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I have added Radio Free Burrito to Odeo.com, so if you’re an Odeo user, you can subscribe to the RFB, and do whatever you do when you’re an Odeo podcast listening guy. Or girl. Or flaming-moe-juggler. While you’re at Odeo, you can also listen to a bumper from All Over The Place (which needs a little more cowbell, but is still cool, and was created by the same guy who created the hawesome "trust him, he’s famous" RFB bumper.) Speaking of RFB, I found a band I like so much, I sent an e-mail to their label asking for permission to share one of their songs on a future podcast. I’ll let you know if they laugh at me.

Eventful is a service similar to Upcoming.org, which allows you to find out when an artist or event you dig is coming to a venue near you. What sets Eventful apart is a spiffy feature that allows people to let artists, authors, flaming-moe-jugglers and actors turned bloggers turned writers that there is a demand for them to appear in your hometown.

This is an extremely cool and useful tool for performers and their fans, because it lets us all know where it makes the most sense to schedule an event. For example, right now there is a demand for me to come speak or read or set up a spectacular display of dominoes that displays the Fijian flag and launches a balloon at the end in San Diego. But what if you’re not in San Diego? What if you’re in Phoenix? What if you’re in Chicago? What if you go to college in West Virginia? The cool thing Eventful lets you do is create your own demand, for your own area, and then share that demand (via e-mail or a blog, or an EAM or a complex series of rebus puzzles) with your friends from the same area, so they can join the demand. When enough people let an artist (or me) know that they’re interested in a performance, or a demon-purging in their town, the artist (or snake handler) knows that it’s worth his or her or its time and effort to come to your town. So what makes the "demand" thingy so cool is that fans can let performers know that there is a demand for them, and where that demand is. So if you want me to come bake bannana bread in Eugene, Oregon, but there’s already a demand for me in Portland, make a demand of your own, and if Eugene ends up with more demands than Portland, guess where I’m taking my ultra-portable oven?

I’ve added an eventful demandy-thingy over there on the right side of my blog, which you can use to let me know if you want me to come to your town for a reading, or a flaming-moe-juggling, or maybe even a sketch comedy or improv performance. I haven’t decided what the critical mass for me to come out is, and I suppose I’ll cry bitter tears of defeat when no more than 15 people want me to come anywhere. Thanks for nothing! And to think I played my harmonica for you while we were on the rocket ship X-M!

Finally, I’ve been skipping around all sorts of social network bookmark groupthink zeitgeist things lately, and I think I finally found the one for me. Created by my friend and occasional partner in crime, it is called isolatr.

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  1. San Diego is a bit far to drive, but I’d drive three hours and buy a book to have signed!
    There are so many networking ideas out on the net, how do you choose, what shapes your choice?

  2. I’m from San Diego but I’m currently about 3-4 hours away, but like the previous commenter I’d be willing to get down there… maybe to see you set up some dominoes…

  3. I’m going to create demand for you to come all the way out to Pasadena. Perhaps if several thousand people join the call, you will make the trek to sunny (ahem… cold and rainy) California to speak at Vroman’s. I really think you’d like it here in Pasadena. Ahem…

  4. Pasadena, that’s so far away… A literal trek across rainy roads and beautiful gardens… Oh wait, I’m thinking of San Diego!
    Backyard Eventful Bar B Q at Wil’s place?

  5. You going to let us know what the name of the band is? After you talked about The Dresden Dolls I went and checked them out bought their CD and been digging them ever since. Oh and a band you should check out is Hank Pine and Lilly Fawn they have a groovy sound thats all over the place but a punk sensiblity to it. Plus they have a self published comic book.

  6. And uncle Willie spoke, and there was demand.
    Come to us, share your stories, your humour, your presence.
    Eventful is freaking bril. So often people do not know where there is a demand or an audience waiting.

  7. Ooh… So if I blackmail/coddle enough people into begging for your presence, I can get you out here to Columbus? Now that is HAWESOME. Shame most of my friends don’t realize how you are are/”used to be.” =D I will persevere.
    More music approved by Wil… Yay! I must admit, Transatlanticism is turning out great, and I’ve only downloaded two songs thus far. I’ve never heard better music to write to. Thank-you.
    And if you say “flaming-moe-juggler” one more time, I’m afraid I will have to do something drastic in my Simpsons fandom. I don’t know what it is yet, so… I’m going to go demand your wonderfulness now.

  8. It will actually set our hands on fire–I’m impressed. Gosh.
    And for the Demand, anywhere in the Michigan/Illinois/Ohio area would be suitable.. because who’s ever heard of Swartz Creek.
    HA. And don’t you mean a Flaming Homer?

  9. Thanks for linking straight to my San Diego demand, Wil. Now it’s at 19 and growing. W00t!
    All you demanders, make sure you put a sticker or link on your blog or wherever to encourage other people to join your demand. Let’s make it a Wil World Tour!

  10. If IsolatR is your favorite social network, I guess finding a WWdN Frappr map is like the search for the fountain of youth.

  11. RFB RSS Update

    I (finally) updated the RSS feed I have for Sir Wil Wheatons Radio Free Burrito.
    Ill try to stay on top of it now, at least until Mr. Wheaton creates his own feed (and no, Odeo doesnt countyou have to register for it).

  12. What sucks donkey balls is that this seems to be eventful thing seems to be US only, since when I search for “munich” I only get some place in North Dakota. I AM NOT IN NORTH DAKOTA!

  13. Thanks for making RFB available via an RSS feed. The fact that I couldn’t find RSS for it before was the main reason that I only caught it hit-n-miss. Now, the new episodes will just show up on my “new podcast” playlist as soon as you post them.

  14. Eventful Demand in detail, part 1

    Last month we launched a major new feature on the Eventful site — Eventful Demand. Ever wished that one of your favorite writers, musical artists, heroes, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, political figures, or other notable people would come to your town…

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