gems among the alibis

Since the release of Haughty Melodic, I’ve been on a major Doughty kick. Go listen to The Only Answer, and then read the lyrics. Jeebus H. Menendez, man. I read things like this and wonder how I can call myself a
writer. I’ve got a long way to go before I truly believe I’ve earned it.
Skittish and Rockity Roll have totally fucked up the rating curve in my
iTunes library. Mike Doughty writes and plays music that I don’t just hear; it’s music that I feel.

I was so sad when Soul Coughing broke up, but if it had to happen, so
Mike Doughty could head out on his own, and create music like this . .
. well, the Ruby Vroom CD is just a bookshelf away.

True story: years ago, Mike Doughty mentioned me on his message board.
Somehow, word got back to him that I was a fan. He sent me a really
cool e-mail, and I was so star struck, and so afraid that I would come
off like a drooling fanboy dipshit, I never got the courage to reply. I
wonder if he remembers . . . maybe I’ll finally send him an e-mail of
my own, and save all my drooling fanboy dipshittery for a nice public
forum like my blog.

23 thoughts on “gems among the alibis”

  1. seems like you are posting more on the new “underground” version of WWDN…there is a more submersive flavor here…and hey…i kind of like it…as for the “drooling fanboy dipshit”…there’s a little of that in all of us…just dying to be set free…so go ahead…let your heroes know you think they’re cool…be one with the “drooling” part of you!

  2. I try to embrace my inner fanboy. By the way, just listened to Mike’s cut you posted and I love it. Amen on Soul Coughing breaking up, gotta get Mike’s new album.

  3. This post is the evidence that I needed to see. The sharp wit that drew me to read your weblog in the first place is still alive and well!
    “save all my drooling fanboy dipshittery for a nice public forum like my blog.”
    Gotta love it! Bring it on!

  4. i just listened to “the only answer”…musically and lyrically it’s a damn good song!…it’s still running through my head a couple of minutes after i listened to it…that’s always a good sign.

  5. I just bought and watched the Special Edition DVD of Star Trek Nemesis, which marks the first time I’ve seen the movie since I started reading your blog. I remember, when I first saw the movie in theatres thinking, “Hey, look over there in the corner! There’s Wesley! Cool.”
    Watching it this time, though, it was different. I was almost kind of giddy. It didn’t feel like I was seeing a cameo appearance of a former cast member…it felt more like seeing a good friend who happened to be in a movie. I felt proud.
    (P.S.: the scene you were in with the dual-refracting warp cores and whatever made it into the special edition’s deleted scenes. Crappy transfer, but it’s there.)

  6. I totally am a drooling idiot myself when it comes to a couple celebs and TV shows. For example, I’m a Buffy freak (which, I KNOW I’ve mentioned 2 times already in previous posts.) I’m sure you all know when you enjoy an artist or a show, sometimes you are just in so much awe over the talent that you feel like you have to “witness” it to the whole world.
    Which explains my Buffy Action Figure collection. They’re proudly displayed right next to my Kevin Smith “Jay and Silent Bob” action figure collection. Hope my kids don’t decide, out of the blue, to take them out of the packaging and play with them. So far, the idea doesn’t seem to have crossed their minds –they mainly enjoy playing with hotwheels and other shiny objects.
    Back on topic (which I never seem to be) I listened to “The Only Answer”… I have to admit the first time I listened, I didn’t quite “get it” but I listened to it several more times and by god.. this morning I was singing lines of it that were stuck in my head.

  7. *shakes rain off coat, wipes boots on mat and comes in*
    So this is the temp home, eh? Just found it. Of course, I only have my own laziness to blame for not finding it sooner.

  8. MamaSlyth, thank you soooo much for that link even though my co-workers think I’m batty now (as if they didn’t before?). I laughed so hard they heard me down the hall. Wil, have you seen this yet?

  9. Dipshittery? Is that a real word? :)
    Listened to that song you linked…kind of has a BNL feel to it. Pretty good, but give me APC anyday.
    Wil Wheaton and Chris Rock in a TV show together…hmm…

  10. I’ve been on a big Mike Doughty kick since I got Haughty Melodic, too. Rockity Roll has some great stuff on it, too, particularly the back-to-back songs Ossining and Cash Cow. So good.
    He’s playing live this friday and saturday night at the Fox Theater in Boulder. I’ll be there on Saturday. All y’all should come. You can crash at my house.

  11. Was just about to post that Joy of Tech article… Still waiting for Wil’s review of Serenity, since he mentioned liking Firefly in the past…

  12. Glad y’all enjoyed the link.
    I don’t suppose any of you know of someone near OKC that could take a black kitten. Someone moved out of our apartment complex and he’s just too friendly to be outside in October.
    We’ve been trying for a week to find this little guy a home and I’ve become totally disgusted with the animal shelter system here. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that I am currently out of work because of health reasons. (long story – don’t want to go there right now…)

  13. Embrace your fanboy side, hell we all are in a way here for you…right? hehe!!
    I haven’t listened to Soul Coughing in years. I kinda forgot about them till I read the post. The words to that song are amazing. He really is a good writer.

  14. “…drooling fanboy dipshittery…”
    This may be my favorite turn of phrase in the 21st century. I hope you’ll forgive me if I borrow/steal/butcher it for my own purposes.
    BTW this is my first ever comment on yer stuff, but I read it lots…thanks for persisting.

  15. Damn you. You made me go and buy another CD. You tell me about it and then he has to have samples to tempt me and make me buy. It’s a bloody conspiracy.

  16. ok, now i have to say, email him, duh. we all act like drooling tng freaks, ok some of us do, ok some of THEM do. it is always good to know someone admires your work and apreciates your effort. besides, how big of an idiot could you make of yourself? or maybe you dont want to answer that.

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