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I am very fortunate to call John Kovalic my friend. He is an incredibly kind, supportive, and talented guy. He did the illustrations for Just A Geek, just because I asked him to, and the goddamn publisher didn’t even give him (or Neil Gaiman who wrote the foreword) credit on the cover (I guess they needed every inch they could get for the Star Trek stuff. Awesome.)

John has brought so much supermegacool stuff into the world, and has contributed sto so many things that I love, it’s hard to single out one thing that’s best: Apples to Apples? Dork Tower? The illustrations for various incarnations of Munchkin and Chez [Geek|Grunt|Greek|Goth]?

How about his hilarious-because-it’s-true take on Disney’s fetid "breath of fresh air?"

All are legitimate candidates, but today I am voting for the shirt you see pictured on the left, which finally combines Napoleon Dynamite and Cthulhu, a pairing that was long over due.

Bravo, John. Put me down for a men’s medium.

15 thoughts on “vote for cthulhu”

  1. I always vote for Cthulhu –
    – Cause Azothoth thinks he is the center of the universe (ie: nuts), and Yog Sothoth is full of hot air, and when he burps they turn into bubbles.
    And Shub is so busy looking after those thousand young, you just know your vote is wasted there.
    And you can’t vote for me because I don’t run – I crawl!
    Nyarlathotep (The Crawling Chaos)

  2. Christmas wish list, you IDIOT! Gosh!

    I voted for Cthulhu in the last presidential primary, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
    Actually, I didnt get that lousy t-shirt, mainly because I didnt know it was available. But now I know about it and covet it. It combines two …

  3. Apples to Apples? We played this with my in-laws and we all loved it! If if makes my husbands darling parents laugh and laugh and not think about how much they dislike me, then it is a miracle game! Seriously, though, it was good family fun!

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