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  1. Shawna said: “Cute, Wil. Wonder what would happen if you put that up in Florida polling places in 2004……”
    Well, I live in FL—all the old farts would write him in. Now if we’d only done this in the 2000 and 2002, we’d be free of both Bushes. Damn! Too late!
    I want this on a t-shirt. Thanks for the smile before bedtime!

  2. Hmm…If Dick Berman decides to make another Trek movie, I’ll be standing on a one-man picket line in front of Paramount Studios holding a big sign with that picture on it!

  3. Wil,
    I hope that you did not play this part to long. I now know why some actors hate playing one part to long. At times you have Mr. CRUSHER on the brain. It was funny. It is strange to see that you still even think about this character. I guess this is what happens when a book is written. Yes, you have to much time on your hands. It must be nice.

  4. That is funny Wil!
    On an odd little side note, one of my wife’s co-workers called to ask if I could come help them with their pc. I agreed and asked where she lived the reply threw me off when she said on Wesley.
    I was thinking she must’ve said Weslake which I have heard of but I asked again to be sure and she said again Wesley. I go Wesley? and my wife chimes in yep and I’m thinking how farking odd is that?!
    So now I feel like a doof for not having known there’s a Wesley street in my neighborhood. Suffice to say I didn’t believe it till I saw it but sure enough a black street sign with white letters WESLEY exists. Who says ‘Trek’ isn’t forever?

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