box of rain

I‘m working on WWdN today (about to stop and walk my dogs; the rain has broken, and it’s quite beautiful outside right now) and I thought I’d share a couple of links for any readers who found me in Exile, rather than following me over from WWdN.

The first is something I wrote a long, long time ago, when WWdN first started. I knew people would be coming to my site with lots of preconceptions, and I wanted to take a shot at challenging them. I also had a tragic-but-true story which started this whole blogging thing for me, and is one of the first narrative non-fiction things I ever wrote:

If this is your first time here, you should read this.

The second is a couple of links to a reading I did from Just a Geek and Dancing Barefoot at Gnomedex a couple of years ago. It’s not the best performance of all time, and I tossed in a couple of ad-libs that in retrospect don’t work (see if you can spot them!) but

You can now see or hear me read from my books Just A Geek and Dancing Barefoot! If you like what you hear, you may want to pick up a copy of Just A Geek: Teh Audiobook. Or not. Whatever. I’m not the boss of you.

Oh! And even though I’m putting my photos into flickr these days, I have an extensive gallery that’s filled with really great stuff, including a HAWESOME series from a road trip Anne and I took a few years ago. Man, I really love WWdN. Working on it brings back a flood of memories, and I can’t wait to get back home.

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  1. I’m one of those peeps who found you here instead of stalking (I mean following) you over from the original blog, so it’s great to see these links. Now I can find even more incentive to go out and buy your memoir, AND I can learn the proper way to say hawesome. Thank you so very much. =D

  2. Every now and then someone’ll link to you and I’ll think oh yeah! Will Wheaton has a blog. And a pretty good book. But now that I’ve discovered your RSS feed, I can keep tabs without resorting to my own pesky memories…

  3. So it’s true then? Home is where the heart is – yet a rose by any other name would s smell as sweet.
    WWdN is the home your heart longs for I suppose – but given what technology really is, isn’t ‘exile’ merely a rose by another name?
    I for one am am all for leaving exile – and returning to WWdN – because you have allowed ‘exile’ to hold a little of your soul captive. For me though, “home is where you hang your hat.” (John Bigbootie – Buckaroo Bonzai)
    Where are we going?
    When are we going?
    (Real SOON!)
    Cheers will…

  4. one of the best things I can remenber from stand by me is when you told the story in stand by me about that person that causes a massive barf.
    Also you better run whil, chopper sick balls!!! LOL I loved that part too.

  5. Well I just have to say… It’s about time you got to work on it, slacker!
    And as for Becky’s pr0n… let me know if you find anything good…

  6. Hey, whatever makes you happy, Wil. I’m happy with Exile, but that’s just me. WWdN was pretty cool, from what I was able to see of it before I couldn’t see anymore and followed you over here so I could see. You’re a creative guy, so I’m looking forward to whatever you come up with for the new and improved WWdN.

  7. Just an FYI Gallery is up to 2.01. But anyways I have been reading your blog since the first WWDn days. Can not wait for it to be back, and see what you come up with next. Keep up the great work.

  8. The southwest was surprisingly beautiful to me the time I visited. I like the mesas and loved some of the old native American ruins. Mesa Verde was flat out Amazing. And we got to boat up in some of the Canyons on Lake Powell, which was awesome. Almost the only thing I really didn’t like was the Grand Canyon, which I think isn’t impressive unless you get inside it, which we didn’t do.

  9. You ever get that feeling where you wish with all that’s in you that you could turn back into a three year old and burst out in sudden tears because all you want to do is go home and it’s acceptable because you’re three?
    Yeah. Me too.

  10. Since you are a fanschmabulous non-fiction creative writer type, do you have any good advice for someone who is working on her first book? After ten years of prodding by friends (and more recently by actual published writers and screenwriters), I’m working on a set of stories about living in Moscow at the very end of the Soviet Union. But, right now, I’m just a blogger. Any pithy bits of wisdom you might have would be treeemendously appreciated.
    Merujo (who once got a free printer from Shane “Hawesome” Nickerblogson’s garage clean-out…)

  11. As a long time reader (like Geocities long time), I’m oddly excited for the day that you officially return to WWdN. I think it’s great you posted some links from the old site for those people that have only started reding your blog in exile, BTW.
    (possibly weird) request – add a module on WWdN that links to some of the “greatest hits” of your blog. Some of your posts are hands down some of the best writing I’ve seen on the Internets, and for new readers it might be a great way for them to get a feel for your writing style and the type of content they’re likely to see at WWdN. Just my two cents.
    Looking forward to the return….

  12. WIL,
    Wow, it has been that long. You really love to wright. This is good because I always have something to do. Keep up the good work.

  13. I’ve enjoyed the time here, though. It’s oddly comforting… but I’ll look forward to the Great Relaunch of 2006. Rawk!
    Eric in Portland, OR

  14. I dig the googie architecture sign collection. I’ve always dug the style and have started collecting photos of them myself, sadly most aren’t protected in anyway and are being torn down left and right.

  15. Off topic:
    I caught the last hour “How William Shatner Changed the World” last night on the History channel…it was a riot.
    If you haven’t seen it yet Wil…I would love to be the first to recommend it,I think you would really enjoy it caus it relates your two favoite things: technology and William FUCKING Shatner :)

  16. This post brought back a lot of memories to me, too. We must have been to the Cadillac Ranch just a few weeks before you. We were camping in Palo Duro Canyon, and we saw the sights in the area. I guess you didn’t get a chance to see the Helium monument. I thought it was really cool.
    I’m a fellow Geocacher, too, so it was neat to think we have something in common. I’ve got a little tired of the junk in the regular caches, and tend to concentrate on the virtual caches. You learn a lot and see a lot of cool stuff that way.

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