tuesday morning quarterbacking

I‘m hellabusy this morning, so ten minutes is a limit for me today, rather than a goal.

I enjoyed the Superbowl this year, even if it was one of the worst halftime shows in history, and all but two of the commercials completely sucked. (The ones that I liked were the spinning refrigerator in the wall, which absolutely killed me, and the streaking sheep, which I found  moderately amusing. I can sum up the rest of the commecrials thusly: I wanted to pack an Escalade with Diet Pepsi, and crash it into Burger King.)

As far as the game goes, I thought there were some questionable calls, one terrible call, and a weird implosion by Seattle in the 4th. (I told Ryan that the holding penalty that took away what would have been 1st and goal was the turning point for them.) I didn’t really have a team in the game, though, and just wanted to be entertained by some good football, so I was mostly happy, especially because I got to watch the game with the kids. This was the first year in my thirty-three on the planet that I’ve regularly watched, and cared about football. I blame it entirely on HDTV, which for some reason made a game I used to find tedious and stupid exciting and compelling.

Yesterday, Anne and I did our first official training walk for the marathon: four miles. Today, we’ll do another four, and we should start jogging in ten days or so. I’m really excited for the marathon this year, and we’ll have our own special TK421 fundraising/training/happyfuntimes blog up real soon.

Last night, it was unseasonably warm, and we were able to put a fire in the outdoor fireplace Anne and the kids got me for Festivus, put some teriyaki chicken on the barbeque, and enjoy how cool it was that we could stand out on our patio in short-sleeves and eat dinner in February.

I’m really happy that so many of you enjoyed my post about Disneyland, and shared some of your own Disney experiences with me via e-mail or comments. It was one of those things, like writing Dancing Barefoot, where I got to relive the experience of being there as I recreated it, and that is my absolute favorite kind of work.

And speaking of work, I gotta go.

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  1. Wil:
    Another sweat-shop free company that I like is based right in LA – American Apparel (www.americanapparel.net). They even do “sustainable” stuff made from organic/vegan fabrics. Most of their clothing is blank and made for screen-printing, but it is super comfortable and comes in any color you could imagine.

  2. Seattle were robbed!!!
    Anyway, is there a game tonight? This is the first time in almost 3 months I’ve been home to play and I can find no reference to any password or game name.
    I really wanna play….

  3. It’s good to know that even an unbiased observer noticed questionable calls by the refs.
    I wish they didn’t happen – not because I’m a Seahawks fan, but because it would have made for a better, more competitive, more suspenseful and enjoyable game for everyone!

  4. Why is that spinning fridge commercial so funny? My favorite was the Burger King Whopperettes. The “ingredient girls” flopping on top of each other at the end was hilarious! I guess Brooke Burke gets paid a little more, since she got to be the top bun.

  5. The Fed Ex cavemen definitely got my vote, followed closely by the Spring “crime deterrent” cell phone. And being the only female in my fantasy football league, I was hoping I might actually win something on the game. Alas, ’twas not meant to be.
    And I agree about the calls, but that happened all season long – why should the Super Bowl be any different?

  6. The calls were the worst – they all went the Steelers way. Is it me, or did it seem like all the NFL commercials had Steelers players all but proclaiming victory. I smell a conspiracy!

  7. Did you know that reading your blog is actually what convinced me that I could do a marathon myself? And guess what?! I’m running on this weekend with my Dad as a TRAINING run for a 50 miler we’re doing in April. =)

  8. I would hardly say that the officials went the Steelers way the whole game. Did no one see the Colts/Steelers game when Pittsburgh got completely ripped off, but managed to pull off a win?!? One for the thumb, baby!!!!

  9. I’m really happy that so many of you enjoyed my post about Disneyland
    I loved the post, but, more so, I loved tuning in to Slice of Sci-Fi this AM and hearing Michael & Evo… AND WIL! It was a pleasant surprise in the blustery New England commute.

  10. I wanted to pack an Escalade with Diet Pepsi, and crash it into Burger King.
    Brilliant summation. MacGyver and FedEx cavemen get my vote. Except that the scientist in me rather abhors seeing hominids and saurians together. I’m surprised the right-wing fundamentalists weren’t out in force on that one.

