UPDATE: I’m out of the ACME show the next two weeks

Sigh. This is always a risk when the cast is made up of working actors, but it still sucks.

The schedule for the movie can not be changed, so I had to take myself out of the ACME shows for the next two weeks. This means that you one and only for reals chance to see me in the show will be on November 19th, our closing night.

I’m really sorry, and feel terrible for the cast, the theatre, and especially the WWdN:iX readers who were planning on coming out to see the show. I hope everyone understands.

9 thoughts on “UPDATE: I’m out of the ACME show the next two weeks”

  1. It stinks that you will miss those shows, but at least it is because you have an acting gig and not something awful like having mono again.
    Congrats on the movie, when it comes out your posse will all see it opening weekend in a virtual Wil Fest.

  2. Well dammit. Sucks for me, but yay for you! I’ll just have to move my reservation to the 19th. No worries. Congrats on the new gig! 😀

  3. Great that you have an acting gig in a movie. Don’t sweat it that you cannot be in 2 places at the same time. True fans will understand. Had a look at the trailer for “Walk the Line” and know what you mean. Yikes! Avoid the movie and just slap a CD in and listen to the man in black’s music.

  4. Definitely one of those “good news/bad news” situations. I hope the shoot goes well, and that the Stupid Award you will undoubtedly win is something worth displaying on your mantle. Or at least on the refrigerator.

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