there’s money in the bananna stand

Can someone explain to me why Fox cancelled  Arrested Development, but gave The War at Home the  timeslot between The Simpsons and Family Guy?

Why does Fox hate the funny so much?

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  1. My theory is that it has something to do with Michael Rappaport, Fox executives, and blow jobs. That must be what he’s good at – it’s certainly not acting or being funny.

  2. Arrested is one of my favorite shows, but it never really fit in on Fox. My hope is that HBO or some other network will pick it up and give the show the attention it deserves.

  3. There’s Money in the Bananna Stand

    Wil Wheaton asks the question on a lot of minds: “Why does Fox hate the funny so much?” Read the comments for people’s answer to the question, particulary this one that I fully agree with: “Here’s my $0.02 on why good shows get cancelled. I’ve heard th…

  4. you should watch BOTTOM with Rik Mayall(from “Drop Dead Fred”). It’s just utterly funny. The guys in it are really immature and everything they say makes you laugh, I mean they don’t even try, they’re merely born funny. Just amazing stuff!

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