problems with the iTunes Music Store?

As I noted earlier this week at the SG Newswire, Apple has updated just about everything, including a new version of iTunes, where they’re offering sales of ABC shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives.

Since I upgraded to iTunes 6, I’ve noticed lots of problems with the iTunes Music Store. I’ve purchased three albums this week, and on two of them, I got an error that "We could not complete your request. An unknown error occurred (502)" (thanks for that useful error message, guys!) which stopped my download. Earlier this week, I waited a few minutes, checked for purchased music, and the download picked up where it left off.

However,today I purchased The Mirror Conspiracy from Thievery Corporation (holy shit is it a great album) and the same thing happened . . . but this time, when I checked for purchased music, it said I had everything I’d paid for, which is wrong, because one of the songs is nowhere to be found on my machine. It’s probably due to the insane load on their servers right now, and
I’m going to contact customer support and see if they can help me.

I read at the Unofficial Apple Weblog that an episode of Lost was – har- lost, but when he was able to get his file later on. I have not been so lucky. Has anyone else had problems like this?

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  1. iTunes just crashed on me when I tried to download a Lost episode. Now it’s trying to download the rest of it and it’s been almost an hour. Methinks they got bombarded.

  2. Which is exactly why I recommend eMusic. No, it doesn’t have EVERY song under the sun, but it’s got a huge selection and the price can NOT be beat.

  3. This happened to me once on a song I purchased. Just email the iTunes Customer Service with your order number, and they will reactivate the missing song for you with no hassle.

  4. I had some trouble right after the new version/store launched w/ my connection and with downloading a music video, but eventually it downloaded and I had everything I paid for. The server was way overloaded though so your suspicions seem reasonable. Let us know what you find out.

  5. Yesterday I bought the Death Cab for Cutie iTMS Exclusive and the new t.A.T.u.
    I also tagged the two free songs.
    The first free song didn’t come, #502. Death cab showed up, but half of t.A.Tu. didn’t.
    I’ve sent an email to them but checking for non-downloaded music doesn’t get me my missing songs.
    I’m betting it’s a bandwidth/server load issue, lots of people checking things out vs. us ‘regulars’ that buy every week thing :)

  6. Yeah, I had some probs when I was trying to download some choice Depeche Mode. I’m not downloading any shows, since my iPod is what I consider an ‘antique’. iTunes doesn’t seem to think so. With no consideration for my feelings, it informed me upon my last update that “some of the songs from the iTunes library could not vbe uploaded because your iPod is too old”. “Too old”. ! If they think that preying upon my insecurities is going to force me to upgrade, they ae sorely mistaken. I turn 30 in three weeks, I don’t need this trauma!!! (sigh)

  7. The “502” error code sounds like an HTTP protocol issue (i.e. 404=file not found). w3org states the 502 error code as:
    ” The server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the upstream server it accessed in attempting to fulfill the request.”
    In that sense, the error message actually is useful and seems to agree with your assumptions that the iTunes server is getting hammered right now.

  8. Thievery Corp is really good, they use lots of great source material, and have interesting influences.
    I hate iTunes/iPod issues…
    iTunes and iPod’s have massive issues with Audiobooks, so if you see any mono m4b’s, skip them entirely, and re-encode using a program called Markable… Love my iPod most of the time, just hate it when it breaks… I will say that iTunes is a lot better than Fox Music (Firefly Soundtrack). That was the most painful purchase ever… You can buy it, but now download it… Once we fix that, we won’t let you play it because our DRM is screwed…

  9. It’s not just an iTunes 6 issue as I’ve been getting the same errors downloading music from iTunes 5.
    I refuse to upgrade until JHymn works with iTunes 6.

  10. I only listen to their radio & use it for playing the CD’s that I already have. But I haven’t had problems with those.
    Oh how did the tourney go??

  11. I know I am not answering your question, but I want to say this: You are an Apple user, too? I love you! I thought you were, but I wasn’t certain. I use Macs and so does my whole family. It’s hard for me to find anybody who uses Macs these days, but I am glad that you do.
    Sorry I didn’t answer your question!

  12. Since the new download, I’m having a problem getting them to understand that free download doesn’t mean let’s charge your account. I’ve written emails and all I get back is how they “ping” my credit card to see if I am a “real” account. But they seem to forget, I use paypal and not my credit card. Still waitng for my refund.

  13. I work for the Apple iPod tech support, so if you do happen to call in you would probably end up talking to my department. First of all, you’re probably going to get little to no help from us concerning the music store. The tech support is a fee based tech support, so you have to pay money, though with a Music Store issue we usually do make exceptions. If you do get someone who will actually help you, there is very little they can do seeing as they don’t have access to the Music Store accounts. In the end they will probably just end up telling you to goto this website
    Where you can e-mail the iTunes Music Store (they don’t have phone support). So, I think the best thing for you to do is email them and they’ll most definatly let you re-download them. All in all, I hate Apple and their crappy tech support. If you ever run into any trouble with that, feel free to send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

  14. Wil –
    3 things I know:
    1) There is absolutely no phone support for iTMS. You will have to use email. For exhaustive details, see here:
    2) You can get permission to download all your content again. Apple will allow this if your hard drive crashes or something, and this is obviously or something. I assume they keep track and as long as you don’t do it more than occasionally its cool. I can’t find a link on this, but I’m certain that they at least *used* to let you do this.
    3) Thievery Corporation is the shizzle.

  15. Can you use with an iPOD? That’s my issue. That and I have like 10.35GB on my iPOD already and would hate to have to do that all over again! OUCH!
    Sorry to get off topic but…any DM fans here? Just wondering what other think of the new cd.

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