The Book of Days

In October of last year, I worked on a movie which was code-named Boise. This movie carries a very important distinction in my career history: it’s the first lead I’ve had in ages, and it’s the first movie I’ve done since deciding to focus more on writing and my family than acting and the hollow pursuit of fame. It was very strange, but not unwelcome, when I dug my actor pants out from under the bed and put them back on. Initially, they weren’t very comfortable, but they did feel familiar, and when I got used to them again, I decided that I’d never be able to fully take them off — I feel incredibly naked without them.
Wow. That was an extended metaphor from hell.
Anyway, I was really happy with the work I did. My satisfaction on the set, was matched by the joy and satisfaction I took in writing about my experiences on the set each day. Everyone who reads this lame website has been so supportive, and ridden the violent ups and downs with me for so long . . . I felt like something good had finally happened, and I really enjoyed sharing those experiences with you. (If you want to relive it, follow that link, and click the >> to get to the next day’s entry.)
Tomorrow night, the movie will air on the PAX network, and we get to see if the work I did on the set translates to the screen.
Before one of my projects is released, I’m always apprehensive — I feel unsure about how the music is going to play, how the director cut the scenes together, things like that. I also feel apprehensive about my performance. Will the audience see what I intended? Will I get caught “acting?” I don’t feel all that apprehensive about this project, which is surprising and rewarding. I feel very confident in the work I did on the day. I’m sure I’ll find things in my performance that I don’t like, and I bet many of the things I find will be found only by me. Some people say that I’m ripping myself off when I do that, but if I don’t look for those flaws, I never improve.
My gut feeling on this film is that it’s going to be pretty good. It’s not going to be spectacular –there’s some badly written courtroom drama in the middle, where I think it really slows down — but I think audiences will enjoy it.
They’re calling it The Book of Days. Check your local listings for details.

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  1. Ok, you really made me laugh out loud at your comment on your metaphor.
    I can’t wait to see you in this film, Wil! I usually work evenings (like you care, lol) but you can bet my vcr shall be taping it for future enjoyment. 😉

  2. Date noted and calendar cleared… I will be setting my ol’ VCR for this one! I’m sure the acting will be awesome. As I recall, we are all hardest and most critical of ourselves. Most of those around us don’t notice a thing, but we can see every flaw and goof up. Been there, done that…
    I’m sure the mojo vibe is running strong here today. We’re behind ya, Wil.

  3. My Wil Wheaton Wishlist on TiVo picked up the broadcast as soon as the listings came out last week. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Well, if anything would make me regret not having PAX as part of my Poor Man’s Cable Package, it’s this. Perhaps my sister will tape it for me.
    And, lest I forget–three cheers for HMIC!

  5. What do you say to someone who is about to have their movie played on PAX? “Break A Leg” doesn’t really work cause you’ve already done the performance. Anyway, Best of Luck to the productions success!

  6. Yay! Okay, now to go check listings — I’ll be looking forward to seeing you screen again Wil! I hope you’ll be happy with how it all came out.

  7. All,
    Its listed on Internet Movie DataBase site:
    There’s button to submit a review of the movie.
    For all of the critic-wannabee’s…here’s your chance to give Wil two thumbs up!

  8. Sounds like Wil (or someone) should tape it and set up a “lending library” through the site. Whomever has a copy can post and accept emails from those wanting to watch, and the borrower will pay the postage going and coming. I don’t have a TV or a VCR, but I would borrow the tape from someone and watch it at work after hours. Or maybe Wil can find out from PAX if it’s going to be available on DVD or VHS. If they’re in disbelief, Wil can send them the link to this comments page to see that the monkeys really want to see it!

  9. Everybody gets PAX. Its the default “family friendly” station. Christians made sure everyone has it. You can’t get rid of it. Its channel 2 on my cable system (ATT Broadband, formerly TCI)

  10. Think there’s any chance they’ll ever show it in Germany?
    Nah, didn’t think so.
    I guess that means I’ll have to find some nice American to record it for me.
    *wanders off to check her mailing list*

  11. Wil, I know it is going to be great. By the way, check out Leo Laporte’s blog from yesterday about the speech he gave. I think you will find it interesting.

