a vote for greg is a vote for freedom, kittens, unicorns, flowers, apple pie, and the american way of life

My friend and fellow ACME-ite Greg Benson is one of the funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. If you saw ACME Love Machine, Greg played Dave in my William’s Tell sketch, and he also wrote and played the title character in Let’s Gab with Saul Bernstein.

He has a production company called Mediocre Films ("They’re better than they sound"), and one of his super-short films (1:39) is a finalist in the Amazon.com Tribecca Film Festival. It’s called Coming Home. I don’t want to tell you anything else about it, but I will tell you that I didn’t rate it five stars because Greg is my friend. I rated it five stars because it’s that good — it made it to the top five out of 297 films for a reason, after all.

So if you’ve got a minute and thirty-nine seconds . . . well, plus the time it takes to click the link and sign in, then you watch the film and vote on it . . . okay, so if you’ve got two minutes and ten seconds, I  don’t think you’ll regret taking a look at Coming Home.

9 thoughts on “a vote for greg is a vote for freedom, kittens, unicorns, flowers, apple pie, and the american way of life”

  1. wil, tried to find the film and couldn’t. Sorry! I really wanted to watch it. Something called “Richter’s Agenda” came up and I don’t like suspense etc. I’ll try again tomorrow when my head’s clear.

  2. On another short note, some people from my hometown made this short. It’s good but it’s 10 minutes so download and watch in your spare time. It is good though.

  3. It’s a cute film and definitely deserves a good ranking. I just didn’t see a good way in the site interface to get in and watch specifically this one and rate it. I don’t have time right now to watch all 5 finalists, though. I will go back later to watch and rate all of them, and I hope that everyone else will, too. But if you just want to watch this one now (without signing in or being able to rate it), click here.

  4. I saw this, very nice.
    Hey Wil,
    Real quick comment going back to yesterday’s Harvey Danger announcement.
    My brother and I were on our way to play some BBall and were talking about when cassettes came out and the record companies did that same thing they’re doing now (especially when blank cassettes came out).
    He’s about 20 years older than me and remembers when blank cassettes first came out and the record companies were taking people to court then like they are now with blank CDs. He followed that up my mentioning how funny it was that history continues to repeat itself and the record companies still aren’t losing a dime.
    What Harvey Danger is absolutely awesome and is what the industry needs… Trend-setters!

  5. Thanks! I voted for “Coming Home…” hilarious!
    So how is life in exile? Hope all the web hoopla html thingie stuff works (translation: I don’t know what the heck is involved but good luck)
    Give it a shot and if it sucks, well, hey it sucks and you can go back. Or not. Or oh, Am I rambling? It’s the cup o’ noodles talking. Or the beer.
    Well damn, now I need to get a pirate mug. Arrgh. See, I’m rambling again.
    I don’t read this on RSS but I don’t mind some tinkering. Go ahead Wil, tinker toy this bitch!
    Love your bravado, don’t apologize for cussing or talking about goats or whatever the subject is at the time. (Ok, now my husband’s telling me I need to stop typing at the computer and come watch season 6 of Buffy. Must go to my geekdom.)
    Oh no, I’ve said too much.

  6. @love2all: No, yu didn’t say too much! How can you, on a site run by a geek? And Buffy 6 ROCKS! (oops, slight case of geekdom here. lol)

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