WWdN West Cost Warmup #2

FinaltableTonight, WWdN West Coast Warmup #2 is happening at PokerStars.
Yesterday, I got heads-up in a $22 SNG, and had my kings cracked by 84d
(!) when the flop came 6s-5s-9h, and he turned the 7h for a gutshot. On
the very next hand, I had AKo. He raised, I called. When the flop came
Ah Jh 9d, he checked. I made a small bet, he raised and I pushed,
confident I was ahead, and hoping he’d put me on a tilt-push and call.
He called, and showed Ac 8d, and I was about a 4:1 favorite. The turn
was the 5d, improving me to about 9:1, and the river was the 8h,
reducing me to 0:1.

So what I’m saying is, I used up all my bad luck yesterday, and I’m dangerous tonight. If you’re going to come play, I suggest reading two posts I did for CardSquad this week, Blissful Buckets parts one and two. They are about enjoying the game, and having fun at lower limits:

Is it a coincidence that I just wanted to have fun, and I finished the night way way way ahead?

But I know this: I had as much fun when I was losing as I did when
I was winning. I enjoyed the company of my fellow players, and I did
not take a single moment for granted while I played with people I like.

I am left with a few points, which will guarantee low-limit and
small-stakes SNG success, as I’ve defined it. This assumes that you
have a basic skill set, and understand things like the Gap Concept, the
Dominated Hand, and the importance of position in no limit hold’em:


  1. Always play within your gulp limit.
  2. Don’t play with the rent money.
  3. Do whatever it takes to enjoy the company of your tablemates.
  4. Don’t be afraid of Monsters Under The Bed.
  5. Read Zen and the Art of Poker.

Hope to see you all there tonight! The game is at 7:30 Pacific, and
is in the lobby under Tourneys -> Private. Password, as always, is monkey.

14 thoughts on “WWdN West Cost Warmup #2”

  1. Turns out that my pocket nines were not all that dangerous against CJ’s pocket queens.
    That’s twice that he’s busted me. If I didn’t like CJ so much, I’d really hate him. 😉

  2. Damn it.
    Wil, I wanted to ask you a question, but I had to let my brother on the computer. When I returned, you had already busted out. And chances are, I won’t be able to watch tomorrow night. Oh well.

  3. Holy Cow. I’m the winner. Thanks for hosting the great game. I got lucky about 3 times on the way to the win picking up a card to win on the river when I was way behind. Thanks to Darth Paradox and his ninja filled webcomic for keeping me entertained.

  4. Good game! This was my first game for “real” money and I ended up 33rd AND I was the tournament chip leader for about 30 seconds!
    Thanks for hosting, Wil.

  5. As usual, I had a fun time in the game last night. I didn’t make the final table, but I did outlast Wil and several other well-known poker bloggers. For one night, anyway, I was the BOSS of WHEATON! Fear my min raise! :-)

  6. Okay, a question for everyone…
    I downloaded Poker Stars (I usually play on party poker and I’m getting a little sick of it) and I went to buy chips. My credit cards won’t allow e-gaming, so what’s the safety way to buy chips that you all use? Thanks!!

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