little by little

Harvey Danger, who had a hit song in the mid-90s with Flagpole Sitta, have a new album out, called Little by Little. It’s their first studio album in five years, and boy is it worth the wait! I’ve been listening to it all morning, and I really like it. If you’ve read WWdN for any amount of time, and you like the same kind of music that I do, you should pick it up.

. . . which you can do right now, for free, because Harvey Danger has released the entire album using Bittorrent:

We’re not streaming, or offering 30-second song samples, or annoying
you with digital rights management software; we’re putting up the whole
record, for free, forever. Full stop. Please help yourself; if you like
it, please share with friends.

Well, I like it, so I’m doing my little part to share it. If you like it, you can order the album from their website.

I think this is a great idea. Thanks, Harvey Danger!

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  1. New Harvey Danger

    Harvey Danger has put out a new album. They had oen hit back in the 90s (Flagpople Sitta) which I sorta liked/sorta got annoyed by. Their follow up album, King James Version, was spectacular though, with some of the best sing along pop/rock I h…

  2. OH-MI-GOSH.. Did I get the first comment?
    I have downloaded Harvey Danger from BitTorrent… How freakin’ cool of them!
    Happy Monday.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Wil. I’ve been in love with “Wine, Women and Song” since they were here for SXSW – can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

  4. How old were you in the picture? I’d like to know if you have met any deaf people? I’m deaf and I watched your movies as a kid. I even wrote you a fan letter, heh. I’m just curious if you have any experience meeting deaf people.

  5. I felt like such an azz back in the day when I was the only one that LOVED Harvey Danger (wully muffler was my favorite song for some lame ‘loser am I’ reason).
    Bittorrent me up f**ker.
    Definitely going to get this album through rhapsody when it comes out to support them.

  6. Just downloaded the album. Excellent work! I totally love it. Wrote a bit of a review on my blog, but don’t read it, I’m not much of a writer.

  7. Sorry to post off topic, out of place. The Stories of Strength book is out at and Wil has a story in there called “Just Keep Going.” All proceeds go to charity.

  8. This album is great. “Little Round Mirrors” should be a big hit. I hope their model works, because I would always buy the music but I hate DRM crap that makes it hard for me to move songs from one device to another.

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