Radio Free Burrito Episode 6

Here is Radio Free Burrito Episode Six, as the great ten-minutes-per day experiment moves on to day two. I’ve already figured out that ten minutes is just not enough time for a long-winded, tangent-prone guy like myself, so I don’t know if trading off manageable time for more content is really worth it. We’ll find out in a few days, I guess.

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in logos! Holy crap, you are a talented bunch of people. I’m going to try on lots of different ones this week, send them all out on dates with the Crushinator, and figure out which logo will be permanent via a reality tv show in the coming weeks. If you haven’t sent your logo idea in, please don’t feel like you missed the boat; I’d still love to see what you guys come up with, and there’s a very good chance I’ll be able to use more than one logo for different things.

Show Notes:

  • I am a moran. I know it’s episode six, but I say "This is episode seven" at the beginning. Numbers, like math, are hard. I blame it on the date, the rain, and a bad spot of corned beef.
  • The website I talked about is
  • My tune is called Heroes, and it was created in GarageBand. I may release it on its own at some point in the future.
  • As I mentioned near the end of the show, I’ll be offering a signed, limited edition chapbook preview of a few stories from Do You Want Kids With That at the convention this weekend. If I have any left over after the show, I’ll sell whatever’s left through my blog.
  • The intro music is Atomic, by Blondie.
  • Comments can be sent to podcast at wil wheaton dot net, questions can be sent to ask at wil wheaton dot net. Please use a descriptive subject line.
  • The image I chose for this show was sent to me by WWdN:iX reader Chuck, from
  • Radio Free Burrito is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
  • This episode is 10:19 and weighs in at 4.4 MB.

Anyway, here it is. Your feedback is always appreciated, and thanks for listening.

Download radio_free_burrito_episode_six.mp3

Update: Torrent Master Brian says:

Here’s Episode 6? (You start off by saying Ep 7)

High (orig):

Low (mono, VBR bit rate range 0-24, 1.8 megs):

Mirror for the Low..

Thanks, Brian! And thanks for pointing out my lameness on the numbering. I’ve updated the show notes accordingly.

20 thoughts on “Radio Free Burrito Episode 6”

  1. MMmmm YUMMY! That’s one tasty burrito!!!!
    How long till we see RFB tshirts? That’s a great riff on the RKO logo!
    Keep em comin.

  2. As I clicked on the link to WWdN:IX just now I thought “it’s been a while since Wil did an audio blog” then lo and behold there is a new Radio Free Burito waiting for me. Obviously I’ve discovered some fabulous new mutant power. Now I need to go find myself a banner ad and win an iPod or something.

  3. Loved the podcast as usual. My OCD-side just has to ask though, what’s that clicking/knocking sound going on? Or maybe I am just going crazy…
    Anyway, keep up the great work on these!

  4. I laughed out loud when I started playing the episode in iTunes, and the recommendations at the bottom suggested “Consenting Adultz” by Will Wheaton (note the ‘z’ and extra ‘l’)

  5. Nice tune. Reminded me a lot of St. Elmo’s Fire – which is right behind Better Off Dead and Dogs In Space (Australian Film) as my favorite 80’s films ever.
    Silent Bob would approve. :)

  6. Just a small thing:
    It would be cool(er) if you had the filenames starting with (or at least containing) the episode number in two digit numbers, so my iriver (and presumably everyone else’s) plays the episodes in the right order, instead of in the alphabetic order.
    Oh, and the day one of you explains “elbow and send” to me I’ll send them an Orion slavegirl (or a cookie, based on preference)*.
    *Orion slavegirls are not for eats.

  7. Blondie was the first concert the (now) Wife and myself went to see after we got together. Saw them at the Bournemouth International Centre (B.I.C) in the UK. This was about 6-7 years ago and was certainly rocking away as good as ever then.

  8. I have been feeling NO creativity of late and was so inspired that I am going to go to garageband myself and check things out. Am feeling inspired now! Yay! Oh and I also looked in on and really cool and helpful thanks! I am looking to change careers and find the site very useful.

  9. Will there be an RFB index complete with brief episode descriptions in the new site design Wil? I’m enjoying the dailies, btw. Keep up the good work.

  10. You said “moran,” when I’m pretty sure you meant “moron.” You could’ve gotten a little creative and said “maroon.” Nothing personal… I copy edit for a living and it is my job to point out everyone’s grammatical flaws… So, there it is. Shame, shame on you, improper speller. Now I feel bigger and more important! (grin)

  11. Great as usual. “Heroes” was really impressive, TOTALLY reminded me of that John Hughes 80’s stuff that I love so much, made me all nostalgic about my own life back then. Loving the podcasts, they are definetely hawesome.

  12. Man. Heroes sounds great! All it needs is some lyrics, and then….
    I so want to take something like this and arrange it for my A Cappella group…

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