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Hey! Check it out! The wife is actually using the computer! I’m pretty proud of myself. I even did a little on-line Christmas shopping. Guess who has on her big girl pants now!
I wanted to say a little something regarding our shitty (can I say that on here?) New Year’s Eve. See, I hadn’t heard any horror stories about the dog. Just that he was nervous around people. And that the dog didn’t like Darin (which is so odd, since Darin is the nicest, most non-threatening guy I know). Me being the animal lover, I just didn’t see that this dog was vicious. Just scared. I took my time hanging around the dog, and he eventually was rolling and rubbing his face on me. He seemed very happy. All the commotion in the house just scared him and I was the first thing he saw.
The first two days, I felt a little nervous when Ferris would lay on her back and roll over toward me, showing her big happy face and a mouth full of teeth. But this doesn’t change how I feel about animals. I even took my son to a shelter on Saturday and we hung out with the pooches. Stitches and all. And yes, all my other stitches (50 total in the face now….8 from jumping off my brother’s bed and hitting the mattress frame between my eyebrows) were from the dog we had when I was little.So the scared feeling I had when I was a kid definitely came back. I can’t imagine how Wil must have felt when I looked over at him with a mouthful of blood. He kept himself together though.
After my swelling went down a bit (I must say, I was kind of enjoying my Kim Basinger-like full pouting lips) I read the comments that were posted after Wil wrote about this. I am so touched by all of the ‘mojo’ and kind words everyone has sent. I was amazed to read all of the stories of dog bite incidences, as well as several stories of shitty (did we find out if I can say that yet?) New Year’s had by others. At least it was the end of a year, so we can all have a fresh new start!
The bite was a nice straight slice so I think it will heal fine with little scarring. My stitches are a lovely shade of blue which I’ve kind of gotten used to now. I won’t miss them when they’re gone though. And hopefully this will be the last time a dog uses my face for a chomping pad.Wil was right, it could have been so much worse.
Thank you so much for your concern. You are all awesome! No wonder Wil likes doing this website.
Take care and have a healthy, happy, injury-free year!
Anne (the wife)

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  1. From another ER doc who has sewed up more faces than he can remember.
    Anne: Nice of you to post. With respect to scarring, remember that if you get a lot of ultraviolet light on a remodeling scar it won’t fade out to match the rest of your skin as well, so you need to keep SPF 30 or greater (preferably with a hat, too) on it when you’re in the sun for the next 6 to 12 months for best cosmetic result. (Complete scar remodeling takes a lot longer than most people think.)
    I haven’t reviewed the literature on the use of vitamin E or lavander oil and their effects on scar remodeling, so I can’t comment on those suggestions. I can’t comment on the medical effectiveness of anti-scarring mojo either, but that at least seems sure to be harmless at worst, so I’ll send you a little more of that, too. :-)

  2. Good the hear from the wife unit. I’m glad you’re doing so well, Anne. I also had a childhood experience with a mangy mutt. Thankfully, my parents are the only ones who remember me being attacked. The wacko next-door neighbors had a German Shepherd and two Doberman Pinschers, which could basically walk over the fence that divided the properties. One day, one of the Dobermans came into our yard where I was playing, picked me up by the diaper and shook me violently, shredding the diaper into a thousand little pieces. My parents rushed over before the dog could do any major damage to me.
    I wish this was the last time our family had to deal with a dog mauling, but no such luck. This past summer, my little brother was hanging out with some buddies and his friend’s dog decided to make my brother’s face its lunch. It had ripped off his left cheek and part of his bottom lip. He ended up getting 48 stitches in his face – 18 inside his mouth. He had the luck of getting one of the best plastic surgeons on the east coast. I mean, this guy travels in his own personal helicopter, going from hospital to hospital like a superhero out of a comic book. Even stranger, this guy looked EXACTLY like Jet Li. I mean, it was seriously uncanny. Anyway, this guy performed no small miracle on my brother’s face and these days, you have to look really hard to see any sort of scar. He still has monthly follow-up appointments because he still runs he risk of infection. He was also told to get one of those hand-held personal massagers to rub on the wound areas to keep inflammation down. I’m not sure how swollen you are, but you might want to consider this when the stitches are gone.
    Anyway, sorry for the doggie-related rant, but I just wanted to share my personal experiences with you. I’m glad to hear your love of dogs remains steadfast. Many would be deterred from the canine species after just one incident, but I’m glad some of us remember that not all dogs are the same. Right, Ferris?
    Take care, Anne. MUCHO HEALING MOJO to you and hope to hear from you again!

