makes jack a dull boy


I‘m working like crazy on this chapbook, so it’s been a day of intense output, with Real Jazz on XM to provide me some inspiring input. I’ve narrowed it down to three stories across about 17 pages, and it’s going to be pretty damn cool, even if I say so myself.

Jesusmotherallahbuddha, I really need to get out of the house, and stretch my legs and my brains. Just walking the dogs around the block between thunderstorms isn’t doing it for me. I’m going nuts here.

I really need to get the hell out of suburbia, man. I think there’s a trip up to Lucky Baldwin’s in my very near future, so if you see a guy sitting at the end of the bar surrounded by empty glasses which were formerly pints of Guinness, scribbling like mad in a Molskine notebook, approach with caution (or with another pint.)

To take a little break tonight, though, I’m playing in my weekly WWdN game at PokerStars. It starts in 20 minutes, so if you’re interested in goofing off with some poker nerds and me (redundant redundant) fire up the client and go to Tourneys -> Private and look for WWdN #17.

Speaking of PokerStars, my friends from the marketing department sent me a TON of hats, T-shirts, and cool ‘Stars schwag to give away at the convention this weekend.

Ryan and I keep quoting this line from Family Guy: "And I, uh, thought that dogs, uh, laid eggs. So, so, so I, uh, I learned something today."


"Hey! Where’s my money?!"

Okay, back to work for fifteen minutes, then it’s poker time.

13 thoughts on “makes jack a dull boy”

  1. It was nice to finally sit at a table with you for longer than a few seconds (since I always seem to bust out a little…um..ahem…early :P)
    Thanks :)

  2. Hi Wil,
    I love you!
    I adore you so much and have done for over 15 of my 23 years on this earth.
    I’ve just caught onto your blog after someone posted it on imdb – it’s one of my life’s ambitions to meet you one day. Or even getting to post one or two scarily stalker-ish comments will do just fine :)
    And if I get deleted after I profess my utter admiration for you, I’ll just tell everyone “I got kicked off Wil Wheatons blog – yaaayyy!” coz you’re probs used to it by now.
    Please visit Dublin some day – Ireland loves you!
    Jo :)

  3. As usual it was a pleasure playing tonight — with the added bonus of being seated at the table of the stars early on. My live blog of the event (covering up until the second break) is at should anyone be interested in a recap from my perspective as denials.

  4. It’s so cool to be able to hear your podcasts more often. It would be great if you had a daily radio show. Even though they are shorter, they are still funny and charming – and ten minutes seems like one. Did you mention which days you will be at the convention?? I really want to purchase the “DYWKWT” teaser….. And will you sign my copies of “JAG” and “Dancing”?? I’ve got my grown kids hooked on your blog and podcasts and my son, the poker nut, would love to meet you. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s ten minute fix….

  5. the last few weeks of musical rehearsal have found me coming home resembling that picture…on the bright side, our performance for the school is tomorrow, our first night performance is thursday, and i got a spiffy new Footloose t-shirt out of it!

  6. What is funny is that my poet husband and I live out in the middle of some serious BFE desert and he’s got the creative heebies just like you do. (I made him listen to burrito #5) He’d LOVE to get into a place with more people!
    I guess changes in scenery are relative.

  7. That Homer image? Seriously.. I’m there.
    I work from home – for *many* hours a day, seven days a week.
    I’m suprised from time to time that I don’t see myself like that in the mirror, more often than it’s probably ‘regulated’ that I require an ‘insane’ stamp on my hand. :)

  8. Hi Wil,
    Can we talk about the VH1 toy special for a moment… First of all, nice D&D segment… Second of all, Seamonkeys! HA! I have this great story… I was about 9 or 10 and I was flying from a visit at my aunt’s house in VA to Canada to meet up with my Mom. I had flow internationally before and knew about going through customs. On the plane I had to fill out a customs claim form and they asked if I was carrying any animals, well I was! I was carrying seamonkeys that I had bought at a flea market in Virginia… Who knew that filling out the wrong box on that customs form caused a HUGE delay for me. Canadian customs didn’t know if I was allowed into the country with those damn seamonkeys. I was afraid they were going to flush them and I remember being surrounded by a whole bunch of customs officials scratching their heads. Clearly seamonkeys do not make their way into the country that often. They eventually allowed me (and the seamonkeys) into Canada. I remember my mom being extremly worried about the hold up and then laughing for days about the incident. Thanks for that trip down memory lane. I needed a good chuckle tonite!
    Much Respect!

  9. Wil, if you’re still stir-crazy by this Saturday evening, there’s a great musical performance happening at Genghis Cohen (on North Fairfax in L.A.) at 9:30pm.
    Yes, I work for the musician (I’m her tour manager) and yes, my reason for mentioning this has something to do with wanting to meet you someday, as a long-time reader and admirer of WWdN. But the music is really great, and judging by the other stuff you listen to I think you’ll like it. Plus, I hear they have good food there. :)

  10. Hey Wil,
    It’s me, the guy who busted you two weeks in a row. My Pokerstars screen name is spelled “FishyMcDonK”. No space and capitals F M K. I look forward to busting you again next week. It is my intention to have the Tuesday night tourneys permanently named after me. And two final tables in a row – not too shabby. I do owe it all to you tho. Doubling/tripling up makes it a lot eaiser to stay patient.

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