A quick update on outstanding 8×10 orders:
I just found out that my email client may have eaten a few orders. If you ordered a photo between December 13th and the 23rd, and you haven’t gotten anything yet, or heard from me, would you please email me, so I can check my records?
I want to make sure that everyone gets the stuff they ordered.
Those of you who ordered pictures for the doggie shelter in Brooklyn RAWK! Between Tom Tomorrow’s site, individual donations, and the $350 I gave them from 8×10 sales, we have raised over $4,000, and it looks like the doggies are going to be just fine. :)
Finally, I have about 10 pictures sitting here from people who placed orders, but never told me what to write on them. If you ordered, and never told me what to write on your picture, please email, too. I’m going to hold on to these unsigned pictures for a few more days, and then I’ll sign them to the buyer, and send them off.

23 thoughts on “Commerce”

  1. Hey Wil,
    If I ordered a picture of you and asked you to sign it:
    I, Wil Wheaton, am a closet homosexual that enjoys dressing in high heels and hotpants and dancing around my living room to Kylie Minogue.
    Would you be okay with that??
    Isn’t this a funny cry for attention? Everyone pay attention to me! PAY ATTENTION TO MEE!1!!!!!!1!!!111

  2. Wil,
    Good to hear about the doggie shelter in Brooklyn, NY. Four thousand bucks is very good for something like that, you should be proud. I couldn’t bear those poor dogs to be *sniffle* put to sleep because of lack of funds. Everybody remember to spay or nuter your dog or cat, I have found that out the hard way.
    What’s the next movie you’ll be working on Wil? Just a fellow curious geek.

  3. Hi Wil,
    Good show helping the canines. Perhaps you would consider (especially given your role in the Stand By Me) working with group(s) that are dealing with the issue of “bullying”.
    Perhaps, (as an adult activist in addition to being an actor) you would consider getting involved on an issue Amnesty despises, that of trying juveniles as adults, such as is the case in California where ALL 14-17 year-olds are vulernable under law enacted by Prop 21.
    OK, now I’ll put a buck or two in the tip jar for using this instead of the BBS.

  4. WHOOHOO!! 4,000$!! YAY! Hurray! Golly good show Wil. Congradulations. yay yay yay… May the force be with you… P.S. Why do you have the “shall we play a game” thingy?

  5. I too, am hoping Anne recovers with no more than the memory of a bad moment. Always good work comes from our R. Wil (Wes) Wheaton. The $4000.00 is a great figure and not to be laughed at; but, with the right exposure there would have been more where that came from. As usual. The ways of the times. As always, the very best to you and yours, stay safe. Donna..mother of a #1 fan..

  6. Way to go Wil! Four grand is way better than the original $350 you hoped to raise! Proof that you have the most excellent fans and friends on the planet!
    What’s with the joystick? Makes me think of two things: firing up a game of Pong, or “Greetings Professor Falcon. Strange game. It seems the only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of Chess?”

  7. great job on the 4 photo buyers!! and wil and who’d have thought all it would take is a few shots of your ugleh mug :) j/k
    not really a fan of dogs (could think of better causes), but any charity work is better than nothing. great work none the less

  8. Not a pet person myself (too much responsibility – too much travel to be done) however, respect to those who are! Note: Lucky it wasn’t a child injured! Just hope Anne is OK with no major scarring (either type). Big Cudoos for monies raised for neglected pets – respect man. All the breast,

  9. Four Grand eh Wil? That’s some pretty sweet fundraising. I don’t know if they have them out there where you’re at, but we had some fundraisers for a charity here before Christmas that I think should get some exposure if you wouldn’t mind mentioning it – The Christmas Hampers. It’s a fundraiser for needy families at Christmas time. It was put on through the Church of the Good Shepard and I think the Salvation Army does some as well. A group of us here at IBM Canada took on the role of ‘adopting’ two families for this great cause and raised enough funds to get them Christmas dinner (turkey, potatoes, all the trimmings) and a few gifts for their young children. I would encourage anyone who can afford to give even $5 next year to this cause. Have an inter-office bet going to see who can raise the most, not just for this charity, but for any that you choose. It’s a lot of ‘good clean fun’ that supports a good cause.

  10. That’s so great about the doggie shelter! You kick much buttocks. *nods* And if I weren’t a dirt-poor college stdent at the moment, I’d order one of those spiffy 8X10’s. Next paycheck my man, next paycheck. (Or whenever they’re available again or whatnot)

  11. Ok, very cool for the doggies, but what about the cats? I don’t know why cats always seem to be 2nd class citizens in the domestic pet world. Even Wil’a cat(s) have gotten little mention vs. the ‘almighty’ dog. 😉
    Does anyone know of a a good cat charity to give to?

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