  12. While PAX is a network, and believe it our not, one of the biggest network’s in The United States. It is also an affiliate program damn it!
    And then [JENESISUS] Around here, loving sports have decided to over ride PAX programing for a freaking basketball game. I can not blame them too much, since the area I live in is OVERLY sports fanatics! (seriously, I am not being over hard just because I do not enjoy WATCHING sports alot, and do not get it) I totaly get why they like it, but they are WAY to serious around here, it is scary!
    Hopefully I will beable to catch it in re-run…freaking SPORTS! ARGH!!!

  13. i am so glad that you wore your ACTING PANTS in the movie…i shudder to think that you might have done the whole movie in your FUNKY PANTS!…i’m looking forward to “the book of days”…it’ll be like seeing an old friend…back in his element…and loving it.

  14. Dear Wil,
    Why would you submit to a movie that airs during the Kings-Lakers game. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?

  15. I can’t wait!! It’s like hearing that an old friend is going to be on TV. I was also planning on renting Stand by Me this weekend and watching it with the step-kids. They’ve seen me visiting this web site before and asked about it, so I told them that we’d rent a movie with Wil in it this weekend. It’s going to be really good to see you back on TV, Wil!!

  16. From TV Guide: “An insurance agent (Wil Wheaton), whose wife died on their wedding day, receives a book containing the dates on which people will die, but when he uses it in his job, his boss suspects him of murdering his clients. Frankie: Maureen Flannigan. Jonah: Isaac Hayes. Amelia: Deborah Raffin. Sister Grady: Pamela Reed. Finch: Richard Grieco.”

  17. Will Wheaton, It would be fine to see a movie you made or even the modern space stories too.
    In Cuba, we have not luxery TV and the shows are very old with James Kirk foolishly leaving ship and falling for obvious trap. I too am ship captain! Is water ship of course. Still, I know not to leave for very long or crew of drunken and bad outlaws would steal and take to Florida with dog and chicken. Ok, good acting to you.
    We hope for many more shows to watch on ship vcr and will wait in patient understanding.
    Capt. B. Texino
    MV Todos Los Santos
    Baracoa, Cuban Peoples..& so on.

  18. Unlike most above Wil. I do have cable. And yes I do have PAX.
    But I am as nervous as a parent watching their 4 year old in his first christmas play.
    The knots in my stomache. Along with the pain and pure agony I felt when seeing you in NEMESIS with no lines.(you looked great laughing with no sound)
    I don’t think I can stand to watch you on t.v.
    I was so worried you might mess up a line on the info-mercial. That it made me call in sick to work the next day. So please Wil. Make it good for recording. I don’t know if I stand it if I have to stuff my face in pillow everytime you have a line hoping you don’t screw up.
    Just kidding. I hope it does well. You deserve it. Best of luck.

  19. Wil I dont know if it was posted anywhere in the upper posts but do you know what time this movie will air? Eastern Time to be more specific haha. If so thanks!

  20. Thanks for the heads up. The plot outline sounds like it could be interesting. Deborah Raffin has always been a little spooky to me, but Pamela Reed has turned in a few “gutsy” performances I really liked.

  21. anybody else go to the bozo texino site listed up there? it has some shaky translation, but it’s interesting

  22. Don’t worry Wil. If either you or the movie suck at any point, you can count on me to give you the honest “every man’s” opinion. MWAHAHAHA…

  23. PAX list this movie as >>> “Book Of Days” Movie, Suspense(2003) Wil Wheaton, Maureen Flannigan, Richard Grieco. A courier gives an insurance agent (Wil Wheaton) a mystifying book that lists the dates of when people will die. Premier. >>> Does the word “premier” mean that this is the possible start of a series (assuming good numbers)?

  24. Wow! I can’t get that channel here in England and that sucks the movie sounds like it would be cool. You never really said what the film was about and if it would be released in England oh well good luck.huggles and kisses from me to you.

  25. Wil !
    you mean !
    I DID NOT KNOW THAT! (just kidding :)
    well then, I’ll be taping it and give my rating
    next week!

  26. Coolness! An actual reason to watch the PAX network.
    Now if only you could have had it written in your contract for them to turn off their annoying logo in the bottom right corner of the screen during airing of your flick.

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