A Very Special Episode . . .

On January 23rd, we are doing a Very Special Episode of the J. Keith vanStraaten Show over at The Comedy Central Workspace!
Unlike most Very Special Episodes, this one will not feature any soft lighting and important lessons on life, nor will it feature any retarded children saving a cat from a tree or putting out a fire.
What makes this Very Special Episode very special is the cost: FREE!
That’s right. All you have to do is RSVP, and show up. We’ll take care of the rest.
If you’ve been wanting to see your old pal Uncle Willie live, in person, giving up the funny, now’s your chance.
Here’s the info:

Comedy legend Fred Willard!
Comedy Sensation Zack Galifinakis!
Musical Guest Nina Gordon!

  • Me
  • Adam And The Chesters
  • 100 smoking monkeys*

January 23rd 8pm
Comedy Central Workspace @ The Hudson Theatre
6539 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038

I will be wearing The Shirt. Hope to see lots of WWDN readers there!
*(monkeys will only appear in your imagination)

102 thoughts on “A Very Special Episode . . .”

  1. I’ll only go if you pay my transportation fares, and even then I reserve the right to back out if I get that not-so-fresh feeling again.
    1 to beam up, Scotty.

  2. Let’s see…I think this is the sixth, no, seventh time in my life I’ve wished to live in California. Which is seven more times than I’ve ever wished to live in Texas. I think there’s a mental bungee cord that will only let me get so far away from the Atlantic Ocean.
    Good luck, hope the show goes well, and I look forward to reading here about how it went and when I can catch it on TV.

  3. Wil,
    Ever thought of making an actual t-shirt called “The Shirt?” for your online store? I’d consider buying one! Maybe just a t-shirt that says “The Shirt?” in big black letters? or “I saw Wil’s Shirt in person!” or whatever, I’m not too creative. And By the way Tucson, Arizona would love to see you out here, unfortunately I don’t know of any *great* clubs out here except for a Laffs. FYI we all got the joke
    Peace Out

  4. What do you think of the name “Sharon Murphy”???
    PS:RE:TV show. Send us postcards, take ALOT of pix, and dont forget to say HI MOM!!!!

  5. Although this has nothing whatsoever with your post Wil, I would just like to say thanks for introducing me to Geocashing. SO MUCH FUN. My boyfriend and I went this weekend and had a blast.

  6. HOT DAMN!

  7. I wish I could go but alas I have to save my pennies for Vegas. Have a wonderful show. :)

  8. Yes, indeedy, that should be a “special episode” – especially with Fred Willard. Although he is credited way down on the list, his performance as “Buck”, the commentator in “Best In Show” was hysterical…
    Buck: “Do you know the difference between a rectal thermometer and a tongue depressor?”
    Nurse: “Uh, no”
    Buck: “Remind me never to come to you for a physical!”
    Great writing by Guest and Levy, as well.

  9. Dude – Fred Willard? What, were Pauly Shore and Bobcat Goldthwait busy? Actually, Fred Willard was pretty funny in “Best of Show”, but, comedy legend?
    “Yeah, I remember seeing all the greats – Milton Berle, Lucille Ball, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Fred Willard, Carrot Top – man, they were legends…”

  10. Ack!
    I will actually be in CA then, visiting from NYC. But, I’ll be 6 hours away, in Santa Cruz! Damn unwieldy state. I’d have to plot a possible route for myself… but it’s unlikely.
    Oh well. I bet The Hudson Theatre isn’t wheelchair friendly anyway.
    (/sour grapes)

  11. Hmmm…Fred Willard, Zack, Wil, Adam And The Chesters, and Tim Roth and 99 of his smokin’ little buddies. Now all you need is a guest walk-on by Helen Bonham Carter in that black Ava Gabor wig.
    Well, you said imagination.

  12. Best of luck Wil, but sorry I wont be there. Western Australia is a bit far off from Hollywood. Anyway, I hope all goes well and have fun

  13. Aw, fudgemonkies. I once again say, damn being a poor college student that lives 8 hours away by car. Cause yeah. And even if I had a car…that’d be quite the long trip for one show. Ah well, maybe some other time. Yet another reson to wish that my friend Olivia and I had hashed out that plan to be roommates…(she lives down there in Pasadena)
    Wow sorry, I tend to babble. *stops*

  14. i asked my my little yellow bus driver If he could take me to your show wil.
    he said its a looooooong way from hawaii.
    the bus wont hold enuff gas to get there.

  15. Jimminy Cricket Wil !
    I’m stuck having to work that night because of the wimp supercrapbowl gig here in San Diego!
    and the slavedriver exec won’t let me off!
    maybe next time.

  16. Well I’m normally in the UK so coming to watch you would be a little bit of a streach….BUT this time I am on holiday in the US during the time period! Woot!
    Now, Wil, Best Buddy, Pal, Chum, etc etc
    I have done my part and flown several thousand miles to be closer to the show, how about you meet me halfway and get them to move it to New Mexico where i am holidaying? *looks hopeful* Go on……

  17. It would be great to have flown over from New Zealand to see that my since im pretty much a student bum I will just have to go without :\

  18. ok, i think us Brits should campaign together to get Wil to come over here and do a show. Wales or england i dont care, but get him the feck here!
    where’s that cool pub in england that does all sci fi stuff? Get him there!
    (see wil, what we’re willing to do for you!)

  19. wood you ever come to wisconsin?
    It would be cool.
    I don’t know if you know this but jerry’s been on Crossing Jordan a couple of episodes, he plays a guy Woody Hoyt from Wisconsin.
    I recently asked him a question about his research on Wisconsin and he said he called someone who was in Madison and she helped him with his script.
    wierd heh?
    come to wisconsin wil.
    PS. The url is a jerry oconnell group that’s been going strong for a couple of years and we are pretty up on Jerry news.
    you should go check it out.

  20. becks,
    I think you mean ‘Pages bar’ in London?
    How about it Uncle Willy?
    Come see the UK!
    We promise you lots of rain……and not much sun……..but our beer kicks the heck out of American beer anyday!
    You can even bring ‘THE SHIRT’ *dramatic music*

  21. Dammit! The Atlantic Ocean is in the way!
    Break a leg at your show though! I’ll be thinking of ya!
    My best to you, The Wife and The Kids…

  22. Go Wil! And get some good pics of The Shirt!! I used to wear a funny shirt too and my friends would laugh but it has since become legendary – just dont let the shirt get more limelight though! :)

  23. Sadly, below zero temperatures and my work schedule and the fact that California is 1500 miles from here means I won’t be able to see your great show… but I wish you all the best!

  24. Wil:
    Okay i understand. It’s just that my oldest sister is mentally disabled, and when i hear retarded and other words describing mentally disabled people, it kind of sparks a nerve. I will get over it.
    Good Luck on CC

  25. Hey that’s not fair Wil,
    I can’t see you live cause being in england, it make’s the show, just a bit to far away to see

  26. *sharpens her bouquet of pencils and draws up the “Get Wil and his Monkeys (not to mention his shirt) over to the old country PRONTO!” petition form.
    “Lets see…hmmm…English Ben, Becks, Snorklepuss, Kordith, the Foxmeister here, anyone else? C’mon Brits, start writing pleeeeeeeease?”

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