i think i’ll be a tough guy and i think i’ll be a punk

Several WWdN readers who have temporarily joined us here in exile (*wave*), wrote in this morning to inform me that I’ve earned a spot in another Joy Of Tech comic.

Clicky for teh funnay.

I haven’t had time to see Serenity, yet. I was too busy to attend both of the screenings I was invited to, but I hope to see it before the end of next week. I hear it’s fantastic.

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  1. *grins* I like that but something tells me that you would never do a chip ‘n dale dancer in real life. Thanks for the thought – I’ll go back & drool some more 😉

  2. I’m sure there are a lot of us that would like to see you in the Chip N Dale role, Wil. *grinning* Not sure how Anne would feel about it though..
    You and Chris Rock in a movie together..now that would be priceless.

  3. holycrap, that’s funny, and not just “Chipper Dale” but the whole thing. I’ve got a friend who’s all over Firefly so I’ll have to send that link to him.
    Btw, good luck getting your db issues sorted out.

  4. Go see Serenity. Seriously. It’s one of the best pieces of Sci Fi I’ve seen lately. Also the film itself has a nice underdog story, and they need a big 2nd weekend to stay in sequel-greenlight contention.
    P.S. Glad you’re liking TypePad. I like the tinkering Movable Type lets one do, but the simple elegance of TypePad really is something.

  5. You know, I may use that as my desktop picture for a few days at work. It’s a guarantee that I will be getting confused looks and a few scared questions but that’s ok, I like to keep people guessing about me.
    Wil, now you’re going to have to go as Ambassador Chipper Dale for Halloween!
    On the serious side… as a Joss Whedon fan, I hope the hubby will be wanting to see Serenity at the movies this weekend (it’s his birthday so he gets to pick) Right now I have him between Corpse Bride and Serenity but… hey, I have two more days to work on him!

  6. You must see Serenity. There’s a lot that didn’t happen that I wanted to, but it still leaves the possibility of a Firefly comeback.
    Also, did you see that Orson Scott Card was really impressed with Joss Whedon’s style? I’d be really excited if we saw a few Ender movies come out as a collaboration between Card and Whedon.

  7. Okay Wil, you know you won’t regret seeing Serenity, and we know you won’t regret it, so hopefully you can see it soon. I’m dying to read what you have to say about it.
    As for me, digesting that movie made me lose sleep. And I mean that in a good way. The last piece of media to both delight and disturb me so masterfully was the Murakami Haruki novel “Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.”
    And, by the way, absolute win for the BOINGO reference…

  8. Serenity is great ride which is definitely worth multiple theatre viewings, for sure. I hope you can get to see it this weekend, which is super important in regards to its chances for a sequal. I know you’ve said your boys liked Firefly, so it should be a fun family night out. Rock on! \m/ (hope the horns show up! :D)

  9. Wow!! Wil Wheaton and Joss Whedon in the SAME funny. oh. my. god.
    the movie is unbelievably good. Please go when you can — real scifi, real action, real characters.

  10. So… Like… When is this show going to hit the – I was going to say airwaves, but I guess that doesn’t really count for much these days..
    Maybe, when will this show hit the bittorrent trackers?

  11. Hmmmm…

    The Artist was only able to give Wil a “4-Pack”, and sadly to say Wil’s nipples were sold on eBay (hence their absence in the drawing)!

  12. That is too funny! It made my day! I am actually going this weekend to see Serenity. Can’t wait. A friend of mine went to see it opening night and loved it.

  13. Luckly, No Liquid In My Mouth

    When I followed the link in this post: WWdN: In Exile: i think i’ll be a tough guy and i think i’ll be a punk I’ve earned a spot in another Joy Of Tech comic. I was rewarded with the…

  14. HA, cute!
    The older brother recommends seeing Serenity. But he also recommended to me when I was ten to drop out of school, because he could teach me everything I needed to know. So I don’t know if you’d want to trust his advice.

  15. O_O
    wow…your wife is a very lucky woman…shame they sold yer nipples, though…that has to suck.
    i’m probably gonna go see Serenity on the 17th…gotta celebrate the big 1-8 somehow, so what better way to do it then to go see a Joss Whedon movie?

  16. It was big emotion! waiting for this movie and then actually seeing it. I can’t recall ever being so invested in a cast of characters. The hub was shocked when i mentioned it surpassed my love of SW.
    LOVE your profile pic!!

  17. I’m totally into Serenity/Firefly now. I just got back from Barnes & Nobles where I picked up “The Official Visual Companion.” You’ve gotta see it, Wil!

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