m starting to feel like the little lad who had no Uncle. Happy 2003!
    Unclelessly Yours,
    Nephew Eric

  18. Can’t make this one, but I’d LOVE to see your show one day :-) If you’re ever near the eastern shore of Lake Superior…

  19. *jealous jealous jealous*
    At least I finally got to rent Stand By Me on Saturday. I’ll see ye one day, if ye not see me first! Argh, matey.
    (I have no idea what I’m writing. Really.)

  20. I’m a kindergarten teacher, but I also have a teaching certificate for Teacher of the Handicapped and worked with mentally retarded students. I laughed when I read Wil’s comment. It wasn’t meant in a mean-spirited way.
    Also, “mentally challenged” is a politically correct term for people who are uncomfortable with the term “retarded.” It is a term that doesn’t help retarded people one bit.
    NOW, I wish I didn’t live so far away! I guess I’ll have to be content with watching it on TV. Wil, when will it be on?

  21. Wil,
    Any chance of you and your little troupettes pootling across the pond to do a show in the UK perchance? English Ben will show you the sites of good ol’ London Town, then you can nip across the border and the foxmeister here can show you and your gang a bit of the old Iechyd Da. (Good Health in welsh)
    *starts singing* “We want Willie for our leader, cos he’s big and tough and strong”

  22. Dang it! Why do you have to live all the way over there in California. Or is is why do I live all the way over here in Wisconsin…
    I already blew my “I’m going to be frivolous and jump on a plane to go see Uncle Willie” trip to go to the ST:TNG 15th convention last fall. You’ll just have to tell us all about it so we can experience your funny, at least vicariously.

  23. i think…………
    i think i wanna go. it’s been a while since i’ve seen the j. keith show. and a mighty fine show it is, though it’ll feel weird not going to acme :(.

  24. When you say free… does this mean you’ll buy us airplane tickets too?
    Hee hee.
    Just another Canadian banished to the Great White North and unable to come see ya… btw, has anyone else noticed that it’s snowed here (Toronto) every day for like the past three weeks?
    California: gets Wil *and* no snow. Not fair.

  25. *cue psycho killer soundtrack* (and I don’t mean the Talking Heads.)
    Oh no, not THE SHIRT!
    If you’re going to have a trademark piece of clothing at least it could be a cool one. πŸ˜›
    Karina: Yes. I’ve pointed that out to other people. Now THIS is winter.

  26. What the hell is “The Shirt?”
    I feel that I’ve missed something important.
    One by one, the penguins steal my sanity.

  27. Just got my tics! Hope to meet you next week, Wil. Any chance of a dramatic reading of your two lines from “Nemesis?”
    Anyone up for sending a few tickets to Berman’s office?

  28. *phew*
    ::wipes brow::
    and i thought i was the only one who didn’t know what “the shirt” is about….
    and… i hear a lotta chatter about “come to canada!” , “chicago! come to chicago!” , “why don’t you ever come to ohio?”
    where’s the east coast love, uncle willie????

  29. ooooh – sounds like fun… and FREE! i am all about free. i have no idea what the shirt is about, but i’m intrigued. if my husband doesn’t want to go, i might just have to drag another friend or show up alone!

  30. I’m just gonna sit here and pout because some people don’t have 2-3 feet of snow outside right now. At least Bears have the good sense to hibernate. But not us Nooooo. We humans still have to go to school. :( California. Bah hum bug!
    (Congrats on the show Wil. I hope you have a great time.) πŸ˜€

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