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  1. That is just really, really, really funny.
    Must be time for a “Frodo Lives” or “Obey Giant” style stencil campaign…
    Choose Wesley!!!
    (How about some gear, HMIC?)

  2. It is amazing what photoshop can do. I have fun with this program too.
    Wohooo!!! I am the first person posting. :)

  3. Oh well. I was wrong and made a fool of myself again. Nothing new. I wasn’t the first poster. Oh well, there is always another time.

  4. WOOHOO! Driving traffic to my site!
    Nice job on the photoshopping, MaxXanth. You have my permission to use that photo on a shirt. You’ll need to get his permission to use the modifications, though. :)

  5. shouldn’t that read something more like:
    $finalpic = photoshop($this) + comedy();
    or possibly
    $finalpic = comedy(photoshop($this));
    ok, ok
    /me scampers off.

  6. There is a sign that says something akin to that at the Indiana Jones ride at Disney. The caption reads something like, ”WARNING: OBJECTS THAT FALL FROM THE CAR WILL DISAPPEAR”

  7. . . .could this possibly suggest Paramount is actually going to do something relevant with Star Trek? I think the adult Wesley could put some life back into things over there. . . Nemesis had some fab fx, but I left the theater basically unmoved when all was said and done…

  8. SWEET! somebody has a lot of time on there hands, and they are using that time wisely.

  9. WOW that was too funny! 😀 For the first time all day I have a real smile on my face… Thank You Wil Wheaton!

  10. Tee shirts – schmee shirts! What’s needed here is a spring collection of geeky bowling shirts. You already have the patterns.
    They could be called the Uncle Willy Collection as designed by the lovely and talented Anne. And instead of the dude on the polo pony – a small profile of Ferris.

  11. I was at Disneyland for the first time in my life (and I’m about the same age as Will) last fall and noticed the original version of that sign – the one with the AT&T Logo – at the entrance to the Indiana jones ride. The original was pretty cool, but the Photoshop version is even better… though I doubt AT&T would want their Logo removed from the Disneyland version. 😉 Good Job!

  12. I have to agree with Buntz . The first thing I thought of was instead of on a T-Shirt, “Frankie says RELAX” it should be “Unkle Willie says WEEEEEEEEEE” and love the ‘Trainspotting’ quote there English Ben. :o)

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