if ($TIME==free) then {make_cool_stuff}

Sometimes, free time is a good thing.
Anne is finally home, and I can walk away from the computer for a few hours. Hooray!

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  1. You haven’t been censored, Ken.
    This is my website, and I will do with it what I’d like. I asked that the discussion be taken to the message board.
    Because this is my website, I expect you to respect that decision. If not, you’re more than welcome to have your own discussion elsewhere.

  2. What a joke! Just because people were posting comments Wil didn’t like he deletes them all. What’s that over in the sidebar Wil? Stop Internet Censorship: Free Speech Online? Hypocrite! I know what you’re saying that this is your page and you can do what you like but you’ve already made your choice by allowing comments at all. I know you’ll probably ban me from your site because I didn’t bother to register for your Soapbox. Wow.

  3. we got about 5 inches of snow in my part of southern illinois…and that kind of slows everything down…which gave me a much needed break…i spent a glorious weekend getting some rest…starting a new BEN BOVA novel and watching “WING COMMANDER” again…and of course i enjoyed playing in the snow!

  4. I still think someone needs to send you some pictures of the snow, Wil. I mean it’s not like you’ve never seen it before, but it’s just one more reason for you to enjoy Pasadena as opposed to, say, New York? :}
    I’d send you some, but we didn’t really get much in KY. We mostly got ice. Besides I don’t even know if my installation of PGP works. No one to test it with! :}

  5. Wil,
    I’ve always been a fan. Moving on this is your website and it is your right to do what you wish. My only argument would be that you seem to support free speech. If all website owners deleted/prevent access to posts then that free speech would only be in the hands of those able (financial or technically) to own a website. Which I personally think s a bad thing. I understand you might have reason to refer people to the soapbox. I only take issue with the loss of the original posts.
    P.S. Senator Byrd was a KKK member and I don’t forgive/support KKK or SS members for anything as a mater of habit.

  6. Wil,
    Right about now if you lived at our house you and Anne would be looking at a blizzard and would be sitting in front of a crackling fire all by yourselves… that’s what this blizzard is doing for me and the SO in New England. However, as much as I like snow and all that, I’d swap places with you guys in SoCal for a day or two just to see some SUN!!!! 😉
    Just for grins, I was checking flights to Burbank. If only the airports weren’t closed…
    p.s. to Ken and Whatever: it IS Wil’s site and he did set up the Soapbox so you could express your opinions. It works quite well, actually.
    If you’re too lazy to sign in and use it, then you dont’ have ANY business throwing a tantrum about being censored. Yeah, I’m guilty of using the blog comments for war comments too. Sorry Wil… got carried away.

  7. SpaceWriter, the soapbox is a good idea, taking the link down so people can’t read the original comments (some critical of Wil, I was only critical of Sen. Byrd) is a bad idea.

  8. Ken:
    Be careful if Wil really gets upset with what you “type” he will BAN you from WWDN as has happened to me.
    Strange if you say things contrary to Wil’s opinion on WWDN he will silence you via IP Address.
    If you say something contrary to Saddam in Iraq he will also silence you.
    Thanks Wil for taking the “IP route”.
    Juno, Freenet, Yahoo, MSN, AOL that is a LOT of IP’s to “Forbid”.
    Rather than asking me to explain a comment I made he got rightous and took the easy way out, which was to POST a negative comment about my POST and then “Forbid” me from WWDN so I could not respond.
    “Free Speech?”

  9. Perhaps Wil removed the posts because you posted them in the blog comments area instead of the soapbox, TJ.
    Just a thought. But it’s none of my business so I’ll not speak of it anymore.
    Yea, I know. I’m adding to the problem here. Sorry Wil.

  10. Hi Wil,
    I expected you to move the discussion to the soapbox. And by that, I mean “move” – not “remove” the discussion altogether and expect people to start over again. But yes, this is your webpage and yes, you can do whatever you want to with it. Of course.
    I am a part of the UE community. As a part of that community, I’ve come to expect some level of accountability. We take responsibility for what we say to each other at UE – in posts as much as in comments. Although I know I can’t expect the same of all the wwdn monkeys (there are just so many), I really hoped I could count on you for some of that accountability.
    During the course of the discussion yesterday, it was clear that the argument over war could go on ad nauseum. You’re right that such discussions may best be moved to another forum.
    Several of us also asked you about your hats-off link to Robert Byrd. I woke up this morning wondering how you had responded.
    I am disappointed to find that your response is, well, cowardly. Please respond, Wil.
    Were you aware of Senator Byrd’s record when you linked to his speech? Does this record matter to you? Does it matter to you less than does, say, Trent Lott’s record?
    I am asking you these questions only because you are here putting your opinions in the public eye just as I do on my own page. If you want my own opinion, I think both Lott and Byrd should have been gone from government long ago, I am a registered Independent, and you can read my page to find out more about me if you care.
    Don’t hide from this, Wil. If you’re going to go out and protest with thousands of people, you should be able to put together a coherent argument all by yourself.
    Please do.

  11. Wil:
    I too am sorry for adding to this “problem”, but to be clear I was not complaining about the comments being removed I was complaining that my IP was removed in an attempt to silence me.
    Furthermore, my comments were in response to Wil’s post which is what this area is for.
    If Wil blocked every IP that posted a BBS comment here in that thread the list looks like this:
    Tom(ME),SteveR, Suzane, RandumTangent, Bill, Nephratard, Scott, Dev Brown, Dev (not Brown), jb, Sapphire, Daniel, Mary, NYC, Brad, Spacewriter, ellen, jl, EnglishBen, Fluffy, Tabby, Julia, SusanH.
    Now I suppose I should add WebNut.
    Of course if he did that it would be a small community indeed.
    Long Live Free Speach!

  12. NYC. . . have a native German speaker read what you just wrote. You didn’t say “All hail Wil the new leader,” although you tried. Instead of “hail” as in “accolade” you got the meterological term. I and my Austrian coworker are laughing pretty hard at you right now. :-)
    Next time, try using a dictionary instead of an online translator.

  13. Wil, good work. I see you titled that post ‘Voice and Fist’. Good to see that the voice of the people only belongs to the elite who can afford to have pages hosted and to those who agree with you. Keep it up. I challenge you to re-open that thread.

  14. Actually TJ, I wasn’t attempting to slam you or be rude or accuse you of anything. I was simply making a suggestion as to why Wil removed your posts. If you were directing them at him in response to his post and they were removed, then that is between you and Wil. My apologies if you felt I was attacking you directly.
    Incidently Wil, I was considering setting up a Linux box here at home, but then I got to reading through the comments in “Stream” and now I’m not so sure! I have a low tolerance to computers that refuse to do what I want them to, when I want them to do it :}
    Oh, and have you ever programmed in Active Server Pages? Fun Fun….(not) :}

  15. Blah blah blah, people.
    It is a webjournal, for fun, not something serious like foreign policy. Shizzle the nizzle, kids.
    Go, have more fun with the wife, Wil.

  16. You probably didn’t even know Byrd was in the KKK till it was pointed out to you today, did you? For such an intelligent young man you are not very well informed. Go ask the Iraqis in 10 months whether they were better off before or after the war. Ask the Afghanis, Kosovars, Bosnians, Haitians, Panamanians and Granadians as well. War sucks, but sometimes you have to do it. Appeasement leads to the rise of tyranny. Read some history… I still enjoy your site and wish you the best.–scott

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