  11. I agree – some awful calls. That “touchdown” by Roethlisberger brought back some nasty memories for Seahawks fans of Vinny Testaverde crawling into the endzone seven years ago, a bad call that cost us a trip to the playoffs. We’re still bitter about that.
    But the revolving fridge ad was definitely the best. “Magic friiidge!”

  12. You want unseasonalby warm? I dont think theres been a weeks worth of days under 45/50 degrees in Charlotte. Weve been averageing 55ish, I think. I keep looking outside expecting to see some green on trees

  13. Poor poor Kermit gets no respect. It ain’t easy bein’ green! Come on! Muppets pwn everything. The world needs more muppets in it.
    That and the 6-12mos old Clydesdale was sweet too. I’ve seen plenty of young horses imitate their elders… like a 3 month old jumping over a low crossbar to imitate his mom. That stuff happens. :) (jumps later moved to a safer location)
    MacGyver ruled too. Kermit, Piggy, and streaking sheep, and Clydesdales. That was pretty much it.
    As for the game, there were three teams on the field, Steelers, Seahawks, and the refs.
    And so goes the only football game they bother to show here all year. :(

  14. I liked the ‘Magic Fridge’ one as well.
    Funny you should mention it being mild enough to cook out doors. A couple of days ago it was mild enough here to do the same, so we barbecued some pork chops and baked potatoes, and I was in s short sleeved t shirt. Did I mention I live north of Toronto, Ontario? Warmest winter in a loooong time. :)

  15. Hey, the Steelers won the SuperBowl! Where are they going to go? You guessed it- Disneyland!
    Sorry, just had to pass that corny joke off onto you folks.

  16. Hey Wil! My fiancee and I loved your Disneyland post – thanks! (That totally sucks about Pirates) But didn’t you see the Lenard Nimoy Spock commercial for Alieve? He couldn’t do the Vulcan hand sign because it hurt too much. I thought being an ex-Star Trek guy you would have liked that one too. What do you think?

  17. I assume that Wil’s “bad call” was the Rothlesberger(sp?) touchdown.
    I agree that the line judge made the wrong call; although it was extremely close, I don’t think that the ball crossed the front of the goal line. It was hard to see, and he made the wrong call.
    However, the rules say that a call can only be overturned if there is solid evidence that the call was wrong. The referee was seeing the same replays as we were at home, and the fact is the ball wasn’t visible at the critical instant when Rothlesberger was hitting the ground. The referree couldn’t tell either way, and so the call on the field stood.
    My opinion was that the line judge’s ruling was wrong. However, there were no rules broken.

  18. Dude, if you want to blame something on HDTV, blame watching sailboat racing on HDTV. Every since we got that thing, I’m drawn to the most mundane things simply because they are in High-Def. Sailboat racing, the sunset for an hour, a documentary on bug larvae that grows on tree trunks. Ugh. I guess the crispness is just so tantalizing that it gives us a visual orgasm and completely overrides the brains function to think clearly. “Um, you’re watching SAILBOAT RACING”. Yeah.
    We’re the same age and this set has me watching anything and everything HD. Ugh.

  19. Seattle loses Super Bowl

    The final was 21 to 10 in favor of the Champions the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Seattle Seahawks just couldn’t pull it off. Although the first touchdown for the Steelers should have been null and void and the point replayed. Anyone who watched the replay…

  20. *is watching a DVD with the OTHER 4 Super Bowls the Steelers won on it* hey, hey, hey, wait just a freaking minute…the Steelers had this coming to them! after 10 YEARS of hearing the ’96 game being called “The One That Got Away,” the old wrong was finally righted! and everyone in my family watched that replay of the Roethilsberger touchdown, and it was impossible to see whether or not he had it! and we didn’t just win it so we could hear people scream and get drunk, we won that one for THE BUS! *waves her Terrible Towel* GirlCoop, you took the words right out of the mouths of everyone in Pittsburgh: ONE FOR THE THUMB! ONE FOR THE THUMB!
    oh, and it was so cool seeing the other MVPs…especially Franco Harris and (hopefully!)PA’s future Governor LYNN SWANN!!!

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