i’m about to collapse into a singularity of geek

And now, a chance to use "blog this page" in performancing:

It’s a little weird for me to make the news that I’m editing, but
when you’re as up to your +3 Helmet of Monty Python Quoting in geek as
I am, sooner or later, it was bound to happen. Thank you for your
indulgence. Your case of Bawls is in the mail.

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11 thoughts on “i’m about to collapse into a singularity of geek”

  1. Wil:
    another comment: while I liked the article I didn’t go through that particular website (since that type of mag isn’t my cup of tea), I wondered why it was called “suicide” girls?
    (hmmmm sounds kind of negative and not too compelling!)
    Patricia from Canada

  2. Wil, you’re not just “geek,” you’re meta-geek.
    (Which of course, usually means that you have to be “alt-geek,” since that’s where “meta” usually gets mapped these days. But it’s better than being mapped to that key with the Windows logo.)

  3. Ah geekdom. I just watched “Journey’s End” last night on G4. Great Great episode.
    Oh and for the record Wil, I do remember you in “Stand By Me”. Great Great Movie.

  4. Hey Patricia from Canada,
    A buddy of mine’s got a nice hotrod with SUICIDE doors on it. I have never once thought he’s gonna try to end his own life. I think that the name’s potentially metaphoric for self-discovery, in that the site members are trying to cast off or slay the meek self-image more often accustomed to the sweet girls next door in our aggressive society. That’s my take, but I get both my pin-up girl pics and my articles elsewhere, usually.
    I hear this Wheaton kid can write, though, so I’m willing to risk accidentally seeing nothing we all haven’t seen before to read the guy’s stuff.
    Hey, aren’t we Canadians supposed to be a bit less jumpy about boobies (blue-footed are cute) and stuff? There was something about that, how we’re a bit less prudish but still polite, mostly. Something like that, and how our superior grammar skills never let us punctuate a complete statement with an interrogative mark, or something. I was probably out enjoying a double-double and a bearclaw when that was brought up, though. 😉
    Greetings from the V8X.

  5. Q: Any other particular favorite titles you’ve been plugging away at recently?
    A: A little bit of Pirates! on Xbox, and the aforementioned Guitar Hero and
    We Love Katamari on PS2. I have a lot of the emulation packs from Namco, Atari, and Intellivision too. There’s nothing quite like unwinding with a pint of Guinness and Shark! Shark! at the end of a long day.

    Pirates! on the Xbox is really, really bad compared to Pirates! on the PC. It’s unfortunately, ‘cuz it’s a great game, but the Xbox version loses a lot, especially the dancing and swordfighting.

  6. I see I have a lot of work to do…I am only a semi geek and a novice blogger. My blog is not yet fit for human consumption. But I know you, Will. I met you on the Star Trek set, my show was filming next door. Years later, You were the best guest we ever had on the H2O Show (Comedy World. another dot com company that was more tragic than funny)I love you man! You’ve inspired me; now I gots to get my blog up and running!

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