Last year, I worked on my friend Damion’s film, Neverland.
I think it’s a fantastic, risky, beautiful, and ultimately engaging film. I think it’s everything independent film was supposed to be, before “Independent Film” was co-opted by Miramax and turned into a marketing buzzword.
Of course, I’m not the most objective person where this film is concerned . . . so why don’t you take a look at the Neverland website, where you can see the trailer, some pictures, and perhaps form an opinion of your own?

104 thoughts on “Neverland”

  1. hey all,
    b from karmacoda here. I just saw the trailer for the film on the web site and i’m completely blown away. looks like an awesome film and i can’t wait to see it.
    the song used in the trailer is from our first album ‘reco mended’ and is called ‘swan’. it was amazing to see how wonderfully they used it with the stunning imagery. they are also supposed to use another song of ours ‘motion picture’ from the same record during the opening credits of the film.

  2. damn – that looks incredible. the trailer completely turned me on! i’m really hoping it comes out in theaters because that’s the kind of movie i love. is there any additional information on this movie and when/where it will be released?

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