  3. Hey Anne!
    Just FYI, eliminating meat from your diet will help reduce scarring. I’m actually involved with research that involves the cellular components associated with scarring.
    Also, what does “” stand for?
    Best of luck!

  4. Sara. is her IP address which those with talent can use for their amusement. Me, I have no talent so I just go oooh look at the pretty IP address.

  5. Anne, to let you know there are creams out there that will help with scars. Not sure of any of the name but I know they are out there. I hope that will will help you out.

  6. Well you know what they say: blue goes with almost anything. Count yourself lucky, after my little incident my boyfriend decided as a joke to insist the doctor stitch me up wtih pink stitches. Let me tell you I am not seeing the funny side of it! Walking past 10,000 kids in college is not the best way to feel confident about yourself.
    Glad you’re feeling better and like you said, it is a new year, so the best to you.
    Annie xxx

  7. Hey Anne,
    Glad to see you making progressive steps to join the ranks of Technowienies that frequent this site (yes, I include myself in that list :-) )and I’m glad to hear that your doing well. Best wishes to you and Wil for the rest of the New Year.

  8. ANNE! WIL!
    I’m a fairly regular reader who hadn’t checked the site in a few days – oh my gosh! I’m so glad you are alright, Anne.
    On Halloween, the same thing happened to my boyfriend. Only we weren’t dating yet – we just met that night. His poise and remarkable self-control as blood was pouring from his face greatly impressed me. He only had a few stiches though, and his scars will eventually disappear – my sweater is permanently bleached, though, from where I didn’t wash all the soap out of it after washing his blood (which gushed a bit) out before running it in the dryer. LOL
    And kudos for keeping the pup – I used to volunteer for the humane society, and like you, I believe that a good home, a steady and kind hand and lots of love over time will heal the broken heart of an abused or abandonned or neglected dog. (Unfortunately, there are a few breeds for whom this is an exception. What pit bulls and mixed/breed pits and bull mastiffs are made to endure as puppies in this country scars them for life – everyone please raise your dogs with love, and they’ll guard you when it’s needed by instinct alone. Seriously.)

  9. Anne:
    You’re definitely a tough lady. No wonder Wil loves you so much. Glad you still love dogs. I’ve been chased and attacked (no bites, thankfully) by too many to be too fond of them. I do like some, though, especially german shepherds.
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better.
    Stay well!

  10. Hi Anne,
    I’m glad to see that you are healing fast. Your weblog entry was great fun to read, and like many others I also hope that you write more here again soon. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to speak to you more on the cruise last summer, but you know that Wil, always hogging the spotlight. πŸ˜‰ I remember running into the two of you one night in one of the ship’s lounges; tell me, are you still kicking his butt at Boggle? :-)
    Take care!

  11. Anne!
    OhMahGawd! i live in west linn!
    (well, okay, livED – we just bought a house in lake grove this summer, but close enough for government work).
    i’m a complete dork, but stuff like this really tickles me – wil wheaton’s wife is from my town! so cool! *dork*
    i know you like, didn’t come from west linn on purpose, but i was having a really bad morning with my own dog, and feeling angry and depressed, and now i’m feeling bouncy and alert, so THANKS.

