Hoo boy!

As if keeping this site updated isn’t enough work, I keep a journal at Slashdot. I wrote in it just now!
I also just found out that those fabulous babes at The Screen Savers, Morgan and Megan, awarded Nemesis the coveted “B-M-W-N-S-B-W-W-W-I-I” (that’s the “Best Movie We’ll Never See Because Wil Wheaton Wasn’t in It”) award.

58 thoughts on “Hoo boy!”

  1. How did we not know about this before?
    I Feel betrayed.
    In fairness I also feel betrayed by my bus company and the makers of my shower curtain so it doesn’t really matter.
    well done on the award. You should demand a statue.
    Or a plague…sorry plaque.
    Different thing.

  2. Reading the comments about people liking or not like Trek and whether or not it’s worthwhile if Wil is in Nemesis reminded me of a conversation I had with one of my nieces over Christmas. She’s about 8 or 9 and she overheard me talking to one of her aunts about a project I did a few years back that involved having Patrick Stewart as narrator. Everybody thought that was really cool and they were asking if he was nice, etc, etc. My niece piped up and said, “Who’s that?”
    We all explained about how he was the captain of the Enterprise on TNG and her reaction was “You mean there’s another captain besides Archer?”
    She wasn’t the least impressed because she’s never seen TNG. And she didn’t know who Wesley was!
    And I was darned if I was going to explain William *Farking* Shatner to her…
    Wow did we feel old. πŸ˜‰

  3. Just read some of your /. journal. I had no inklings of the goings-on at G4 (largely because I do not have the channel), but remember you initially mentioning it. How sad it is that we live in a world where people refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, and instead choose to take out the frustrations caused by their ineptitude on others. Sorry you and your co-host got caught in the creative crossfire.
    By the way, how is Travis doing?

  4. I was not happy about the no Wil Wheaton situation myself. I wish you could have been in the movie more. I hope that you are at least in the DVD release. By the way, great job on the Screensavers.

  5. You are a silly monkey, Wil. I read your slashdot journal, and would comment in it about what you wrote there however…its 4am and my mind is not working enough to figure that out. LOL
    That sounds like a really fun project to do. Best of luck with it. *Jenny wants you to get a kick ass cool part MOJO*
    Woohoo for the screensavers gals! Go them, it’s their unbirthday…

  6. Hey,
    The B-M-W-N-S-B-W-W-W-I-I is cool:)!!
    When I saw that not every scene of yours ben cutted …my lips go to ear to ear for about 10 minutes..or more!!!:)))))))))))))

  7. hey, i clearly saw you sitting at the head table in the wedding toast scene. you smiled. you laughed.
    that should be the B-M-W-N-S-B-W-W-D-S-I-I award. just for accuraccy’s sake.
    (wil wheaton didn’t speak in it)

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