Auditions 2: Electric Boogaloo

I called my manager this afternoon, to see if there was any news from my auditions.
“Hi, it’s Wil Wheaton for Chris,” I told the receptionist.
Chris immediately picked up the phone. “This is so weird. I just told Hank to put you on my list to call.”
Hearing this didn’t surprise me. Things like this happen all the time. If I could translate this amazing psychic ability that I have for phone calls into slot machines or dice, I could have myself a Rainman Suite.
I asked him if he’d heard anything about I, Robot
“Yes!” He told me, his normally calm and reassuring voice filled with excitement. “The casting director called me twice today, because he was so excited to give me feedback about you!”
My heart began to pound, and I felt my face flush.
“What did he say?”
“He said, ‘Wil was really, really, really, fucking incredible!’ He was very happy with what you did, and told me that he was very impressed.”
I let out a girlish squeal. “Really?!”
“Yes. He said that you were phenomenal, and he sent your tape this morning.”
Chris told me that we haven’t heard anything about the other audition, but I didn’t care. Getting feedback this quickly, and this positive, hardly ever happens. The director will look at the tapes of all the actors who read yesterday, and he will read notes that the casting director has prepared to go with each performance. If this casting director was so excited to tell my manager how happy he was, that he called twice, I am confident that he presented me to the director with similar confidence and praise.
A year ago, I wouldn’t have even had this audition, let alone a real chance at making it into the movie.

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  1. -Everytime Wesley saves the ship he squeals like a girl.
    -Would you rather he didn’t save the ship?
    -Its a toss-up.
    In all seriousness. If you had asked me last year if I thought Wil-farking-Wheaton would become a household name and a consistantly working actor; I’d have laughed uproariously. Snowball in hell would’ve popped to mind, but now I’m think’in – He’s good, he’s smart, he works hard. Why not?

    when i read yesterday about the audition for I ROBOT, all i could think of was, ‘man…wil wheaton in this movie would be SOOO awesome’…and now i read that it’s one step closer to reality…
    all i can say now is that i’m really pulling for you to be in this…
    i’ve long been a fan of yours, and i think that your involvement in this flick, frankly, is what would make it for me…
    cheers man…and tons of mojo…

  3. What he said was chopper sick em…. but what i heard was chopper sick balls! LOL sorry i know this has nothing to do with the thread but Stand by Me is on and That part alwasy cracks me up soooo bad!

  4. Wil, where can we send emails to your manager so that he can forward them to the casting people showing how much the geeks on the internet want to see you in this and other parts?

  5. Hmm…I’m starting to visit this site more and more often…you write cool. Haha. Anyways, good news with “I, Robot” auditions! Isn’t Will Smith supposed to be in this movie too?

  6. Congrats!! Can you describe for us the difference between your two takes at the audition? Did you really act like a robot? Or a human? Were you more like Data from your favorite show, or the Terminator? We’d love to hear your details.

  7. “Posted by Vancouverisland at January 17, 2003 10:45 PM”
    Ooh. Ah. Okay. Sounds like me, types like me, thinks like me. So I’ll say: What (s)he said.
    In the same accent.

  8. O.O Dude. That is so freaking awesome!!!!!!!!
    Like I need to tell you that, though. I really hope you get this part, Wil. You deserve it and I’ve been wanting to see you on the big screen again for a long time.
    *Wil getting great roles mojo*

  9. I can picture you in the part as Daniel, I believe. I will have to dig out my copy….hmmm., or was it the other robot? You will still do a credible job….Congratulations!

  10. Since someone has already posted Ren and Stempys Happy Joy song, I thought that the ultimate display of dorkish celebration would be in order-
    Larry and Balki’s Dance of Joy! Doing it just for you!!
    Rock on, Wil!
    Katie in TN

  11. Hey Katie…Wadda ya tryan ta du?
    *JINK’s* Unka Wilie by mentioning 2 act-toors who aint even around no moore?
    I got to admit I did snicker @ the rememberance
    of “Perfect Strangers”.
    By da way,use age is showin ;0)

  12. The satellite links are all recalibrated, and my newly developed “anti-fscking” ray is focused on Hollywood. This should scramble the neurons of that one other guy who always gets the part when it comes down to you and one other guy. This time, that other guy will instead be hired to host a show called “Celebrity Lookalikes Caught on Tape.”

