dust off that accordion

I discovered Jonathan Coulton when he was memed around last week with his brilliant folksy cover of Baby Got Back.

I listened to some of his other music, and liked enough of it to add him to bloglines. Each week, he releases a new song to The Internets, and this week, he gives us a terriffic little ditty called Someone Is Crazy.

This one comes from a verse that’s been floating around in my head
for about 10 years. I think that originally it came from an argument
with some girl about something, but I can’t remember anymore. I can
still find the disdain in my heart though, that hasn’t left me. The
amazing Cynthia Hopkins
stuff on Wednesday night inspired me to dust off the old accordion and
give it a whirl. Man that thing is hard to play. But that’s what Thing
a Week is about. Dusting off old accordions. Hard to play. Rough weeks.

Here is the song: link

If you share my musical tastes, or just want to spend a moment with something new, check it out.

17 thoughts on “dust off that accordion”

  1. wil —
    if you liked this version of “baby got back”, you’ll probably *LOVE* the Richard Cheese version.
    I’ve never seen you mention Richard Cheese, so perhaps you haven’t heard of him yet.
    Richard Cheese is a lounge singer from Madison, WI. He does lounge covers of popular songs… rap, alternative, hair metal … and all the covers he does are very brilliant in their own twisted little way.
    absolutely brilliant.
    his version of baby got back can be found on his full length, “tuxicity”. unfortunately, only his first recording can be found on iTunes …
    here’s a link to tuxicity on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00008RH8V/qid=1130008007/sr=8-1/ref=pd_bbs_1/104-7061177-3978340?v=glance&s=music&n=507846
    you gotta check it out. 😉
    his version of “gin and juice” is also brilliant.
    hope you check this guy out, as i think you might like him.
    cheers man.
    long-time reader

  2. Fuckin’ hilarious. My mom had an accordion and tried to get me to take lessons as a young girl. Um, no. Only a few people can pull that off. This guy, Weird Al and maybe a few others. Great stuff, though, I have to admit! Does he take requests? I always wondered what Pink Floyd would be like on the accordion.

  3. Hahahah!
    Okay, the BGB cover was so awesome that I’ve added it to my music-to-cover list, and typed out the words and chords. Yep, I’ll be playin that on guitar at the next party.
    Can’t wait to listen to the rest of his stuff.

  4. Isn’t he terrific? Both of his existing albums are good, but I can’t praise the EP (Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow highly enough). Last year we bought ten copies and just handed them out as Christmas gifts. Best geek music ever.

  5. Oh, I can’t thank you enought for that link… Jonathan is gonna get a few new fans out of that… and the IKEA song !!! holy merde that is funny….
    I have several versions of Baby got Back, my favorite being the hard metal version by Difficulties… but Jonathan is even better…

  6. I definitely second rmd’s recommendation for Skullcrusher Mountain. That’s the song – passed around several friends through IRC and LJ – that turned me on to JC. The fusion of “Bond-style supervillain” and “generic love song” is utter brilliance.

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