Today could have been a really, really bad day.

Instead, it’s turning out to be a good day.

I just wanted to mark that fact.

As you were.

15 thoughts on “today”

  1. I understand, I spent the better part of today trying to order envelopes off the corporate hamster wheel that I work in.after about a zillion phonecalls and emails….. they told me I already ordered them….I am pretty sure I have’nt. I’m going home. my motto is…your crisis is not my crisis! Actually this is a great day because I have decided it is. I just got a phone call the goddamn things are on the way Woo hooo!!!

  2. You know what, same here. Today was a good day. Kids were wonderful, my son said to my dad, “I love you grandpa” for the first time ever. My dad just.. beamed.
    But (and I hope I don’t sound Miss Mary Sunshine on coke) usually if you think it’s going to be a bad day, it will be. I can’t say this shit without sounding like a motivational speaker or Dr. Phil but negativity breeds more negativity in that strange cosmic way. You can turn your bad day into a good day!
    I may have just morphed into a preschool teacher in the last few seconds :)

  3. Me too! I got an extension on an english paper I haven’t written yet.
    (Guy accepts no late papers from anyone else… I feel damned special.)

  4. I love that. I’ve found that usually days that I think are going to be crappy end up okay.
    Which makes me fidgety when I think a day’s going to be great.
    Yes, I’m strange.

  5. I know I commented yesterday but today was another one of those days too for me. Started out VERY badly but, now, without revealing the details, I just got done doing cartwheels in my office hallway (So were a few others)!
    “Numfar, do the Dance of Joy!”

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