Who’s Watching Our Cats?

According to The Onion, I am.
This is too cool!
I had an audition for John Doe again yesterday . . . but I didn’t nail it. I have a call for CSI later this afternoon.
Update: The role, which was about six lines, shoots tomorrow, and I haven’t heard anything, so it’s not happening. I’m actually sort of glad . . . if I’m going to be on CSI, I’d rather have a bigger role that I can do more cool stuff with. While I was out there, I ran into Scott Grimes, who I’ve known since childhood, but haven’t seen or spoken to in almost a decade. It was great to see him, and we made plans to get our families together for funtimes. So it wasn’t a total waste of time and miles on my car. 😉
Busy, busy, busy . . . and you expect me to watch your damn cats? There’d better be Anchor Steam Liberty Ale in the fridge, buddy.

118 thoughts on “Who’s Watching Our Cats?”

  1. The big question is WHY are you watching our cats, what is it they are doing when we aren’t looking that you find so fascinating?

  2. Hey Wil! Do you mean the “Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal”? (R.A. Wilson)

  3. Hey Wil, my cats would look after you, if you wanted…they are so darned independent. All cat stories aside, though, I saw John Doe a few times, and while not brilliant, there was something interesting about it. And all the best regarding CSI…that obviously would be really cool. Now if only you were pals with Kieffer Sutherland, “24” could be yours…I’d think you’d be great on that. Ah well, enough pussy tales from me…take care and good luck on the auditions. Deb

  4. Six lines? Phh…forgetaboutit. John Doe is a better show anyway. Dominic Purcell is interesting to watch. And I thought Scott Grimes was great on Party of Five…which was a great show, too. The best looking TV family ever, the Salingers.

  5. Much mojo for CSI even if you didn’t get this part, they might still want you to do something else.
    On an interesting side-note, one of the crimes in the second season of CSI was based on something that happened in my home town a few months earlier. In the show, a man was found buried and covered with lye. It turns out that he was hit by a drunk driver who decided to drive home and ended up keeping this man IN HIS WINDSHIELD for three days until he finally bled to death. In reality, a nurse did this in Fort Worth, Texas. She is still on trial, although I can’t imagine why. It is painfully obvious that she did it and she even admitted to it. She said that she went into her garage occasionally and apologized to him while he was begging for her help. I think that she should be thrown in prison for a good, long time because there is no excuse for doing what she did.

  6. “I auditioned but I’m sort of glad I didn’t get it?”
    No no no….. admit you’re a little disappointed! If you didn’t want the part, you wouldn’t have auditioned!
    Anyway, good luck in the future… sorry some of these auditions haven’t panned out. I read your comment about the acting pants… you’ll get to run naked through the periwinkle waving your pants in the air in no time!

  7. Wil, while you’re watching my cats, be sure and keep MogFish and Elfkin from scratching on the couch and please be sure to revere The Beed. Beedrull will be so distraught if he is not revered. Oh, that’s right, you just watch… damn cat voyeur…

  8. six-lines on CSI, eh?
    well, that pretty much kept you away from being the “body-of-the-week” — so that’s positive.
    try for Alias. ethan hawke last week. christian slater this week. i’d say they’re ripe for some Wil.

  9. I mirror the other guy’s experience. I saw nothing on The Onion about Wil. I even did an in-page search and looked through the archives. No Wil. No cat comment. What are you people smoking?

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