  12. Anne-
    So glad to hear you are doing better. I was worried about you. You and Wil are like my kids. I checked this site a couple of times and then I got hooked. Now I worry about you guys like you were family. How did the kids react to the dog-bite? I enjoyed your posting, do it more often…I love to get the “wife’s point ot view”.

  13. I echo the mojo of everyone else.
    I hope that Anne posts more often, or better yet, gets a blog of her own.
    Don’t be a stranger, Anne!

  14. Anne,
    You can use Mederma after you’re healed to help minimize the scar. I use it on my 2-year-old. She had a nasty scar on her left hand. She blew a vein when she was born (iv was cranked up too high) and her IV site was pretty bad-the wound was about the size of a penny. She looked like she had been burned. I used the stuff on her for about 6 months and you cannot tell she ever had any mark on her, not even a scratch. It also works on stretch marks and old wounds. A little goes a long way!
    Thanks for the IP, Wil! I’ll be sure to pass it along to some friends! πŸ˜‰
    Lori, you are an oxygen thief.
    Amber in GA

  15. hey Anne,
    Ouch! what a way to hop off of last year. well then i love doggies and am glad you do as well. i’ve been bit by serveral dogs and cats though never needed stitches. and i know what you are going through with the ones that bite. hope to hear more from you as it is nice to get to know the real wil and it would be nice to get to know you other than “wil’s wife” take care and glad to hear from you.

  16. Anne,
    I think you must be the luckiest gal alive. :) From words on a screen it’s plain to see that you and Wil (almost used a double L, must be a British thang!) are so in love it’s untrue. I’ve just, within the past few days, got engaged to my partner and if we can be as happy with each other and as supportive to each other as you two seem to be, I can see 2003 being a fantastic year!
    I hope your lip heals up ok, best wishes from Guildford UK,
    Rob xx

  17. Hi Anne!
    Glad to hear that you are well on the mend. No doubt Wil is being the dutiful hubby and hovering over you with loving care.
    Yes, it could’ve been worse and thank God it wasn’t. Enough bad shit happens to truly good people in this world while most assholes roam about unscathed.
    Bad stuff happening to good people is not so unlike a rose whose stem is loaded in thorns. While both may be marred be it by accident or design both remain undeniably beautiful in substance inside and out.
    Here’s to the rose in you.

  18. Anne, thanks for letting us know how you are in your own words. And thanks for the responses to the postings.
    No one’s mentioned this, but I think Anne sounds like Wil when she writes (great minds write alike?). No wonder the two of them get along.

  19. Man, this job thing is really keeping me out of the loop. Yay for Anne. πŸ˜‰
    *cheesemancommericalvoice* Never underestimate the power of monkey MOJO!!*cheesemancommericalvoice*

  20. I know I’m really late on this one, but lots of healing mojo Anne’s way! Glad to hear that your experience hasn’t forever turned you away from dogs, you’re an amazing woman! Also, big points to Uncle Willy for keeping his cool in a situation that must have sent his heart right up in to his throat.

  21. I was reading and so glad you are on the computer now. Give the big boy(man) a break once in a while. Anyway, your mentioning ‘stitches’ and all I could think of was his movie Mr. Stitch. Now, don’t you feel just a little lucky now you aren’t looking like that? Once more, all my very best to you and yours, stay safe. Donna (ditto)

