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Wil Wheaton's Favorites at Technorati

Technorati added  a new service to the already useful search, explore and watchlist functions they offer, which allows users to create a list of their favorite blogs. Though WWdN dropped out of their top 100 when I hosed the database back in September, I was still invited to participate in a "featured favorites" thing, with people like Arianna Huffington and David Sifry.

You can see which blogs I chose here. If you’d like to add WWdN:iX to your own list of favorites, you can use the handy link over on the right side there, where you can also add my blog to several different RSS readers.

All this stuff will be built into the redesign of WWdN, which should be finished and launched shortly before Duke Nuke’Em Forever ships.

8 thoughts on “technorati favorites”

  1. Color me flattered to make your list! Of course, WWdN (even in exile) is always near the top of Up For Poker’s favorites!!!! Even if you suck out on me heads up! (I’ll forget someday… someday…)

  2. So who is this Wil Wheaton guy, and why do I care what blogs he reads? :-) And yes, definite bonus points for the Duke Nukem Forever reference. I guess we’ll never see WWdN again. :-(

  3. Not that I’m complaining as the most significant part of your blog is obviously the writing (which I think is excellent BTW), but do you have any comments as to when the official WWdN site will return? Just curious. I don’t know why, but every time I get an update from your feed I come to check and see if the 50,000 monkeys have finally overpowered WWdN:iX and brought back the reign of WWdN.

  4. I just discovered technorati and I love it!
    I learned about it at a blogging conference I was at recently called “Northern Voice 2006″ which took place in Vancouver BC. If any blogging addicts are out there some podcasts of some of the lectures are online for your listening pleasure:
    also if you use the keywords Northern Voice 2006 on Technorati you’ll get some reviews on it.
    Right now I’m still using to access the most recent entries to the blogs that I read.

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