Hab SoSlI’ Quch!

I published a story for the SG Newswire this morning about a USB flash drive that encrypts your data, and automatically self-destructs if someone attempts to brute-force the password too many times.

The drive is made by a company called Kington, but whenever I look at the name, I keep seeing Klingon. I guess it’s some sort of geek dyslexia.

So I made a couple of geeky Klingon jokes in the entry, using the Wikipedia entry on Klingon as a reference.

Holy cow, man, I love the Wikipedia, and I spend way too much time just randomly reading entries and filling my head with facts, but I haven’t read an entry as entertaining and just plain cool as the Klingon entry in a long, long time. If you’ve got some time to spare, you should totally check it out.

When you’re done with WikiPedia, and you still need more Klingon goodness in your day, browse the Klingon tag at Flickr;
it’s a great collection of fans, the guys at Star Trek the Experience
in Las Vegas, and all sorts of people and pets with wrinkly foreheads.

Image comes from the "Klingon Convention Trauma" merchandise in my CafePress store.

18 thoughts on “Hab SoSlI’ Quch!”

  1. I wonder if they are 50% geek dyslexic at “Everything USB” since I’m pretty sure the company name is “Kingston,” a typo on their part. (note the proper spelling in the product description.)
    Less klingon-looking, but still a cool looking device. Now if they could only make one that looks like a d’ktahg, I’d order one. ;o)

  2. Thats a pretty cool sounding device, yet another fine recommendation from teh Wil. I have already recommended Eventful to my musician friends. It isn’t really Klingon, but when I saw this video
    (link from BBspot.com, shameless citation/plug. not my site, so redact at will) I thought of you, I had heard the Picard Song before, and had to watch the ‘Four Lights’ (“Chain of Command”)episode to get the full effect. Anyway, when I saw this video, I thought you and your readers would like it. Enjoy!
    P.S. Happy St. Patty’s Day, and enjoy many Guinness(es?)!

  3. ah, memories… my dad and i used to watch ST (the original and TNG), and the conversations we had regarding any underlying socio-political commentary are some of my favorite moments with him.
    i really like your site!
    hey, what do you think of anansi boys? i loved it.

  4. Wikipedia RULES! You should look over their Sexual Positions list. I looked up Reverse Cowgirl because I thought I had missed out on something – and started surfing Wikipedia to find things I never heard of or thought about. Okay, some were perverse, and some opened my mind a bit further reading what other cultures consider okay or taboo. Hmmm. Check it out. And start with Reverse Cowgirl. Be careful. It might hurt.

  5. I’d like to second that Wikipedia has answered for me, that I now wish remained mysteries.
    Like the avian (bird) flu, for instance. Thanks to Wikipedia’s incredibly detailed description of this virus, how it is spread, and what it can do, I’ll never look at poultry the same again, until lunchtime that is.

  6. There’s a teacher where I work named Meranda Ward. I’ve had to stop myself multiple times from calling her Mrs. Worf in front of other students. Total geek dyslexia!
    Also I just had a student come up to me and ask if I had ever heard of Doom Patrol. She saw the characters on Teen Titans then looked them up on Wikipedia and found out all about them. Wikipedia spreading geekdom to the children!

  7. I spend far too much time at Wikipedia. I can never read just one entry; I always end up following links and soon end up reading lots of completely unrelated stuff.

  8. Hey Wil (and the rest of the talkback crowd)…
    years ago, i used to work at a large theme park in canada called Canada’s Wonderland. When Paramount bought it, they brought in new things such as acting students dressed up as Klingons to walk around the park, accosting visitors…it was great….the best memory i have of them is when one of them burst into a souvenier shop near the front gate…he shouted “Greeeeetings puny humans…today EVERYTHING IS FRREEEEEEE” and stomped away…within seconds there was an absolute frenzy, as customers tried to grab everything in sight…they also used to shout things like ‘we’ve upgraded from anti-matter, my ship now runs on a volatile mix of comedy and tragedy’…hahaha..drama students…the great thing was that since they all basically looked alike, they got up to alllll kinds of stuff like that. years later, while working at an IT consulting firm, it turned out that one my co-workers and good friends had been one of the klingons… :) cheers wil!

  9. Wikipedia is a hoot. In a response to a friend’s blog post yesterday, I quoted Agent Smith, and then when another responder was confused by my comment I linked up a wiki entry on Smith.
    And over the next couple of hours of reading about the Matrix, managed to scrape *some* understanding of what that second movie was supposed to be about, which I didn’t think was going to be possible. In fact, I disliked it so intensely that I never watched the third one.
    what have we learned today?
    Wikipedia = addictive
    LibraryThing = also potentially addictive.
    btw, I am so pulling for you to get that hosting gig. And if I ever get famous, I promise to hint to CDs that they should audition you.

  10. Yay, Wikipedia! That was a good article, and it linked to the one about Tribbles, which I also read. *goes back to read more*

  11. It keeps looking like Klingon to me too. That’s weird.
    Wikipedia is highly addictive (and informative). My sis was disappointed when her prof didn’t let her use it as a credible source for a paper.

  12. I never thought about checking out that SG website, but seeing that you write for them, gives me a reason to check it out now.

  13. Sci-fi like the good old days?

    I must have really needed my sci-fi fix, as I spent this last evening fulfilling the need. Not only was it satisfyingly nostalgic, a trail of coincidence led me back to this speciation issue.
    It began as I sat down with my son and watched Sci-Fi chann…

  14. lol omg i so thought Kington was kingon. and i thought wow how ironic. and then i felt dumb where the next sentance u write how u see kingon and then i had to go back and figure it all out.

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