While channel surfing, I just discovered that my episode of CSI, Compulsion, is about to start on the West Coast.

So if you’d like to see me and my sweater, put on your local CBS station, and enjoy!

Afterthought: I’m having a really shitty day, which included an absolutely terrible audition (my fault, not theirs), and accidentally discovering that this is on has brightened my spirits just a little bit. I’m real proud of the work I did on CSI, and it’s nice to remember how good it felt to earn the part, work on the show, and watch the episode when it first aired.

"Finders keepers!"

54 thoughts on “Walter!”

  1. 50TH comment. Do I win a prize? 😛
    seriously.. . . I STILL
    have missed this episode.. and I am a regular CSI watcher, but when this came out we had a death in the family. So I pray that I catch it on some channel eventually or I will break down and rent it from netflix. 😛
    Gah, I wanna see it now!

  2. Just wanted to add that I taped this episode of CSI the first time it aired. You did a great job. Don’t worry, more will come. I had called my daughter so she could watch, she said,That’s Wil Wheaton?WOW She, too, was impressed.

  3. Wil,
    I don’t know if anyone else really doesn’t have the urge to watch CSI, but would nevertheless like to catch you next time this aired.
    If so, if they go to Yahoo TV Advanced Search, type “CSI” in the title and “Compulsion” in the Subtitle, they should be led to a page they can bookmark to look for the next airing of your episode.

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