REVIEW: Dawn of the Dead documentaries

My call for the movie today isn’t until 4:30, so I watched the documentary disc of Dawn of the Dead: The Ultimate Edition. Here’s my quick review:

There are four features on this disc, but the two documentaries, "The Dead Will Walk" and "Document of the Dead" make it required viewing for any serious fan of DotD. The contrast between the two is remarkable, and the result is much greater than the sum of the individual parts.

"The Dead Will Walk" is the obligatory look back at the making of the film, complete with cast and crew interviews, and original behind the scenes footage from the production. It’s an enjoyable retrospective, and it’s nice to see people look back fondly on this great film.

"Document of the Dead" is a documentary made during the prodction of DotD, and has a decidedly different point of view. Interviews on the set and a narrative examination of Romero’s style are woven together to give us a much more in-depth look at the making of this landmark film, which was clearly not an easy production and struggled to find distribution. "Document of the Dead" was made long before Romero was the unquestioned master of the genre, and after watching him discuss his philosopy on filmmaking, it’s easy to see how he earned the title.

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  1. I agree completely-I am a special features junky and although zombies are my worst fear realized and yes, I did make sure to buy a house with a basesment “just incase”, I love George A. Romero’s works of art and the special features on DOTD rock!

  2. Dawn Of The Dead. Never seen it. One thing I would love someone to review is Smallville. Why? Because it is the worst rendition of Superman EVER! KILL OFF LANA! PLEASE!! “Oh Clark. I love you. WAIT! No I don’t. WAIT! Yes I do.” *cue the blinking of big brown eyes*
    My husband is a huge Superman fan (like most boys his age), and I can’t believe he likes that show. Clark should have boned someone worthy. Like Cloe. She’s hot, doesn’t bitch about stupid things and could better appreciate the “Man Of Steel”.

  3. Hi Wil,
    I just found about about wwdn:iX and I have to say, I giggled when I saw your picture. Beyond cute.
    Good luck on Toe-wik-a-whizza! I’ll be watching for when/where I can catch it playing. I am sure you’ll keep us all posted. Keep on rockin’ Uncle Willie!

  4. I have the remake of Dawn of The Dead. Off topic I totally loved you in I LOVE THE 80’s 3D. You made me laugh so much my cat Charlie just looked at me like I was crazy. (he’s 15 years old by the way)I should DVR the whole series just so I can watch you scream stuff.

  5. I did get to watch part of the DOTD documentary “The Dead Will Walk”, I believe. I don’t recall why but I didn’t get to watch all of this disc. But it was very cool to see and makes me crave another 70s horror film.. only a decent one. There’s just something unique about horror films in the 70s, I can’t quite put my finger on it.
    Anyway, OT but YOU MUST spill the beans about the movie. And hey, if by chance there are ANY actors from ANY Joss Whedon production in this movie, you must hook me up with some kind of autographed merch, a date, whatever. I know I’m married but the hubby will make an exception for Whedon.
    Just kidding. Only not. Congrats again, Wil and keep us posted! I’m excited.

  6. OT again but to address VeronicaRobinson’s mention of Smallville… Actually I LOVE this show but I do have to agree… Lana gets on my last nerve.
    KEEP watching though.. ratings are going through the roof and hey, James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) is playing Brainiac/Professor Milton Fine this season. I am soooo psyched to see more of him.

  7. My wife and I are in the documentary very briefly. We were on the mall tour with Len Lies and Ken Foree. I had fun the fall before at the Pittsburgh Comicon and got to go out to eat with them and Jim Krut….

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