  13. My boyfriend squeels like a little girl when he sees mice in his trunk…or anywhere else. Then there is his tough mouse kicking girlfriend! At this restaurant I used to work at they had a mouse lose inside the lobby and I was guarding the door to the Dining Room in case the mouse ran towards it, as they tried to lure it outside. Well the owners were so scared of it and they had it to one side of the door and they moved the table it was under and it ran out into view towards the other side of the door….so I booted the sucker right out the door. YAY for me..Saved the day!

  14. I think it was Harlan Ellison who said that people have a maximum of three unusual, but innate, talents; one of his was to be able to find a good restaurant for ribs anywhere he he traveled. Yours is anticipating people’s phone calls. May all the calls be as promising as this one was!

  15. Well, I’m definitely glad that I’ve read the first four “Robot” novels this past year (_I, Robot_, _The Caves of Steel_, _The Naked Sun_ and _The Robots of Dawn_) and I’m very much looking forward to this movie version. I’m assuming that we’re jumping straight into _Caves of Steel_, since I’ve heard that Will Smith is playing R. Daneel Olivaw…
    Mojo coming right atcha!
    On a separate note…our movie theatre, DeMarco Cinemas, in Vineland, NJ, may finally be getting some of that mojo that was sent our way…
    We’ve just picked up “St:Nemesis” this weekend (so I finally saw it). I’ll reserve my judgement until I see the stuff that got cut out (like your scenes) on the DVD. As it is, this wasn’t really good TNG. I thought that the set-up/exposition was way too fast/coincidence filled. I didn’t like that there wasn’t even mention of Lore when they found B4, etc.
    …on top of it, most of the crew, with the possible exception of Gates, looked like HELL! Michael Dorn looked a bit puffy, Jonathan Frakes could have packed his entire wardrobe in those bags under his eyes, and Marina Sirtis looked desperately in need of a Botox treatment…

    However, I haven’t seen THAT many people coming in on an opening weekend of a film in a while (and it was deadly cold outside yesterday…it was under 20 degrees most of the day and had sunk to under 10 degrees after darkness fell). So, there may be SOME good to come out of this movie afterall.

  16. HEY WHEATON! I bought one of those friggin X3D’s from your damn infomercial, and when I got it, it wouldn’t work! The company wont return it and now I’m stuck with this piece of shit that cost 10 “easay payments” of $9.95. I bought it for my kids birthday and he was so upset when it wouldn’t work. Our family can’t afford things like this, and we just wanted to make his birthday special. THANKS A LOT.

  17. Awesome! There’s no feeling quite like the one you get when you get kudos for a job well done. I haven’t gotten it often and not for a long time, but remembering the few occassions makes me feel good. I hope you get the job!
    Oh, speaking of jobs.. I was typing away at my computer when I heard your voice on TV talking about a video game or something. It was some kind of commercial. I turned to look just before my father flipped the channel. My mother was like “Hey! That was Wil Wheaton!” My dad didn’t quite get the change-it-back tone in her voice and continued flipping til he got to something about marine life or something. It was cool to see you in a commercial though. You have a very soothing pleasant voice in commercials. You could do bedtime stories for children. heh. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.
    Anyways, have fun and best of luck!
    ps. Since you like video games, any chance you could give Everquest a try? They are just adding a 5th expansion pack called Legacy of Ykesha in which you can play Frogloks. If you get on The Tribuanl Server I can power level you with my lvl 54 cleric. :-)

  18. uh oh obviously i am a dork, and not in the good “knows computer stuff” way…
    Post was meant to say,
    (i guess that’ll teach me not to preview, EH?)

  19. Hey Wil,
    I really hope you land this one. I love Alex Proyas’ work, so it would be really cool for you to be in this movie.
    Wil Wheaton doing an Alex Proyas film.
    Good luck, man!

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