Tokyo Disneyland on one dollar short a day

Ben and Mena Trott are the amazing people who wrote Moveable Type, the blogging software that has allowed me to take what’s in my head and share it with the world.
Mena is also one hell of an artist, as illustrated by these pictures from their recent trip to Tokyo Disneyland.

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  1. I think that it’s fantastic that you not only give us an insight into your life and your feelings, but also that you would showcase someone else’s talents too……… you are a star Wil!!!

  2. Wow.
    Those pics are really good. I like the low angles and the shadows.
    It makes everything look so striking and dramatic.
    They even make the Disney castle look real. A previously unimaginable feat.
    We should send them lots of money for giving us the gift of Wil.

  3. Fantastic views! A shutterbug like me can really enjoy those. I am looking forward to your movie tonight, Wil. I’ve been a fan since Secret of the NiMH -just didn’t know it ’till later, lol. Kudos, and take care. ~WolfSong

  4. Hey, she’s pretty cute……
    Anyways, big thanks out to them for writing this software. WWDN makes the time between showering and leaving for work so much better :)

  5. Cool Disney I love disney.
    I wish I was such a good photographer. Wow it’s really late where you are Wil it’s 13:24 here in the UK. I wish I could go to Japan.Oh well I’m of to go and see my mates Huggles and kisses from me to you.

  6. Good morning, all!
    WolfSong writes: “I’ve been a fan since Secret of the NiMH -just didn’t know it ’till later, lol. ”
    OK. I’ve heard these rumours before. Are they true? Am I being foolish for even asking?
    And on a more related note, those are awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing, Wil!

  7. What’s the deal with the photo of the Pirates wait area? The place looks like a ghost town! Don’t the Japanese like Pirates of the Carribean?
    And I wonder why Mena didn’t take any actual photos on the ride. Maybe they’d have to be taken with a flash.
    At California Disneyland, whenever I try to take a flash photograph, a disembodied voice comes over a secreted intercom and says something like, “Hey! Please, no flash photography.” Kind of freaky, but polite at least.

  8. Thank you Ben & Mena for sharing your pictures..
    20,000 Leagues Ride!!
    I am still depressed every time I go to WDW and it’s not there. They just left the lagoon empty right next to this Little Mermaid area. Why don’t the build a Little Mermaid Ride.It’s been empty for like 10 years for Pete’s sake.
    I had no desire to go to Tokyo Disney Until now..
    Also the Haunted Mansion pics were cool too..

  9. Tokyo Disney is surreal if your used to Dland Anaheim or DWorld. The pirates talking in Japanese, and people being polite in the lines are the things I remember the most. Great pictures, looks like they had a good time.
    Nice of them to help you show us your grey matter.
    See tonight on PAX

  10. wow! i’m so glad you put those pictures up. i had a friend who went to work as a dancer at tokyo disney and after hearing all the stories, i’ve been dying to see what the park looked like.
    i’m actually surprised they didn’t encounter more ‘caucasians’. it seems that disney anaheim casts a pretty huge lot of us california whiteys to go over. i actually thought about it for a while. i was torn between tokyo disney or osaka universal studios (seriously.)

  11. Wow, Thanks for pointing the way to Moveable Type! I’ve been posting a Tour Diary on the Ellen Says No website for the last 4 weeks, and we’ve talked about continuing the posts after the guys get back – this may be just the thing we need!

  12. loved the site. much better and far more organized than mine. but that’s cool. they had really cute pics from nippon, which makes me feel like i want to go even more. oh woe is me.

  13. I am so excited about getting to see “Book of Days”! In fact, I’m pre-empting SG1 and Farscape to tape “book” first! Fortunately they run twice, but if they didnt I would just tape them on the crappy vcr in the bedroom, Wil’s more important!
    Thanks for pointing us to Mena’s pictures, they are very beautiful, like paintings on film, they are art. And I agree with everyone, she is cute as a bug!
    I hope Anne is doing well, and the boys are happy and healthy as well.

  14. Went to see Star Trek’s “The Wrath of Khan” back in the 80’s. I wasn’t sure of the title and ended up picking “The Secret of Nimh”. Didn’t realize I was in the wrong theatre until all the kiddies started buzzing in. Good for a laugh! Sorry, didn’t stay for the feature.

  15. Hmmm Heads-up People. If you’re on the west coast and have DirectTV like me, Book of Days comes on at 5:00 since (at least in Los Angeles) we get the east coast feed of most cable channels.
    That is all.

  16. Wil, that was so awesome! I laughed, I cried. My husband left the room because he hates it when I cry over movies, but who asked his opinion anyway? I love happy endings. And you were great! So was your friend. (Maureen?) I haven’t gotten used to what you look like now. I still expect you to look like Wesley. (Sigh.) I had such a crush on Wesley. Ooh. I’m babbling. That means it’s past my bedtime, and I think I’ll go now, before I start to bore everyone with details of my high school play acting career. I was magnificent in that death scene! Go to bed, Amanda.

  17. I saw most of “The Book of Days” (flipped between that, The Cell, and Beavis and Butt-head Do America since I’ve never seen them). I was impressed. PAX and similar networks (Lifetime, and that religious inspiration thing) rarely can gain my attention for more than 10 seconds, but watching Isaac Hayes, some book that lists death dates, and, of course, you, Wil, was pretty neat. I’ve never seen a picture of Isaac Hayes, and little more than a few static pictures of you recently. Hopefully this will increase your visibility in the acting scene.

  18. Wow. Really, wow. Your performance was truly moving. I cried with you. Come to think I’ve it, I’ve often cried with you (Stand by Me, Toy Soldiers). There was so much gut wrenching emotion in that movie, even if I did start singing about chocolate salty balls to myself every time I saw Mr. Hayes. It really was great to see you back on TV, hopefully there will be many more movies and such to come for you. You may have been out of the acting game for a bit, but you haven’t lost a thing. And, Maureen Flannigan, I saw her and had to stop myself from yelling out “Evie!”. I think that was her name, the show was called Out of this World, wasn’t it? Anyway, great job and I’m sure you’ll hear much more of that as more people see the movie.

  19. hey wil I;m checking u out in book of days.. u look filled out man..
    the acting is a bit.. bad.. but other than that.. bad movie.. so i dont blame u.. i blame the director.
    richard grieco looks like shit tooo.. what the heck?

  20. Hey wil! I saw the movie and i thought it was great. You and everyone else did an excellent proformance. You should be proud. I know i am.

  21. I’m on the westcoast, so the movie is still going. So far I’m enjoying the movie. Some great acting by all. Please nobody tell me how it ends, till its over (Damn Time Zones).

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