poker bloggers are the nuts

oker bloggers totally. Fucking. Rule.

I had more fun, got less sleep, and won more money in the last 48 hours in Las Vegas than in the previous three trips combined.

The WPBT 2005 Winter Classic trip report will come soon. But first, I need to collapse for about 18 hours.

22 thoughts on “poker bloggers are the nuts”

  1. It was great meeting you. I had an absolute blast. Too bad I busted out when I tried to make a move with pocket 4s. My son was ecstatic when I told him I met you. We’ll be watching Firefly tomorrow night!
    BTW, I really appreciate your kind words about me serving in the military.
    -Dr. Chako

  2. I was playing poker with my daughter when she declared that she had 5 of a kind.
    I smiled and said there was no such thing. She is six you see, and not such a good player.
    She promptly showed me her five hearts – and scooped all the beans…
    Okay – I made that up – but it’s what my daughter is like – bashing my paradigms and misconceptions about reality all the time.
    Good for you Wil – and we want a report (podcast style) please.
    And I second the question about what software you use to record your podcast with.

  3. Liners: “Swotluck supper” is more accurate but less satisfying

    The NY Post updates us on Thomas Hawk vs. PriceRitePhoto. Hugh Fraser points us to his audio interview with Robert Scoble and Hugh MacLeod at a London geek dinner (or “swotlatch”). Blog Network Watch ranks network blogs with a sophisticated,…

  4. Wil,
    Meeting you was great.
    Playing poker with you was fantastic.
    Getting to know you better was an honor and frankly made my trip.
    Take care, and I truly hope there is a next time.

  5. awesome trip. Was sorry I did not get you on tape for the audio blog, but I am going to use that Friday night hand for a mini-half minute mystery.
    Great meeting you!

  6. “May I speak with Mr. or Mrs. Wheaton please?”
    “What are you selling?”
    “I’m not selling anything Mr. Wheaton. I’m calling on behalf of the Veronica Robinson Is Poor Foundation. With just a small donation to this wonderful non-profit organization, you could be giving someone a much brighter future.”
    “Oh yeah? How much?”
    “Well, the cost is not important. Let me break it down by how much it would be a day.”
    “And what’s that?”
    “Just $100 a day. Take the money you would use to buy a Starbucks coffee and put it to better use Mr. Wheaton. Think of the good you’d be doing!”

    “Hello? Mr…Mr. Wheaton?”

  7. Good Job Wil. Long time no comment. I am right now watching the entire 1st three seasons of TNG and remembering how much it sucked when you left. Damn those idiot producers! 😛
    Anyway..I defiantely want to play poker against you sometime.. heads up maybe…

  8. No wil… you totally fuckin’ rule. We’re glad you had a great time, because we all had a blast, too. Guess you’re hooked in for next time!
    Oh, and, um… about the comment that got me on the list… um… it just slipped out, I swear! 😉

  9. Wil, it was an absolute pleasure being on your left during the tourney and an honor to spend time with you all day. Glad you enjoyed it and I certainly hope to see you at the next one.

  10. Nice playing with you in the WPBT tourney. I was moved to your table (in the 1 seat with the homemade bottle of wine) and was quickly eliminated.
    Time to finish up my writeup…

  11. Although I didn’t get the opportunity to rub elbows with you, I was glad to at least shake your hand. One of my favorite memories of this trip will be the one when I looked across the room at the Excal just as you rose triumphantly, thrust your fists into the air and cried “Ship it!!!” after winning a pot at the Vegas Poker table. Priceless!

  12. A blue or green prop bet? I think there was only one person silly enough to bet on yellow!
    It was great to meet you! I’ll learn to say “Radio Free Burrito” eventually 😉

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