Lakeside Shadow

‘m not sure how many people are listening to Radio Free Burrito, but a bunch of you wrote in asking for a stand-alone MP3 of my ambient tune Lakeside Shadow.

Look, you’re totally not the boss of me, but I did sort of say that if enough people asked for it, I’d put it here on its own.  I’m proud of the composition, and I’m happy to put it out there for anyone to listen to, or use in a creative way.

If you like it, you’ll probably like some of the artists who influenced me over the years: Woob (especially 1194, and especially the track strange air) Dedicated (especially Global Communication, also called 76 14), and Solitaire (especially Ritual Ground). Also, Instinct Records (still alive) and Silent Records (sadly, tragically, defunct since 1996) released an amazing number of genre-defining ambient discs in the 90s. And now, just to prove how hardcore I am, I’m going to throw out Pete Namlook, and the FAX Label, but their stuff is far more experimental than the rest of my list, and isn’t what I’d use to introduce a new listener to Ambient music.

Finally, if you can find it, Silent Records put out an incredible record called Earth to Infinity (I think in 1994) which was pulled shortly after it was released, due to some sampling issues. I think it’s one of the greatest ambient recordings of all time, and don’t ask me for it because I’m not going to jail for you, Chachi.

Anyway, here it is. The file is 4.9MB, and is a 192kbps MP3, at 44.1kHz. It’s 3:30:  Download lakeside_shadow.mp3

Lakeside Shadow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. If you decide to do something cool with it, let me know and I may just
link it up. If you want to pretend we’re really in the radio business,
you can send me some money and a hooker to help influence my decision.

The photo in this entry, which is the photo I’d use if I’d made this into an actual record or whatever, was taken by jpmatth. I found it at flickr (using the tags winter and lake) and is used according to his Creative Commons license. Pretty cool, huh?

24 thoughts on “Lakeside Shadow”

  1. So, my friend JT totally makes techno music!
    Actually he makes various techno, electronica, ambient, etc. His stuff is more rhythm-based and he likes a lot of layers. Maybe you’d like to give it a listen?
    His most ambient track isn’t on that list. The closest to it is Apex. Have fun and let me know what you think if you decide to listen to it.

  2. I really enjoyed Episode 3, I have not heard your first two, and was really excited when I saw you had done a podcast. The music you composed Wil was really cool…i am going to downoad it…Can’t wait for episode four! -Sebastian

  3. hey :) i’ve just downloaded “lakeside shadow” it’s really cool ๐Ÿ˜› thanks for putting it up :) i hope radio free burrito ep 4 is up soon :)

  4. I downloaded Lakeside Shadow and while listening to it for the n-th time, I suddenly thought that one of my recently written poems who fit just right.
    While listening to the track on my mp3 player, I started to read my poem and after about 15 reads, I think that I have really got it right.
    I mean, man! Lakeside Shadow seems to have been composed specially for the poem. I’m trying to record it and put it on the net.
    Hopefully, it’s good enough though. I’m really excited about this.

  5. Whoah, holy smokes! Not only can Wil act, and write, but he can compose music!?? You’re not one of those child progenies, are you?
    Ha, ha, made a funny. But seriously. Way cool!

  6. Just an impression I’ve gotten from reading your blog… your wife might let you keep the money but she’d never let you keep the hooker!
    I’m not sure what side of the brain it is that is the creative one, but do you even have the other side? :) Or are all these outlets to the same brain spot of creativity???

  7. Wow, that was really cool. I eagerly await the full, two vinyl record compilation, complete with trippy liner art and secret messages in the notes. In the mean time, be sure to check out Tim Gerwing, a very talented musician that has a couple of albums out now of very cool ambient music. His stuff is available through iTunes Music Store as well.

  8. Wow Wil – An actor, writer AND musician – a triple threat. I really loved “Lakeside Shadow”. I listened to it at work and several of my co-workers gathered around my office and said “That’s terrific – who’s the artist??”. I liked the subtle beginning leading up to the dramatic crescendo – very cool.

  9. Wow, I love that song. When are the rest coming out? :)
    I’m always on the lookout for good ambient, so I’ll definitely check those you mentioned out.
    Any ‘dark ambient’ recommendations?

  10. “…Look, you’re totally not the boss of me, but I did sort of say that if enough people asked for it, I’d put it here on its own…”
    I think that’s a harsh reaction to people who just wanted to hear your creation. Sure they aren’t your boss but the reaction seemed a bit impetulant.
    And by the way, it is a wonderful tune and you did a great job with it.

  11. Damn! I haven’t even finished listening to it yet, and I already totally dig it. I’ve been getting more and more into the acid-ambient-trip stuff lately. Ever since I wandered into a Starbucks in Old Town Orange, CA, and heard the Kruder & Dorfmeister KD Sessions discs, I’ve been getting into it. Zero 7, St. Germaine, and so on. One of the best compilations I’ve come across lately is actually a 4 disc set, from Jaguar of all companies! Jag commissioned a 4 disc set by Jason Bentley a DJ from KCRW radio in LA. Some of the artists include: Merz, Lemonjelly, Spooky, Dubtribe Soundsystem, and Mylo. I think you can stream the tracks at this site:
    So, we’ve got acting, writing, card sharking (lol), blogging, podcasting (waiting for RFB 4!), and now composing and playing?!? Where in the hell do you find the time for all of this? Who cares! Just keep doing it. I want an autographed copy when you do the full CD!

  12. Wow Wil! You wrote that? Very cool :) I’m majorly impressed! Nice work.
    Not that you asked, and I’m probably totally overstepping here, but it’s so good that I want you to keep writing more and more stuff, so I’m just gonna say this: The main body of it cuts out a little too abruptly for me (I know… who asked? I’m just saying). I was totally transported and then it was jarring when it dropped out. -Which is a cool artistic choice, but I was in “la la land” and it’s like someone went “WHOMP! Wake up! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ” I’d prefer a different transisition into those end segments (that’s just me and my own personal taste. The whole entire rest of the world may totally disagree!) I only bring this up because I really LOVED this and I’d love to see you write more. I would absolutely buy a CD if you wrote more like these. -If they don’t jar me ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s really seriously cool and great writing. It was the perfect thing to listen to at the end of my day. Looking forward to more.

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