  22. Sorry you two didn’t get to enjoy the beginning of the New Year like you planned, but like Wil said, it could have been much worse.
    I came home from work the day before New Year’s Eve to find a message on my answering machine from my mom. She told me to call my father (that is, my estranged father), that something terrible had happened. As I was listening to the message, my sister called to see if I had heard about “what happened.” I asked her what was going on and she told me: a few days earlier my step-brother murdered his ex-girlfriend, and then turned the gun on himself. Neither of them had a chance of living through it, and neither of them really even had a chance to live (she was 18, he was 23). I called my father to talk, to try to do my best to help. He told me that he had only found out that something was wrong a few minutes before everything happened, even though Chris had broken into the house the night before to wait for his ex to get home. Her sister arrived to find him waiting, and he told her that he wanted to talk to her before he killed himself (she apparently had just broken up with him). They sat there and talked, gun in his hand, for three hours. She promised him that if he didn’t hurt himself that she wouldn’t press charges for the break-in. He left, but didn’t return home. Instead, he waited all night and into the next morning for his ex to come home and confronted her when she did. My father received a call from the sister telling him that Chris was there with a gun, that he was really upset. When she hung up, my father tried for 5 (agonizing) minutes to call back. When the phone was finally picked up, all he could hear was a girl’s voice begging for her life, and the phone went dead. The funeral was on the 3rd.
    I’m still trying to put everything that happened in perspective. So far the lesson I’ve learned is that sometimes life sucks. You try to be a good person and most of the time that will all come right back to you. I know that’s not very profound or anything, but for now that’s about the best way I can rationalize the whole thing.

  23. I worked at a vet clinic for a couple of years. During the last couple of months of employment I was bitten by a terrier. I couldn’t beleive it!
    The vet and I had drawn blood, gave her vaccines and even micro chipped her. When I brought her out to her owner she saw another dog. When she started to growl I gently pulled her away. She then procceeded to bite into my leg. Holy Pain. I know its not the same as being bit in the face…….the whole point to my rather long story is…….I feel that just because I dumbass dog, for what ever reason bites does not mean all dogs will. They all are potenial biters. Anyways…….it’s just like falling of a bike…you get back on it. In this case continue loving and playing with dogs. They are not all bad.

  24. I haven’t been reading Wil’s blog for very long, but from what I HAVE read, it’s totally obvious that he adores you. I was really saddened to hear about the “incident” – but most people would be completely bitter: “Oh, there’s no way I’m getting around a dog NOW!” Instead, the attitude you’re giving off is: “Oh, that poor dog. I must have frightened him. Maybe I’ll make him some doggie biscuits and win him over.” Your courage is very addictive: Wish i could be like that. I hope you, Wil, and your family have a very happy new year: free of all dog bites.

  25. Well, here’s my shitty New Year’s Eve story: I had to work both New Year’s Eve and Day, I had a head cold that had me popping sudafeds like they were candy-mints, none of my chat-room friends were there for the Midwestern New Year, and I had to spend a good chunk of the night listening to my white trash neighbors who insist on broadcasting their fucking ugly dramas to the whole damn neighborhood; they were *really* going at it that night!

  26. I actually had a really cool New Year this year which is very odd. I wrote an essay about it on my blog… if you are interested in checking it out.
    It’s a kick keeping up with your comings and goings on your blog. Great job. Hope the Mrs. feels better.

  27. Damn! Sorry to hear you got bitten, hope it’s healing nicely. Hmmmm…interesting though as most people I know had a shitty start to the New Year (most didn’t go to the emergency room though!). Think of it this way, all the bad things have already happened and the rest of the year will be smooth sailing.
    Take care

  28. Hey Anne, Will, everyone else!
    Dog bites? Sounds painful. I have two dogs, but they’ve never bitten me. I don’t think they’d even go there! lol. Although I was chased by this dog on holiday. I’m not even sure what breed it was. I was standing with this cute guy I was getting close to on holiday and this black dog came running towards me, so I bolted in the other direction.
    It chased me about two blocks down until the dog warden caught it. He said to me it’s temper had been broken by it’s owner and would have to be put down. I was really glad I’d ran, other wise I wouldn’t be here :0( It didn’t help with the guy either. I saw him again in the appartment two days later and he laughed at me.
    But I’m happy with my Boyfriend of four years now (He looks a little like Wil only he has smaller teeth “No offence Wil! We love you as you are! LOL”)
    Dogs are scary animals, but cute never the less. Anyway, now I’ve bored you senceless with that I think I’ll depart now :0)
    Love, Stacey, 16 from Scotland

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