Gallery Updated!

I just finished adding captions to all the Eastbound – Texas pictures in the Road Trip gallery.
I love working on those pictures, because it reminds me how happy Anne and I were on that trip.

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  1. I got it, Wil: “Everybody remember where we parked” caption on img_2834 – nice reference to William Fucking Shatner’s line in Star Trek IV!

  2. Thanks for all the pictures. I really do like looking at them! It’s a lot of fun to see one of my favorite celebrities doing real life stuff for once :) You are awesome Wil Wheaton! Hope to see more in the future. Peace!

  3. Wil,
    Looks like a great trip. I have been to that part of the globe but I am always to busy to take pictures. Some say that I am too lazy. It looks like a good road trip, to me.

  4. I know this was about the eastbound texas album, but i had had to comment on the AVON 3 day walk,…wow is all I can say. I just had a surgery a month before the my wedding to remove a lump. It was the scarriest month of not knowing what it might be….But everything is good and I think its so awesome what you two did, and rasied so much money. Well it got me a little emotional.
    Thank you for sharing your memories with complete strangers, and some of us are pretty stange :)

  5. But Photoshopping Wil is fun!
    And the goat is so versitile!
    Although, I am sorry Wil, for this one. No one deserved this:
    Or maybe Magnum PI Sidekick Action Wil?
    Or finally, Single Deuce Action Wil:

  6. Looks like it was a pretty nifty trip! Though I’ve spent my life with the desire to avoid Texas like the plague, if I ever visit there, I’ll be sure to check this stuff out. And, now that I think about it, it’d be pretty cool to pull over in an abandoned town with the lady-friend and… Nevermind, TMI. Ha ha.
    But still, I don’t know. It IS the home of Dubya, who has the worst jobs record of any president since the Depression…

  7. Wil, you are a photoshopper’s wet dream. NARF!
    (btw, I didn’t break the Soapbox. Nope, wasn’t me, honest! ::twistedgrins::)

  8. I know on your audioblog you mentioned a few landmarks located near the university where I work in Oklahoma—here’s a link to the corn maize you passed –the mini donkeys & llamas don’t have their own webpage (hard to to html with hooves I guess). 😉

  9. I have the “joy” of living in Amarillo. The freaky signs and Cadillac Ranch both come from the same source. One Stanley Marsh III. He’s our local eccentric aka nutso Rich Guy.

  10. The signs are the handy work of a group of teens that work(ed) for Stan Marsh, the owner the Cadillac Ranch and the local eccentric. I used to work with a guy in Austin that was part of the whole thing. Along with the signs this guy told me that they once dressed up in army gear and tricked out a van to look like the A-Team for a local parade. No reason. Stan just asked them to do it. He also had pictures.

  11. Oh! Get to Oklahoma so I can see stuff…thats right down the street. Umm…yeah.
    Yay Yukon!!! Did you cruise Garth Brooks Blvd?

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